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Re: AArrghhhh!!!

Originally posted by YZF600R Guy
OK so I was in a hurry at the pump and did not notice the far left handle was diesel... I thought I was grabbin 87 oct. So after pumpin in 1.2 gals of the crud, I stopped it... cussed a little...payed up, and topped off with another 1.4 gals of 93 oct to try and even it out. I have ridden about 13-15 miles since, and would like some advice on what to do. Can I just ride it out and never do it again?
Also if you've done this please let me know so I can tell who has experienced this and who is just telling me their opinion.

Personally I'd go home tonight and tear the bike apart...

Seriously I would at least drain your tank..

Other suggestions?
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