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Arrow Starter bike for a bigger rider

Until recently, I have never had a desire to get into street bikes. Im 24 and have been riding dirt bikes and quads for almost 10 years.... I know that comparing dirt bikes to street bikes is like comparing apples to oranges. But I am very comftorable on 2 wheels...

A buddy of mine let me take his CBR 600 for a spin. That was a big mistake because I had a blast even though I only rode for a few minutes. Not long after that I rode another friends Katana, I think it was a 750???? Anyway, My point is that Im hooked and I want a bike something fierce now.....
However, even though both of those bikes were fun to ride. I wasn't physicly comftorable on them. Im 6'4 310, so Im obviously a big guy. I was wondering what would be a good starter bike for somebody my size?
I was at the Suzuki dealership getting some parts for one of my dirt bikes. I sat on a Hayabusa. Sweet looking bike and seemed comftorable for somebody my size. But Im sure that it may not make a good starter bike. But I think Im definatly gonna have to get one some day..LOL
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