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Re: My Leathers size???

Originally posted by YZF600R Guy
First of all, I have never even been in or held in my hands a set of motorcycle leathers. Soooooo....

Need help leathers sizing for internet purchasing.

I am 5'10 and weigh 196 lbs.

I wear a 42 or 44 Suit jacket depending on brand.
I have a 35 in. waist but wear 36 pants with a 32 inseam.
My arms are average length, and I have slightly broader shoulders than average.

Please tell me the correct U.S. sizes for one AND two piece leathers. If they are the same forgive my ignorance please.

Thanks up front

P.S. Any suggestions for new gear that a low budget can handle would be appreciated, but I do not want to incite a feud about what gear is best here.. just want some sizing help.
This may help, at least I hope it does. I wear Joe Rocket gear and stand 6 feet tall and weigh 200lbs, my jacket size is 48 and the pants are size 36( this is for leather, not for the mesh gear). I have had the gear for about a year with no problems and the pricing fit well into my budget, not interested in starting a feud, this brand of gear for the newbie that I am is just my preference. If you would post what you eventually buy it would be interesting to know. You may want to look in the gear forum of this web site for other ideas. You can also look up a web site to purchase motorcyle leathers and submit your demensions and the folks there can help you too.
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