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Mark Weiss
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T.E.A.M. Arizona

I'm really pleased that everyone who made it out to the Aug 25 Trackday had a great time. Believe it or not, we attracted over 100 spectators!

On that date, and a number of times in the last week, I have had a lot of inquiries as to why T.E.A.M. Arizona no longer rents Phoenix International Raceway. Basically, it came down to safety. While I really, really, liked P.I.R. as a track, we had very real safety problems. We could not even blame the problems on rider fatigue, most of the bad crashes happened early in the day. Despite spending thousands of dollars on bale rentals, in the last eight track days inside P.I.R. we had six instances where riders had to be transported. One occasion required two helicopters. Fortunately they are all riding again, but....

Unfortunately there is absolutely no way that we could reduce the hazards to an acceptable level. No matter how much fun the track was to ride, the risk to our friends was just too high. Track riding is risky enough without having walls to run into. Firebird East may not be glamorous, but there's plenty of run-off and we've definitely seen the benefit in that.

We still have a very good relationship with P.I.R., and it's our hope that one day the track will be revised to be less motorcycle unfriendly. You can bet that the day that that happens, we'll be first in line to battle the car-guys for track days!

Don't forget that September 29 will be a full day, no need to rush and you'll get as much riding time as you can stand.

As always, I'm open to ideas.

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