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leather crash-report....

thought i'd update my review of the Teknic Chicane.

first.... the hublet pointed out that i paid $325 for them... not $299. oops. still, by average market it is a FABULOUS price.

about 6 weeks ago, i went down on firebird west track in phoenix. it was a WICKED high-side in an extreme left. i'll paste the crash report that i posted to my local forum here... it's worth the read.

the title was "there comes a day when you can never say never... again."

it was the best of times.... it was the worst ot times....

on the west track i did one session. it was the best session EVER... ending in the worst session ever.

echoing in my head was the "there are two types of riders... those that have crashed... and those that will....". today i moved from the latter to the former.

in the second or so lap of the session Johnny Rock Page... tapped the rear section of his bike... and for about 6 laps we rode together.

i watched him for 2 laps... then he motioned for me to go in front so he could watch me. after that lap he motioned the swap again (later, he said "you just didn't get it the first time....") ops: he said i looked better the second time.

he pulled away the last lap of the session... and i was feelin' pretty full of myself. i totally changed my lines... most notably in the turn before the straight and in the entire carousel.


before going into the left before the straight... i see nick throwing the checker flag.... and he's pulling up his shirt while it appeared he was circling a nipple with his finger? i gave him grief a few months back for having the upper body of a very pale chicken. for a moment i was blind.

i regained my composure and sped off down the straight (johnny rock page was still in my line of vision). switch-backs, hard right and to the first left of the carousel.

after some post-wad analysis.... i have come to the conclusion that there were multiple factors that contributed in my west-side high-side. yes, folks... high-side. the suspension on the trackbike is set for a man with an average torso weight.... not the weight of a scrawny (and pale) chicken, the pavement in that particular corner is "iffy" and i don't carry enough "maintenance speed" through a corner. (keen observation by gothicbeast) (thank you!)

before i totally biffed it.... i felt my rear break free..... thought for a moment i had it... (briefly thought of nick's painfully white chest) and realized i did not HAVE it after all. i realized the direction my bike was going was in conflict with my person's trajectory path.

the last thought i had... was "**** this is going to huuuuuuuuuuuuuurt!"

and so, it did.

during said PWA (post-wad analysis), i came to understand the meaning of my aches/pains.

As i flipped over the right handlebar, it made sudden/jarring impact with my junk. as i continued on my course of destruction... it stabbed me in the calf and smashed into my foot.

i have a coulpe of unexplained bruises, alas they are unimportant. the right shoulder of my leaters is scuffed and my pride took a beating. (i rolled off the track in the most feeble way.... and didn't answer coherently when the guy asked me if i was ok)

i also could not stop thinking of a stupid Lindsay Lohan skit on saturday night live... when she was a hillbilly cheerleader. she was doing a jump/kick and screamed... "OH! I THINK I JUST BROKE MY COOTER-BONE!"

next time... i might just ride nick's bike. something tells me the suspension (much like baby bear's bed) will be neither too soft or too hard... but just right.

some of you may ask... "will you get back on the track?" to which i respond... "does a baby bear **** in the woods?"

today... i am among the 'have".

today, i learned.

today... i realized the suspension has to be right, the lines near-perfect... and a cooter-bone is a painful thing to break.

it was the best of times.... it was the worst of times.

i thought for a bit about having the leather re-painted. alas, the scuffs give me "track cred"!!!! the seams are perfect and the gloves are only BARELY scuffed. hell, the cooter-bone took the worst of it! i seriously don't even remember hitting the ground (fire in a person's tender parts... sorta dulls the mental faculties!)

teknic chicane leathers ROCK!!!! (so does johnny rock page!)

(i'm also getting me OWN trackbike NOW!)

hugs 'n shit!

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Off topic, but.... did anyone talk with you about how to deal with a slide? Smooooth on the throttle, hold steady to bring it back in, light on the bars, etc?

Keeping the "Hap" in "Happy Holidays"!

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I love the Icon men's S jackets!!!! Fit my wide shoulders and long arms...lil waist well...girls it even covers the back end better i don't even have to think of those strings poking out of my jeans.
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I have long arms and pretty much parts that aren't proportional but I have the Power Trip Tank Girl leather jacket size L and it fits me. It has some areas that are a tick big but not to a point that they will be a problem. And they are long enough for my arms. Now for the pants, I have unusually long legs and have trouble finding pants long enough that don't require a belt. I just got the Alpinestar Stella Bat leather pants and they are a perfect fit. Not too tight anywhere and long enough to actually reach my ankles. But the Alpinestar website says a 50 fits US size 16, not quite so, it's more like a US size 14. Just so you know.
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Smile Hot leathers!

I have a fully armoured red and black HJC jacket and black riding pants. My leathers saved my life...(and my hide) last April when I went down in a corner at 50 mph. My first time down after 20 years riding experience and several track days. No serious injuries....just bruises and a cracked thumb. I had to pull my bike out of the ditch and ride it home the last 10 miles. My bike got some faring damage on the left and some scratches, but no other damage.

Your leathers look slick, comfortable and safe. Nice! Mine are too. I never leave home without them. I hope yours keep you safe always. #1 rule in riding......never let your mind wander...complacency kills. I had been around that tight L (30mph) corner a hundred times hangin off the side of my bike. That time it was freezing cold, very late at night, dark, and too familiar. I had 3 layers of cloths on and couldn't hardly move (couldn't get off my seat in time), I was too tired (lazy brain), and half frozen (stiff). Mix that up with a little complacency (been there...done that)...recipe for disaster....and some very colorful language. I'm still sweatin' my $1000 custom paint job.

Have fun riding, I still do. Life is short...Ride hard.
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