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Go to court & try to make your case to the judge. On your ticket there should be a section that addressed the road conditions & traffic . Unless the cop is willing to lie he will have to admit that you were not racing anybody, traffic was very light (virtually non-exsistent) & you pulled over immediately. He wasn't forced to chase you even briefly. It would be great if you had a sense of how long he believes (& will testify to) you held the 100 mph speed. The shorter the time the better the chance the judge will see this is a speeding violation but doesn't need the full wieght of a misdemeanor conviction. Emphasize how easy it is to reach 100 mph (bring in a magazine article with statistics on acceleration) . Your position is the ticket is excessive & you were speeding but it was not reckless driving nor exhibition of acceleration. Bring a dictionary in order to demonstrate that "Exhibition" by definition involves some type of audience & it's difficult to imagine you were showing off for the cop. You could even ask him if he thought you were showing off to him because there wasn't any other people around to do so. Additionally you raise the question about who was endangered by your actions besides yourself as "reckless" by definition means to endanger somebody. If you have sold your bike before your court date be sure the judge knows this. Hopefully your driving record is one that demostrates responsible driving. If this is true & you can show you've owned this & other fast motorcycles for years then it makes a good arguement the cop just had a bad doughnut day
Ask for mercy & understanding as you emphasize taking responsibility for driving way to fast but not in a manner that these excessive charges would reflect.
Prayer can be helpful also
Good luck bro & let us know the result & if any of these ideas make sense or (hopefully) work.
See ya (wouldn't want to be ya )
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