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Originally posted by Ducati748Girl
Why not consider the 600 Ninja?
Ditto that! The 6R has a bigger fairing than other 600's: some knock it for that, but I think it's a benefit. I think those 'small' fairings were probably designed for a typical, smaller-framed Japanese rider. Fer us'em American-sized folks, the bigger fairing is a plus.

I'd definitely pick the 6R over the older YZF. Don't be fooled by the 6R's appearance: Kawasaki actually put some real-world ergonomics on the sucker.

I travel on the highway alot and I would like to take it on 150 mile trips after I get more experience.
A 150 mile trip; wassup with that? Heck, I ride my 6R up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to get lunch or dinner, which is a 90 mile trip 1-way! The last 30 miles or so are nuttin' but curves (along and up the mountain), so a normal day ride for a bit of mountain food is usually 300 miles.
Most I've done in one day is 468 miles, which just happens to be how far Deals Gap is from my house, taking the long/crooked route.
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