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Angry Too Short?!?

O.k. ladies....and gentlemen......
My brother is such a HATER....that when he saw me looking at a motorcyclist mag he started runnin' his mouth and telling me I could NEVER get a sportbike
He rides an old bike he got for free....fixed it up and calls himself a novice
This is precisley why I would never have voluntarily told him how much I want to ride....I knew he would shut me down I KNEW IT!!!!
Sorry..... I don't mean to yell....
The point to tellin' ya my life troubles is this.....Is anyone or know anyone who rides who is only 5 feet tall?
And if so ....what do they ride?
This is why I want to find some of my fellow SBW people to join up with at Laguna simply because if he found out before I made my plans he would rip me to shrrreds in front of everyone
SBW never makes me feel the way my own friends and family does....
O.k.....whoo....almost lost my cool there
Holla back
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I am assuming that you've never ridden before? You still have options! I started out on a Honda Rebel (seat height 26 inches) because I had thought I was too short for a sport bike. Its nice, easy to handle... great to learn on, but yet, not a sport bike and a dog of a 250.... Ninja 250's are short in comparison to other sport bikes, but you will probably not be flat foot being 5 ft tall... (I am 5'2.5 and I almost had my heal down on my Ninja 250)Yet there is hope! You can lower pretty much anything you decide on, even a ninja 250. I looked every where for help in this area and found the dealership guys useless (probably cause they can touch the ground! So they don't care) But as you look around you will find people who've done it. Adjustment Tech had an article on them done in one of the sportbike mags (can't remember which one, but I got their #) Anyways, the ride height adjustment link is like 195 bucks and takes about an hour to install. You are replacing the stock link. It doesn't effect the handling, like some other lowering techniques would - such as straps for drag racing bikes would... Since you lower the front forks to equal what you dropped it, its all evened out... Alot of race bikes front forks are dropped a bit for the purpose of turning in quicker. Just lower the front 1 inch would give you height, couple that with the adjuster gives you even more. You can shave your seat... or buy a custom seat with high density less height in foam from Corbin to suit you. I fit pretty poor on my CBR stock- teetering on tip toes- which can be done, alot of girls (and guys) ride that way, but now I am flat footed and bent in the knee. I feel more confident and in control of the bike with it lowered, center of gravity is lower and you have 2 feet totaly touching for better stablitiy (especially for panic stops...) If you do lower it, keep all your stock parts so if you sell it, you can return it to stock for the person who buys it who may not be so short. It all depends on which bike you have your eye on, and how you want to fit on the bike, but you do have options, and little girls can ride big bikes, I have seen plenty, even on stock bikes, they manage and learn to handle it and deal with tip toeing.
Don't let anyone get ya down, if you are in love with the idea, get out to your MSF class- then you'll be too hooked to turn back, and it'll only get worse! But it is alot of fun and worth your efforts!
Hope this helps,



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There are lowering kits available for a lot of sportbikes nowadays, just make sure that you do it correctly and lower the entire bike, not just the rear. The handling doesn't change significantly (from what I understand) if it's done properly.

As for your brother, ignore him and chalk his attitude up to the small few of male riders who are dickheads stuck in the stone age. There are plenty of women riders out there, and quite a few in Northern California. Look them up...

For World Superbikes, start cruising either Chat or Daily Rider, I know that Tahoe was going to post an SBW bbq/ party at the top of the corkscrew one of the nights (hopefully before Cannery Row too!) There will be a ton of us there, it's just a matter of finding us.
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I'm 5'3 and ride 01 f4i. I am getting lowering links put on but i ride fine now the difficulty is in uphill starts.
Tell your brother to kiss your attiude mine too for that matter. Dont let him get you down. Go shopping check out the different dealer sit on a few bikes find your comfort level. Youll be great
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My advice is more towards middle ground. I have had friends over the years buy 250cc bikes and love it, and some that were bored in a month. Personally, I would say go with an older 500 to 600cc bike.

None of the newer sportbikes will probably be comfortable because of the higher seat height (I still don't understand how putting the heaviest item on the bike [THE RIDER] higher makes it handle better). I would say go for an 80's or early 90's bike. Here's why...

First, you can get one under $2000. Second, if you fall, you didn't trash a bike you're still paying on. Third, best bang for the buck. Fourth, performance will be fine for quite a while.

I'm personally fond of the 500 Interceptor and early CBR Hondas. They are comfortable enough for long trips and handle good. Both are just about bulletproof.

Try finding and sitting on some older bikes, I think you will fit them better. AND, if you get a 500 Interceptor, I'll give you a killer seat!
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Some days are like this.
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Hey Jane...

I, too ALWAYS wanted to get on a sportbike, but my ex told me I was too short and that girls souldn't be on bikes anyway (unless they were on the back) Darnit, tho... I WANTED a sportbike (preferably a Honda)... I'm 5'1"...

My current got me an '02 Buell Blast, perfect to start on as it was short (low profile seat, 25.5", I think), got down the basics, blah, blah... got bored in less than 100 miles... bought him an '02 XX and he gave me his '00 F4, we took it to Lindemann Engineering and I went from tiptoes to solid balls of my feet and ride that thing like a maniac! Lindemann is in Campbell and they were able to give me 1 & 3/4" more.

I agree with waynofzr tho, start cheap! We're trying to dump that ^^%*& Buell now, still owe over $4k on it and I won't ride it!

Good luck!

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I am 5'2-1/2" and about 105 lbs. fully geared, and I currently ride a 00 Ninja 500 (my first bike). I can touch completely flat footed on both sides. I am currently in the process of selling this to upgrade to an F4i. Don't let somebody tell you that you can't ride because your too small. Go to your local kawasaki dealership, with a supportive friend, or by yourself, and sit on the bikes. See what fits you the best. The 250 or 500 Ninjas are both excellent beginner choices. Aprilia also makes an awesome 50cc bike. Max speed is only about 60 mph, though. If these do not fit, find a Rebel or something to learn on, and once you're confident with you skills, upgrade to something larger.
Good Luck!
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Aprilia also make an excellent 125cc single cylinder. Cagiva Mito 125. Honda NSR 150. all are light, really light and all are 2-stokes, yeah they're high maintanence. The up side is there cheep good looking and you can corner like you wouldnt believe. Handling these bikes is so easy.

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Originally posted by Billy2stroke
Aprilia also make an excellent 125cc single cylinder. Cagiva Mito 125. Honda NSR 150. all are light, really light and all are 2-stokes, yeah they're high maintanence. The up side is there cheep good looking and you can corner like you wouldnt believe. Handling these bikes is so easy.
Also unfortunately not imported into the US and almost impossible to make street legal if you do get your hands on one. Since GI is in California, they WON'T allow them to be licensed for the street. Sorry!
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I think the Ninja 250-500 would be best. Buy one used so you don't lose a lot of money if you change your mind, or if you dump it. (you will, all of us have).
The Aprilias are not for beginners, completely unsuitable IMHO. The power band requires you to change as fast as you can.
Don't let anyone intimidate you. Do it on your own!

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