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Angry Buy something you can handle!!

Ok, let me begin by saying that far be it from me to criticize someone for their choice in bikes, but...

Is there anything more annoying when splitting traffic than someone going along at the same spped as the cars? I'm riding to work this morning, running a few minutes late, and I come up on what looks from behind to be a Buell going slowly and think to myself, maybe he'll just let me by. No such luck. I look ahead of him to see a strike two! Finally there is a break in traffic and I see my opportunity to squeeze by these barely moving obstacles and as I start to go around, I notice the real problem, A DAMN R1!!! This squid was death-gripping the bars so hard I thought he was gonna rip them off. The look on his face was one of sheer terror. I just shook my head as I cruised on by, followed by the train of bikes lined up behind him.

Now again, I would not criticize someone for any bike they buy...Yamahas are know, if you're into that sort of thing , and none of your friends has explained the superiority of the Honda Line to you (ok, let the flaming begin, can ya tell I like to stri sh*t up? ).

My point to this is just that you shouldn't buy something you are scared to death of...and if you do you should wait to take it on the freeway in morning traffic until you aren't scared of it. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE IF YOU ARE SPLITTING TRAFFIC AND A FASTER BIKE COMES UP BEHIND YOU LET THEM BY!!!

Thank you for your time and ride safe!!

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