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Question Todays Music??

Has anyone noticed that music lately has adopted the "whats old is new" outlook? what i mean is why does it seem like sooo many songs out there have samples of songs that are already out there or have lyrics from an older song, is it just me or have we come to the point in music's evolution that it can progress no further? are we doomed to listen to cookie cutter boy and girl bands, that may be pop or may go toward the "darker" side? Is originality in music an endangered species? dont get me wrong i love music and i go crazy when i hear something catchy, or has something to say in its lyrics. But When i hear "A moment like this" by that Kelly Clarkson, from american idol i wanna become a suicide driver! again its nothing against her, i just think they coulda wrote her a better song for her, OOPS back to the cookie cutter!

Lets open this up!!! whats yer thoughts? Keep it clean and ABOVE the beltline!
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a moment like this does suck, so does every song a gangsta rapper remakes from a classic.
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Turn off your radio, for starters. Its really only good for NPR and Mariners broadcasts anyway. There is still lots of great and creative music out there.

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I quit listening to the raido years ago.

Originally posted by sidewaysducati
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Originally posted by Tippmann
I quit listening to the raido years ago.
I did too! Until I installed Sirius satelite radio in my truck, now radio rocks again ....
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The ones that piss me off are the "artists" that play no musical instrument, and write none of their own songs, but still manage to become superstars for nothing more than a decent voice. If someone writes their own lyrics and plays their own instrument it is a lot more respectable. Even if they suck, at least they are trying and being original musicians.

I don't mind the re-makes of older songs, I happen to like a lot of them. I don't however think a band should be brought into the spotlight of polularity because of a re-make. They are fine as a tribute to the original artist, but don't stand tall on the backs of others hard work when you haven't done any of it yourself. Perform it in concert, put it on your CD, but don't release it as a video or on the radio as "Band X's New Single Hit!"

I don't think that originality is completely gone, there are just things that haven't been discovered. Saying originality in music is gone is like saying that everything that can ever be invented has been invented, it's just not true.

As far as the American Idol thing, read my first paragraph. I've really not seen the show at all (and when I did it was to hear the brutal British bastard berate these people for having little or no talent). So you have a nice voice? Good for you, join a choir or opera, don't try to pass yourself off as a musician. Just my $0.02.

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The thing that gets me is that there are so many talented artists out there and for what ever reason when they come out with a song either they didn't write it or the lyrics are really horrible. I think part of the reason with todays music is that it is too blatant with there words if you listen to oldies and listen to the lyrics some of it is very sexual, political and about drugs, but my point is is that they where excellent lyricists and could put there thoughts into songs in an artistic way but not lose the meaning of there songs and not be overly blatant with there words. Also i think the recording industry has alot to do with it as well. They offer no artistic freedom anymore and they dont allow for musicians to develop. Look at U2, (I really am not a big u2 fan but I will give credit where credit is due) Look how long it took for them to develop into a very good rock group. I dont think we will ever see a band like that ever again. Will Britney spears or n'sync ever be noted as influential artists, I highly doubt it. It is sad to me that music has lost it's meaning and just like alot of things has fallen to the almighty dollar. What really kills me more than anything else are all these commercials Who use these meaningfull songs and slap them in the face. I wonder if people will ever understand what songs really mean. I wonder if tommy pullmyfinger will ever understand the words of fortune son by CCR that he uses in his commercial. Do people even care that the song was about not being rich and not being one of the few who's daddy's were able to get them out of fighting in Vietnam. (also note that John Fogerty has no controll over the music that he wrote) or did john Lennon intend for his songs to sell Nike shoes. Till they start to change things with music I will be down on the corner livin in a red house singin the 3am blues.

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