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A few things I found that were my weakness was that I would think about too many other things besides my ride, not pushing enough in the turns and not using my throttle through the turns.
yea...pushing harder thru turns really sounds like a good idea, considering the following....
, got her fixed and back in my lane. Not 2 seconds later a cage came from the other way, that was a little too close


Of course my head is aimed right for the mirror on the driver's side. Let off the throttle and pulled to the right, cleared it.

let me thank you in advance for raising my insurance rates and adding to the "sportbikers are so stupid" attitude of most cops and EMTs. I have a feeling you're going to crash very soon riding like this and I really feel sorry for the family of four that you might take out. I do hope you start to get some respect for other people's safety soon. VERY soon.
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