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Angry What Would You Do? (OT)

So, as some of you know, I called my babysitter last night while at Dave and Busters to check in and see how the kids were. She says, "Well, we have a problem. We can't find Patrick." (Patrick will be 5 next week.) Then she says, "We're going to check outside. I'll call you right back." This was around 10:00. So she calls me back a couple minutes later and says, "Um, we have another problem. We found Patrick but he was under your bathroom sink (the vanity) and has eaten the whole bottle of vitamins." So my first reaction was to call her everything but a white girl but I told her I'd call her right back. I got on the phone with poison control and to make a long story short, since there was no iron in the vitamins, I didn't need to rush home and take him to the hospital to have his stomach pumped.** Poison control said that he'd probably shit himself silly for 3-4 days and to make sure he's well hydrated. Greaaaaat.

Clay got home before I did (luckily for her) and she was gone when I pulled up in the driveway. He asked her what had happened and her words were, "Well, they were bugging me for a vitamin so I gave them all one. I guess I didn't put the top on all the way. We found Patrick under the sink and he had already eaten the whole bottle." Clay said that when he got home, he saw them run downstairs from our room. He asked why they were in there and she says, "We were on the computer." Clay says, "Didn't Jen tell you to stay out of our room?" She kind of shrugged and said that they were just using the computer. When I got up here, I did a history check and they were all over myspace.com and AIM messenger. By the looks of how many pages and profiles they looked up, there were on there all night.

So my question is....should I go to her mom and tell her what happened? I mean, what is she giving my kids meds or vitamins without asking me anyway? I always make it a point before I leave for the night to tell her, "CALL ME if there are any problems or if you have any questions." Why is she on my computer? Why is she in my room? Why isn't she watching the kids? She had her friend with her to help and she lost one of my kids? If there had been iron in those vitamins (which I normally get them with Iron because my kids are vegetarian) what would be the condition of my kid right now? Obviously she'll never babysit for me again. She's a nice girl but I really feel like I should tell her mom what happened. But then again, she lives right across the street from me and I don't want to make waves. Suggestions?

**Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of death due to poisoning in children under 6. Keep vitamins out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or Poison Control Center immediately.


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well for one i think you should tell the mother, look she may be a nice girl but think about it you are not the only one she babysits for, if you bring it up n if her mother has any sense, she will address the issue with her!!! hey you might avert a possibly dangerous situation. thats just my

i am a parent, and if it happend to my kid (thank god it wont he is only 1yr old) id be beyond the point of control. Think about it and i am sure you will decide whats best.

Good luck with the poopy kids
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It's not your place to call her a dumb ass.. BUT!... It's her parents.. I'd do it, because next time... It will be another kid....
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what the f;dlkajf?!

I'd be happy to babysit for you, but thats ridiculous! I think you should contact her mom, let her know that she shouldnt give her daughter responsibilities, let alone ones that could have serious consequences....

I was at my dads house last fall, and I was riding his harley... before I bought my own bike, and i was doing laps around the block like we all do when we get our first bike. These kids down the street, maybe 9 or 10 threw things at me and one tossed a skateboard out infront of me. I turned around and they were gone, I'm not sure which house they were from, but I'm sure I'll see them out again, and needless to say, I'll give their mother some choice words, and I would have no remorse punting this kid a few yards....

I'm jobless too
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Angry Get a nanny cam ;-)

I had the same thing happen, thank God Krogers was out of the Iron sup. vitamins that week.(can't blame the sitter I was home at the time) sad but true... stock up on the T.P. and if they were the fruity colored ones get ready for rainbow poo
I agree U have 2 tell, she could harm someone elses children.
I did have a crappy sitter that trashed my house and had friends over ignored the kids etc.. When we stopped asking her 2 sit the mom asked Y so it was easy 4 me. I understand not wanting to make waves, but if the mom gets p/o'ed at U, for what her daughter did, than shes an idiot!
I'd want to know, if my daughter had done that, and would be dissapointed if I was in the dark. I Cant fix what I don't know about!
Last but not least, I will never allow the "friend" to help again, its total b.s. double trouble!!! & I keep my bedroom door locked, they can't resist the temptaion....
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Rip her a new one! ..uh, I mean talk to her mom.


PS: maybe re-think that since approach is everything. Compliment her on telling you the truth and ease into the importance of this. perhaps explaining how much in lawyer fees it would have cost her if something had happened to the kid.
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Well, I *would* lock my door, but they are french doors with no locks. I'd have to replace both doors.

I think I'll go over there tomorrow. The mom isn't home today. She took her other daughter (much older) back up to Grand Rapids. Plus it will give me another day to calm down....I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing still....and get my thoughts together on what I want to say other than

Thanks guys.

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I ate a bunch of Flintstones when i was a kid too.......maybe that's why I'm so f'd up sometimes
I think they did have the iron in them too.....

btw - that would be the last time I used that baby sitter.

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Password on the PC would help also.
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Originally posted by MrOrangePants
PS: maybe re-think that since approach is everything. Compliment her on telling you the truth and ease into the importance of this.
I think this is the best approach.

I have a few comments. (luckystrike will be here to spell check for me in a bit, LOL)

#1. Why is it, when something bad happens, everyone always wants to blame someone else. This is turning out to be the "American" way. (Count to 10 and breath before you blast me)

#2. How old is this babysitter?

#3. Did you pay her?

#4. Last but not least why in the hell didn't you drop everything you were doing and go home after the first call? And especially after you found out he ate a whole bottle of pills?

Now before you blast me, think of this.

How would you have felt if Poison Control would have said you need to get your child to the E.R. ASAP?

So I would take what OPP said and calm down, be a parent and an adult, take some of the responsibility and learn from this (COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE) experience.

Now remember count to 10 or 100 if you need to. But look at the points here!

edit: Ok, I edited this a bit. v-twin made a good point. I'll still leave my main points in here.

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