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Does anyone have any thoughts on using a FZ1, ZR7S, or Bandit as a sports-tourer? Several posts mentioned it, and a recent magazine test of the FZ1 talked about it as a possible sports-tour ride. These are not blue-blooded sportsbikes, but most sports-tourers aren't anyway. What about two-up, luggage, riding position, etc.?
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I have a friend who sport tours on a 1999 Bandit 1200. His primary compliant is lack of range. He added large Givi bags and a taller wind shield. The seat and suspension could also be better but he is yet to change them. The new model is supposed to have addressed the last 2 issues.

I have read many good things about the ZR7 but have yet to ride one. It sounds like an ideal budget, one up sport tourer. The FZ1 sounds good but I worry about the lack of chassis ridgidity on a bike with 120+ hp at the rear wheel.

I still believe the VFR is the best sport tourer on the sport side of the equation but any of the bikes you mentioned will do a fine job. My VFR has 76000 miles on it and is still a solid sport tourer. I wonder how the less expensive air cooled bikes will hold up over the long haul. Most people will never ride those kinds of miles in the states on a sport tourer any ways.

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I haven't ridden any of the three, but I think that the concerns about the ZR-7S air cooled engine are misplaced. That engine has been around for a looooonnngggg time (as has the Bandit 1200's), and one of the points that magazines always make about them is that they are understressed.

The advantage to the Bandit is: lots of aftermarket goodies. Advantage of the FZ-1 : lots of power, OEM bags (coming soon to a dealership near you.)

ZR-7 : only a 750, may not have enough guts for two-up, depending on the size of the two!

Have to disagree about the VFR. Yeah, its good, very good, but it has been eclipsed. The Triumph Sprint ST out does the VFR on every front except one, reputation. The Veefer has been building its reputation for 10+ years! The Sprint ST handles as well, some say better. It has better range (250miles), more power, more torque, and is as comfortable. Some think the Veefer is more comfortable, some think the ST, so its a wash. The ST has factory hard bags available, and comes in three colors, not just one. The Veefer definitely has the advantage where the dealer network is concerned, while the ST has the warranty advantage (2 year, unlimited miles.)

Back to the Bandit, Fazer and ZR-7 though. Of the three, I'd be inclined to go with the Yamaha. I just saw a new FZ-1 parked outside a Big-O tire adjacent to a Wienerschnitzel that I frequent, so if its there next time, I'll try to find out the owner's perspective on the riding position.

As a disclaimer: I almost bought a Bandit 600, but ended up getting a Triumph Sprint RS. Considered the FZ-1, but a) it wasn't available yet, b) didn't like the plumbing pipe frame, and c) figured it had more power than I am ready for. The fact that I got the Sprint for a grand less than a FZ-1 didna hurt either!
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Post Touring on FZ1s or ZR7S? Bandit?

I saw the FZ1 today for the first time and was impressed. Its got a nice riding position which is very similar to the others. I think the range will be similar to the Bandit, but I have heard that there will be a set of hard luggage but havent been able to find anywhere yet. I checked Yamaha, Corbin. Corbin did have a couple of seats for it.
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I don't disagree that the Triumph St maybe better in many respects but in terms of value and quality it cannot compete. The VFR lists for less than $9500, this year I think, and can be had for less than $9000. Try to find a sprint St for less than $10,000. In terms of quality the fit and finish on the ST is good but not up to Honda standards yet. Similarly several BMW's, R1100S and K1200RS, are better in some respects but not overall.

I also agree that for most people the air-cooled bikes well do just fine. When I speak of the long term I am looking at 50,000 plus miles. As for two up I would go with a liter class bike. My girl rides with me alot but she is only 5'3". A taller passinger would be cramped on the VFR and possibly on the others. Power is not much of an issue but suspension and ground clearance can become a problem.

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Cool FZ1 as a sport-tourer

I have had mine for 3 days now (Blue, thank you!) and have just over 400 miles on it; I bought it for the purpose of spirited touring, and all I can say is...WOW! It is everything I had hoped for. I'm just getting the hang of the suspension tuning, and it just keeps getting better. There is all the power I will ever want, and roll ons, even w/o downshifting, are impressive. For 400+ mile days, a taller flip style windscreen will be apppreciated, but for anything less than that (I'm 5'10") the small screen is ok. I think I'll go with the Ventura soft luggage; I like the removable bar and the fact that the bags are not out in the wind but behind the rider. The stock seat is comfortable; no need to give Mr. Corbin $400!! As miles increase and I get a trip or two behind me, I'll report back.
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Thumbs up sport tour

My 1200 Bandit has been a good sport touring bike so far. My last bike was an F4 and it was underpowered for 2 up, this one isn't. Didn't get alot of wind protection with the f4 windshield,and I don't get a lot from the clocks on the bandit, although I carved a few inches of foam out of the seat and put drag bars on the bandit and the wind is very tolerable up to around 80, after that you really can't tuck in tight enough! I do the bulk of my riding as a commuter and day rides that are fast paced and this bike runs hard and handles very well. If I toured all the time a windshield would be great , but for the occasional 400 mile day, I'll keep mine naked and tough it out . My shoei's windshield works for me
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I had a deposit on an FZ-1 to use for sport/touring. I haunted many message board and read many early impressions. It sounds like a great bike, but the one complaint that keeps it from being used as a serious sport tourer is the lack of wind protection. Pretty bad from what I've read. But then again, if you considering a Fizzer, B12/6, or don't care much about wind protection.

Recently been researching the new Aprilia Futura. Read many articles and feedback from actual owners. If you like the styling (I do) and can deal with the price, this appears to be the best true sport/tourer you can get right now. The July issue of Motorcyclist has a big writeup on it. This will probably be my next bike. More power, more torque, better handling, better ergos than a VFR, Italian, sexy, comes with hard bags, etc, etc...hell yeah, I'm on it.
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You asked about Bandits. I'm not sure if you meant 600 or 1200. I've got the 600. I don't really think it is in the same catagory as any of the others you mentioned. If you do want a Bandit and you are also considering a FZ1, stick to the B12 version. I don't know the ZR7 too well but I suspect that it is more in the family of my 600 than any of these others. Ergonomically the 600 and 1200 are similar so I can tell you about that. It is very comfortable on long distanes. I've been on one long trip (400+ miles) and felt none the worse for wear afterwards. I actually find the seating position a bit too uprite (not aggressive enough). I have replaced the bars on mine to change this. I guess another advantage to the bandit is that because it has been around so long, there is a ton of aftermarket stuff out there. I'm sure there will be a bunch for the FZ1 pretty soon too. I've sat on a fazer and I think the ergos are pretty similar to the bandit's. Oh, and the air/oil cooled engine has held up fine so far, but its kind of hard to tell what's going on with it during long trips because there is no temperature guage.

Also, I think that bikes like the bandit and FZ1 are really in a different class from bikes like the VFR, Futura and Sprint, even though they have all been tagged "sport-tourers".
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I have a ZR-7S and bought it mostly for a "toy". I have since found out that it is a very capable bike. I am 6'5", so two up riding is not in my plans for more than a short trip. I do a LOT of riding on this bike. In three weeks I have ridden about 1500 miles with nothing but praise for the bike. For $5700 (what I paid), you absolutely can't touch the bike. It competes mostly with 600cc bikes due to the fact that the 750 is not making much power. You can expect about 65hp at the rear wheel in stock form but HP and torque are all at useable RPMs. There's no need to rev the piss out of it to make it go.

As for touring...there are Givi bags that are available and plenty of tie downs for seat bags. Tank bags work great because of the upright riding position. Corbin makes a nice seat for the bike (which is hopefully on it's way to me!). Interstate riding is great! At 80mph the bike is right in it's powerband and the twist of the trottle brings triple digits almost faster than you can blink. The faring is a nice size, but I am so tall that windblast beats me pretty bad, but shorter people will have no problem. If I were about 3 or 4 inches shorter, it would be perfect.

If you want more grunt, wait on the ZRX1200S coming next year to the states. I don't think it's as pretty as the ZR-7, but whoa man, what a bike.
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