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I am planing a trip next summer that will be aprox 5000 miles. What tires do you think will give me the wear I need so I don't have to replace a rear on the road but still have the sport tire handling? Maybe Dunlop 205's? Any thoughts?
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Dunlop 205s are what I use and they are great tires. I am usually able to get around 8000 miles out of them with the sides wearing out first before the middle does. I have used them for the last 20000 miles and have never had any problems with them not sticking in corners or getting loose in the rain.
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Thumbs up D205's

my experience with D205's is similar to Twistiesman. I get a little less milage, about 6000- 7000 miles rear and 12,000 - 14,000 front. I am please with thier performances as well. Igenerally where the side out first unless I am doing alot of interstate riding. I ride somewhat more agressively than most, 95 VFR, but I don't do any thing to abuse the tires.

Some other good options, but more money, are the Metezler MEZ4's. They will run $50 more a set but most people I know get close to 10,000 miles or more from them. I know a number of people that like Bridgestones, not sure of their model, as well.

I would stay away from Avons,Azoros I think. Some people love them but many have gotten bad ones as well.

Good luck

P.S. I have used 207's and 205's from over 60,000 miles with good luck. 207's only last about 3/4 as long.
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Thumbs up D205s

Let me agree with everyone about the Dunlop's. I got them new on my ZR750F2 and they have been great so far. Over 2600 miles and they look like new. I figure at least 8,000 to 10,000 miles before I need to get a new set.

I have also heard good things about the Bridgestone BT020. I think they replaced the BT56 or BT57, not sure which, but the reviews and the messages I have gotten have them as a good alternative to the Dunlop's.

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207's / 205's

I have run both. 207's get about 25% less mileage than 205's, but the 205's are noticeably less sticky. Depending on the kind of riding I'm doing I usually get 4,500 to 5,000 miles out of a set of 207's (without actually running them to cords) and therefore think that either one should make the trip, but... I would consider the kind of riding that you will be doing on the trip and also be honest with yourself about how extreme you ride twisties anyway. If not too extreme, the 205's should do it without a problem and would probably be your best choice of tire anyway. If you do get a little extreme, chances are you will have to compromise something no matter which way you go. If you are running a lot of straight roads, the 205's are probably the choice but really aren't as sticky when you get to the twisty stuff. On power, the back can slide much sooner coming off of the corners and in general, just aren't as sticky so they don't give the extra margin that you might wish you had if you get in to one a little too hot. On the other hand, the 207's will wear square quicker if you're running a lot of straight roads or Interstate and a squared up 207 will not do any better (and maybe worse) than a round 205 in the twisties. (A squared up 205 is worse but will not square as quickly.) Also, the 4500 (low end) of the mileage range on the 207's is with mostly pretty hot two lane twisty stuff so if your trip is all that type of riding, you may wear out before to get home. The 205's would make it but won't stick as well on the extreme stuff so you will have to back off a little on your riding style. Do you see the dilemna? You may be able to plan your trip to work around this though.

I recently did exactly that. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. area and planned a trip that included Deal's Gap,Tn. at one end and Ithaca N.Y.(Finger Lakes region), to meet and ride with my sister, on the other end. The head end of the trip (3500 +/-)was all two lane, mild to extreme twisties, through the mountains of W.Va., Va., N.C., and Tn. The tail end (2000 +/-)was from Tn. to N.Y. and back to Pgh. all on relatively straight roads or Interstate. I had 207's on the bike. The head end was a blast and was all quick paced, to corner pounding hard, that used the tires reasonably consistent without wearing them square, giving the best traction and not requiring any riding style compromise due to stickiness. The last two days of that leg of the trip was in the Deal's Gap area where you can just torture the tires and by the end of that, the real stickiness of the tire was pretty well cooked out anyway but it didn't matter because the second leg was all straight from Tn. to N.Y. and back to Pgh. By the time I arrived home the tires had about 5,500 miles on them, the rear was squared, but no compromise in the ride had been required. Another thing about straight highway riding is that you actually get a little better tire life, even though you wear it square, because you're not constantly accelerating and braking. That left me with minimally sufficient tred groove to not panic when the return ride from N.Y. to Pgh. had to be done in the rain.

I know this isn't a pat answer but I hope it helps you to sort it out for yourself.

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Sorry to pee on the campfire , But I had 205's for a year , and the sidewalls began to crack ... But they seemed to still hold their grip ??

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Well Squid if you road more then that would not happen cause you would be changing them every 6 to 9 months
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Originally posted by Squidwannabe
Sorry to pee on the campfire , But I had 205's for a year , and the sidewalls began to crack ... But they seemed to still hold their grip ??

Adam, you had them for a year, but how many miles? Some tires are kept in stock for a long time at a dealer and that may be what happened to yours. I have nearly 3,000 miles on my 205s and they are fine.

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BT 020's

Hey Jazz,
After 3000 miles on my 99 VFR the original D204's were scalloping in the front, and squaring up in the rear. I managed to soldier on until @10k, when replacement became unavoidable. At the time the new Bridgestone 010's and 020's were just hitting the market to rave reviews, and Chapparal had them on special for cheap, so I tried them.
I went with the 020's over the 010's, opting for a better mileage tire.
Now, pushing 4k on the 020's I can tell you they rock! Great feel and handling, both wet and dry, and still no signs of wear. The secret is their dual compound design, that puts durable rubber in the center, and the sticky stuff on the sides. Whatever, it sure works for me!
I guess it is a perfect world after all.
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I agree with Davfrman on the BT-020s I have them on my 99 Blackbird. 2000 miles On these tires with virtually no wear and they stick real well. got stuck in a thunderstorm and they held up well in the pouring rain.
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