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no farkin way !! ...

Um ... exactly HOW can this series get ANY BETTER !!!

To think that this weekend was about as high as it's can get .... and then the Tugsta says the series might get some of it's own TV coverage !!! ..... ya just got to be KIDDING mate ... awesome !!

Right, that's it then. The Yamie is getting all the bits .... if ya can't be fast ... ya better bleedin look it ... so you get the TV time...

Sponsors here I come ....

Fans .. here I come ..

Motorhome, brollies, autographs, books, pit crew, choice hair and free leathers ....

Line up lads ... we are gonna be farkin FAMOUS ... arf arf arf !!

Now then .. Sunday ... top farkin idea !! ... who's keen .. see new post.

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