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Originally posted by Lt.Gustl
in NYC it is also cool to wear a full face helmet on top of your head like it is a hat, I wish I had some pics of that it looks pretty funny, I just don't know how they ride around w/ them like that with them balanced on top of their head,

notice "for novelty use only"
NO SH*T! I was eating lunch with the old lady at a local shop that has great soups and breads and such....anyway, we're on the patio and no SH*T, this guy comes riding by real slow-like on an OLD, OLD CBR (that wasn't even in that good of shape). My fiance simply said "Get a load of this friggin' guy. Are you f*cking kidding me"? I look up and damn near hat potato soup come through my nose. He was in typical squid gear; tank top (what I believe is an old pastel colored VARNE FRANCE shirt from the '80's), jean shorts, sneakers, and a helmet balanced on his head lick a friggin' circus seal. Arms locked, back straight like he's deadlifting 400lbs....MAN HE WAS COOOOOL. AND ON SUCH AN AWESOME MACHINE!. Jesus, if you're gonna look like an idiot, you may as well look like an idiot on a silver/blk R1.

Anyway, I too, thought that was funny.
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