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R-1: A fine weapon of choice !!!!

Hey there, There are a lot of fine machines out there including the R-1, 954, and GXSR1000 all of which are just plain awesome. The aprilia is a very nice bike also but I hear you with the parts thing. I had a Ducati 748 (2000) and traded it in on a 2000 R-1 and don't regret it at all. The itilian bikes are really beautiful and all but too expensive to maintain. Once I test drove the R-1 I was in love - the thing has massive balls (huge). I let my friend ride my R-1 (he owned a 748 also) and he was floored. It has been 1 month since he rode it and guess what - he has a brand new 2002 R-1 sitting in his garage. I recommend that you test drive the above three to see for yourself. I am partial to the R-1 but all of the above are fine bikes. The busa is more of a sports touring bike. If you want a canyon carver look at the three listed above. I also suggest that you check out a lot of magazines and watch the forums. I belong to an R-1 forum and there are people on there that have put 35,000 to 100,000 miles on the R-1 and don't seem to have any major problems - the kick ass. Check out the attached bike - it is not mine but it is bad ass.
Jim out
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