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I Have a Dream: No More Women Abused, Raped, or Murdered

Here is an interesting article.
I also have this dream.


By Doug Giles
Sunday, March 9, 2008

I’d like to see a nationwide tsunami of ladies equipped to the teeth with the physical prowess and the firearm capability to kill any and all would-be murderers and rapists should such a creeps ever accost them.

I have a dream!

A dream where girls walk in utter confidence amongst the masturbatory me-monkeys that surround them. A dream where women have solid assurance that they can and will serve some ham-fisted tool his own scrotum if need be.

I have a dream!

A dream where instead of reading about a cute college coed left dead and naked out in a vacant lot or bloated and floating in a river, the story reads, “dead jack ass found double-tapped and dead on the curb as his soul wings its way to hell, all because he messed with the wrong mama.”

A dream where it’s normal for girls to know Jui Jitsu and mixed martial arts. A dream where they can shoot golf ball sized groups with their .38 at 15ft. A dream where they have a BS detector that’s so sensitive they can read people and environments with godlike clarity within a nanosecond.

I have a dream!

A dream where the Johan van der Sloots and all the other Bobbie Cutts-like splooge brained droogies in the midst of us live forever in fear. A dream where parents will raise their daughters to be sweet and deadly dames.

I have a dream where if some douche bag in the name of his stupid religion ever abuses his wife or daughter and God doesn’t strike him dead on the spot, that his wife or daughter will. Okay, maybe that’s too extreme. How about put him in an irreversible coma?

I have a dream!

A dream where the tide turns in the news cycle and we start hearing reports of molesting men going to an early grave instead of a good girl. A dream where if a girl tells her buddies that a guy is bothering her, her friends scare the living daylights out of him. Can I get a witness?

I have a dream where Christian parents will flush this “turn the other cheek” stuff down the crapper once and for all when it comes to their daughter being assaulted by an autoerotic mook trying to work out his Silence of the Lambs fantasy in real time.

I have a dream!

How did this dream come about? This holy vision came from God in direct response to my prayers over the cultural nightmare women in the US live with now, namely:

• One rape or sexual assault occurring every two minutes

• One violent crime occurring every five seconds

• 172 women being physically and/or sexually assaulted every hour

• 261,000 rapes and sexual assaults occurring in the US in 2006

• 2.8 percent of college women experiencing rape (according to a six-month US Department of Justice study)

• 17 percent of rape or sexual assault victims being victimized by someone they knew

• One murder occurring every 34 minutes

How do I know it was God who spawned this afflatus? It’s was easy for me to know it was Him because every time He speaks to me (and it’s quite often), it’s always in a high-pitched, angry Chinese accent.

In addition to God birthing this vision within me, another factor gave rise to this would-be dream world of mine: I just realized that protective fathers, brothers, friends and bad-ass uncles aren’t omnipresent (I know . . . I’m slow. I went to public school), and therefore all girls everywhere have to rely upon themselves as their first line of defense.

Yes, since their gallant male counterparts can’t be everywhere at all times to render aid, we’ve got make certain that our babies know how to leave a bad guy severely inoperative and, if need be, kill them all by their lonesome. That is my definition of “girl power.” This is my dream: all girls of every conceivable stripe having the attitude, skill, and force to pulverize a felonious punk.

I’d like see the following:

• One million girls flooding into martial art classes

• One million girls getting handgun training

• One million girls purchasing their own piece and getting licensed to carry it

• One million girls getting a taser for the less egregious attacks (www.shieldher.com)

• One million girls getting a heavy dose of common sense to avoid, as much as possible, dangerous scenarios

This concludes my heavenly vision.

*Not only do I have a dream, I’m writing a book on the topic “How to Keep Thugs and Bad Boys away from Daddy’s Little Girl” (Thomas Nelson, Nov. 2008).

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If only the real world could really be like that.

Don't forget the women who suffer in silence which raises the statistics.

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Originally Posted by yamagirl View Post
If only the real world could really be like that.

Don't forget the women who suffer in silence which raises the statistics.
I agree. Women and men should also know that a small can of pepper spray will stop just about anyone dead in their tracks, at least enough for you to get away, and its about 10 bucks.

It was right after the Va. Tech shooting that I started seriously contimplating buying a handgun. Its more than just having the gun with you, its everything you learn. Learning how to be alert to your surroundings, and curing the "head up ass" disease that most people have these days. Its so sad about the two latest young women that were killed, and I hope it never happens to anyone that I know.

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal."

"Hold my beer, watch this"

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The woman has some good points & slowly they are being taken into effect. After all some yrs ago women could not vote, women had to walk behind men & such.

Still in the mid-60s it was noted by the Police in Miami, that a lot of women to b/friends to husbands of women were purchasing h/guns for the said women. The police quickly offered to train all of them, for free, of how to use the guns for their own safety. They had anything from .22 to 45ACP semi-autos. Around 100 took the course.

It was noted that the rapes & such soon left Miami. Some 10+ yrs later the police contacted around 50% asking if they had ever had to use the h/gun, if they had to "flash" it, if they had to indicate they carried one in the purse or pocket. Of the number they were able to question NON had to use, flash or indicate the h/gun.

Mind you it could be different now in these more recent years.

I am the h/gun director/instructor at our h/gun section. Mind you in Canada we have this stupid law of only those that take a Cdn Firearm Safety Course, obtains a Possession & Acquisition License & belongs to a Gun Club--- can purchase a h/gun. Even with the h/gun, rifle or shotgun NO ONE (male or female) can use it in a manner of Self-Defense, to protect the family or home. Mind your our population is only 1/10th of the USA.

Still we have a number of women that continually come to the Club to shoot from one or two days of every week & some are darn good shooters.

As a m/c rider for some 61 yrs I admire a woman that will purchase her own m/c & ride it. Also I tend to bump into them (usually when I have stopped off in some little town for Brunch being a muffin & cup of coffee as I stretch & rest a bit---usually about half way back) when I am on my 5 to 7+ hrs up in the Cdn Rockie Mtn roads riding them. I will see them come in with others of different sexes to just two women in riding two seperate bikes to being a solo rider like I myself. So yes women are gaining & in your dream presently a women is not born with the muscle power of a man I am seeing them at the gym doing pull-ups push-ups to other work on machines or free-weights & the power to the muscle is there, yet when normally dressed they do not show the muscle. After all note that women are being hired into the police forces to the RCMP along with the military.

So in a way your dream is comming to though it is not INSTANTLY.

Remember all the others on the road are crazy & out to kill you.

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Its a start and that is good.
I simply wish that it was further along and that women could be safe everywhere.
Someday, I am sure it will be so.

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yamagirl & Jgreen, I do hope you took the time out to read why I typed above. At one gym these two gals came in togeather & worked out togeather with both doing quite well. The one slightely shorter (I was told worked for the RCMP so I assumed she was a civilian t hat worked for the RCMP--which is quite common). Still once her partner no longer turned up, she asked me (then in my mid-50s) if I would "spot" for here & did so for that was common amongst people that worked out in the gym. What I noted is that for her stature she was darn powerful. Believe me she would grab the pull-up bars & outdo me with the greatest of ease!!!!!!!!!!

A year later she turned up at our m/c shop looking for a 'used' bike & had her eye on this 500cc. Later on had a fellow male constable look at the bike only this time I noted she was in uniform as a Constable of the RCMP.

Purchased the bike & rode around with me watching & giving her tips. As a civilian this is the one time I did not ask to see their drivers license. No way would I question an RCMP Constable on such a matter. Still I asked her something like "why the big floppy mitts" & the answer was that her hands were to small for m/c gloves. I told here to wait as I went in to pick out Womens gloves of Small & Medium. Well she was right as her hands were even to small of the small gloves. To think that I had worked-out with her & did not notice how small her hands were.

I will tell you one thing & that is she was the sharpest looking female RCMP Constable in uniform to also sometimes be at our shop to ask us, in such a polite way, if we had noticed something going on in a shop close to use.

I think they transferred her up into the Cariboo terrain of B.C., because she possibly was from the Caribbean, what with black hair, looked like she had a sunshine, squared off teeth & possibly the nose, plus brown eyes. YET her speech was PERFECT like most other Cdns, so feel she was 2 or 4th generation from the Caribbean. Believe me if I was closer to her age I would have tried to date that gal for she was darn pretty as well as being sharp in mind. The transfeer to the Cariboo or more Northern part of B.C. was not an insult, but a privilage for only the better Constables were able to apply for said posts.

Remember all the others on the road are crazy & out to kill you.

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I agree with you fasterbusa it will come about in time, but not our time I feel. Still look around you & women are doing things our parents & especially grandparents would never have dreamed of.

Look at the women that are in the armed forces & especially pilots of massive aircraft to figthter airplanes. To back a bit in time, not as far as those in the middle east let along 16th century Iraq or Afthanistan, but even now women are judges, doctors crumbs my Personal Doctor retired & was replaced by an exBritish doctor & she is good, to so many positions. It just has not spread around that much so IN TIME.

In our gun club two of the most important people are women that are executive members being Secretary to Membership Chairman AND both shoot h/guns. Mind you of only .22 but in a while I might have one ask if she can try out my Browning Action 45ACP(actually I will offer one the chance of firing the semi-auto with one round in it & if she wants I will offer it with full mag) that was custom made for me & around $4,000.00 around 4 yrs ago. Believe me she will be welcome to try it out with my reloads for the indoor range.

I worked another gal from a .22 up to a 38Spl in a revolver & we were always amazed at her groupings & how well she did in PPC, but unfortunately she moved away with her husband.

Also I had the PRIVILAGE of helping the small-bore target rifle Director out in running a class of Junior shooters. Believe my Crystal Drosses was one of the top Large Bore target rifle shooters in Canada. While I was good in three position of .22 rifle she could outshoot me all the time yet probably only stood 5'4". Also the best organizer I have ever come across & was the sectetary-treasurer of the Gun Club till she moved off to Greater Vancouver B.C.
With my help said shooters became Postal Shoot winners for three yrs in a row for all of Cdn & were a mix of girls & boys.

Think back in time like the 20s to these days & think of how women have progressed in so many sports to political positions to you name it. True a woman has a hard time earning a post higher up in a firm AND true women are not paid as well as some men. Though in our Sport Shop back in the 50s to the 60s at least one woman was a MUST & in busy times we hired on a second (only John & I were owners while Leo was the other male) were paid EXACTLY the same as Leo.

For some 15 yrs I was a Certified Amateur Wrestling Coach & in the lst 10 yrs I learnd how to teach teen age people in wrestling (their minds are different to adults) to where the team only lost twice, in the B.C. Interior Championship, but won the other eight years along with individual B.C. medals & such.

My ignorance of when 5 to 7 gals asked me if I would form a group of female wrestlers & teach them. Honestly I did not realize that females were actually about to start out in Free-Style wrestling in the Olympics. Obviously I said NO (so I was wrong because of IGNORANCE) for I just could not see working on the matt with them for all the moves, blocks & counter-attacks (after all a Wrestling Coach does not say read pages 82 to 84 on such & such an attack & counter-attack) they have to show them right on the matt. Here I was in my late 40s (a bachelor) organizing such a group & teaching them when they were in their early to late teens. Because some of my moves had a touch of Greco-Roman wrestling plus Judo in them & often I was showing my wrestler how to hit a opponent in the chest area, of where the referee cannot see it, plus a lot of moves of going through the opponents crotch area for a move or take-over to a pin.

So I still feel that I was in the right to say NO, but then how do women become good amateur wrestlers, good skiers, speed skaters, runners in a piece of cake for a MALE coach is not touching them in "private areas" YET the only way they can be tought properly. So our world has not moved that far on as of to date!!!!!!!!

Remember all the others on the road are crazy & out to kill you.

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