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The Harley sound, you refer to, is more a result of the uneven firing cadence than anything to do with the mufflers. The cylinders are 55 degrees apart and this creates the potato, potato, potato sound, and also much of the vibration as well. Honda discovered that by offsetting the crank pins by 55 degrees, the engine delivered more power and generated far less vibration. Of course, most buyers wanted nothing to do with this improvement. It seems that you must decide whether you want the Harley image or technology. Most Americans are choosing the Harley image by a wide margin. So we now have a plethora of Harley look alkies and sound alkies. No amount of modification will give the Magna that Harley sound. A four into one header system, if you can still find one, will deliver a more pleasing sound, and a far better sound, at least to my ears.
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