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Tigger RR
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Talking Kanatuna

Ok, first off don't call yourself a squid. Actualy being scared of certain parts of riding is mostly a mental thing but don't trash yourself it ruins confedence. Losing grip with the front tire has lots of causes. Cold tire, shitty pavement, slick spots, squid operator, teasing on that last one. Seroiusly though my first bike was a 94 katana and it didn't really like being laid down to far. Work on turns slowly, leaning it farther down as you get comfortable. After my last hard crash I had trouble in tight turns for about 2 months. Just cause I was still shaken up from rolling down the freeway at 80 mph. I really doubt somethings wrong with your bike. My first guess is that your tire didn't stick right. If it wasn't atleast slighty warm then the compound prolly wasn't soft enough. Street tires heat up rather quickly but stick like a piece of petrified crap if there too cold. Be sure to give your tires some warm up time before really laying them down. Just work on turns gradualy and it'll come around.

P.S. If your tires are new take it easy till they get "scuffed" or broken in. New tires tend to be slick.
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