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Question women I need your HELP !!!

Last year my wife crash her bike by hitting a guard rail in the mountain [181] . She has a new F4i this year. The problem is she lost her confidence. She can ride and carve up a road, But now the ghost show up and she get's spooked. In the city and towns she fine highways no problem. The CURVES that is where the problem is at. I'm not pushing her to go fast or slow she sets the pace of our ride. I do not speak unkind words I'm very supportive. She fill bad when I pull over to let cars by in the mountains ex. slow vehicles keep right. She not a new rider we both had MSF classes. How do help her ? What can I do ? When we ride together its a relax pace , ride within the speed limit, I don't leave her to play with other riders.
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Wink Women I need your HELP!!

I sure hope your wife was not hurt in her accident! The ghost you talk about takes time to let go. It is something in the back of my mind when I am riding. I was out riding with another member from here, he was confident and knew the roads we were on. Me on the other hand, did not know the roads, I was trying to keep up with him. I soon found out that I will ride at my own pace, he will have to wait for me.

That is good you are supportive with her. Would she rather riding behind you, while you take the pace within the speed limit kinda of thing? When we ride I usually am in the front, I know he likes to go fast on his bird. At some curves, I let him pass.

Are there times when you want to ride and she does not? Keep getting her out on the bike. Just don't let her quit!

Good Luck
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The ghost of the deer that leapt onto the front wheel of my YZF a couple of years back still haunts me from time to time. But I have been lucky enough to successfully rehab a smashed knee and now ride on a replacement bike that I just adore.

You fail to mention what kind of bike she wrecked; just that she now has an F4i. Could the size and horsepower of the current bike be part of the problem?? The fact that my replacement (SV650) is light and incredibly easy to ride has boosted my confidence tremendously. There is something to be said for bonding with the machine you ride. I'm not one to tear up the road when I'm out, and John is generally nice enough to hang around and keep his eye on me. So I'm sure your wife is quite appreciative of your support; this just may take some time. It may be worth your time to ask her how comfortable she is on the new bike; just to be sure that the problem really is the ghost...

Best of luck!
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Cool You're doing fine sweetheart.

Don't second guess yourself sweetheart. You're doing exactly what you should be doing. Just be patient with her and she'll come around. Show her you aren't "giving up" on her and that will help boost her spirits.

A few things to help her along the way maybe....

Stick to roads she is comfortable on and knows really well. Don't ride the road where the incident happened until she says she's ready. Then when you two get to that point, "walk" her through it at a pace she can handle.

Fear is a strange thing. It doesn't matter what your fear is of. If you don't face it the right way and when you're ready, it'll haunt you for a LONG time. (Speaking from personal experience.)

FELLAS!! Take note of this gentleman, his situation and how he's handling it. You may be faced with the same one day.

Keep up the AWESOME job gorgeous. I'm envious.

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Her last bike was 94 zx-6 .She wanted a new bike I didn't push her back to riding agin she wanted to ride / I wanted her to get the sv 650 but she like the F4. / I alway ask , how the bike is doing her reply " ITs great " she can control well.
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Is it possible that she is paying too much attention to what's bugging her in the corner and not looking through to the exit? Your description of this problem and possibly even the cause of the original accident sound to be a classic case of not looking where you want to go. This can happen even to experienced riders from time to time. When a situation is causing you concern, it's natural to focus on the point of concern instead of where you want to go. Ask her if she can make a mental note of where she is looking in the corners when she has the problem. If she can describe in detail her concern, the stones, white line, guard rail, etc., then that's what she's looking at and not the corner exit. It's an absolute truth that you will go where you are looking. Look as deep into the corner or direction you want to go as you can. Hope that helps. Best of luck to both of you.

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I had a mishap over a year ago (mishap sounds nicer than accident) and it I still get a little freaked when I go around certain curves to the left.... I found that I'm a LOT more comfortable riding curvy roads if a better rider who knows the road is in front of me. Then I can watch what they're doing, how fast they're going into a turn, and kinda judge my speed and handling on that. Of course it only works if said rider in front is not a speed maniac and is willing to putt along with me.
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This advice is great- let her take her time, build up her confidence again, ride familiar roads, and it'll get better.....Just ler her grow at her own pace- I'm teaching my sister, and she has a "tentative" approach right now, but as she keeps riding, she can only become more confident.
I had a lowside last year, and I had the "spooked" feeling now and then as well. Just gotta get back up and do it again, lather, rinse and repeat....

I'm the guy who rode with Kathy, and occassionally I took off around the curves (they're just irresistable sometimes ) because I knew the road better, but I also had absolutely no problem waiting for her to catch up. (We need to do it again, I promise I'll go slow this time )
Anyway, dreamer, just do the same with your girlfriend and it'll be fine when she sees your taking the time to wait for her, and show her the way.

"Goat butts against hedge, and his horns become entangled."- Egg Shen

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Question Another Suggestion

Has she ever considered doing a track day or some school on a track? It may help her gain her confidence back if she rides on a track without the fear of guard rails and four wheeled vehicles coming around the next corner. Doing that may help her remember how confident she was, without the added fear of the open road.

One of the hardest things for me is to ride on the road, because I don't know what's around the next corner.

Also, it will take time. At least she's back out and riding!

Ride Safe,
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Cool Women I need your HELP!!

Okay is your wife maybe reading any of the posts here?

As you can read everyone is pulling for her/you. Take is slow and easy.

Inamina, maybe this weekend. Have a friend coming down from PA with her bike. Maybe we would be able to venture out sometime with weekend. Delta carnival is probably a Saturday night thing with the kids. Sunday may be a boating thing. Plans are up in the air right now, but will send you an e-mail if things look like they are happening.

How was Thursday and Friday?
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