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Talking out of 600's

For the 2004 models, what is the best?

right now i dont have a bike but soon i will.. and i've been lookin around a lot of sites and places juss to see which bike i should really get. my friends who ride told me that i should alwyas start with 600s cuz 1000s are too much for me to handle. so, from the 600s, which models do you gus think i should really go for???

for me i'm thinkin of getting a Kawasaki zx-6r but i heard some bad things about them.. especially about how the suspension is bad once it passes 120 mph.. i mean it is fast because it has that extra 36cc .. but i'm still not too sure if i wanna get this bike..

another one i'm thinkin about is the gixxer... a lot of magazines states that the GSX-600R is one of the best bikes out right now.. i unfortunately dont REALLY know why it's considered the best.. but i'm still thinkin about this bike too..

then there's the R6 and CBR600rr ... i dont really knoe if i want a honda or yamaha.. but i still think they're awesome..

so which one do you guys think is probably somethin to start with.. but at the same time, a "good bike" i knoe they're all fun..
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Do some reasearch, NO new 600 is a newbie bike.

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Yeah, you've gotta do a lot more homework before you can even understand what the advice we might give you means.

By the way, your riding "friends" don't seem to know jack, so don't rely too much on them.
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Dude, I wish you well, but that's not too bright to come on a forum like this telling us you're new to riding, how you want a new 600, but that you don't like the fact that the 6R is unstable over 120 mph. OVER 120 mph?!

Man, put your donkey before the cart, and learn to ride first. Your 'friends' are going to get you killed, instead of teaching you how to ride and be responsible.

I don't blame you and I'm not picking on you, as I think a fair amount of the guys on here were that way back in the day(guys? some support? ), myself included. We all care a lot about the new riders and I know for me personally, I don't like to hear this stuff as I know what hapens to 4 out of 5 of these riders. I live in a no-helmet state and it makes me cringe every time I see these guys on liter bikes doing wheelies and racing with a baseball cap on backwards with sunglasses....that's their idea of head protection.

You want to get scared? I knew 2 young riders, one 17, one 18. These are true stories. The 17 year old had a bad wreck racing....bad. Did it stop him? No. Once the pins came out of his leg and arm, he was back out racing. Within 3 weeks, he was back in the hospital with 2 broken legs, and the doctors told him that he would be in a wheelchair by 35 with severe arthritis, and that he would have trouble gaining an erection due to the amount of damage to his pelvic region and the internal injuries. Can you imagine not being able to get hard at 17? That SUCKED.
The 18 year old? He wrecked badly, and once his broken back healed, he was back out racing again like his idiot friend. What happened? He broke both his arms and reinjured his back and had to walk around like a scarecrow. Why? Because he only had money for the bike insurance, but not health insurance. He couldn't afford to go to the hospital to get his arms fixed. The morning I saw him, he looked like he was carrying a broom over both shoulders. We asked him how he functioned and he said that that morning in the shower, he had bent one of his arms the wrong way and the pain was so intense that it made him throw up. Can you imagine throwing up out of pain? And just think: he couldn't brace himself when he threw up in the shower, so when he went to grab something, it was even more painful and he threw up again. He thought he would fall down and REALLY get hurt and that thought scared him so much that he crapped himself in the shower. Yeah, we laughed a little, but after he left, we all said "Dude, I don't even know WHAT I would do if I were in that position."

I am done rambling on here......somebody kick my soapbox out from under me.
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If you really want a 600 I would recommend the yzf600R. I think it is a really nice bike. As for which of those you listed is better it doesn't matter. They are so close that it won't matter. The latest issue of sport rider gave the gixxer the nod not that it means much.
However I have to agree with the senior people on this board. I am a new rider and got the 600RR (love it) but I should have started smaller. It is not a lot fun if you can't really ride the bike and it is hard to learn effectively if the bike is too much.
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They're all good bikes, including the 636. They are all too much for a new rider. Get an EX-500. Good bike and fast as hell with a good rider aboard. Will run with ANYTHING in the twisties and can still get you a jail visit at wide open on the interstate, a stunt ANY trained monkey can perform. Other than that, I have nothing to add.

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Aren't the old katana 600 and 750's a good learners bike? I learned on a dirt bike 15 years ago and then bought an old katana 750. It didn't seem fast at all compared to my 99 R6. But that was a long time ago, the only thing I remember is after laying the katana down it took a friend and I both to pick it back up. They are heavy.

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If you have to have a 600cc bike at least start on an old bike, late 80's early 90's. If you must have a new bike please go with a 500, plenty of power. I started on a 87 kawasaki 600r plenty of fun on that old thing!
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Your call, but bad idea IMO

The new 600s are so close it comes down to personal preference. If you're actually still reading this forum after getting flamed, listen to some of the advice about the smaller bikes. It's not going to hurt anything for you to start smaller, learn to ride, and then move up. You might get some shyte from your friends, but injured pride doesn't really hurt that much. Besides, learning to ride on a bike you can't handle............
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I got the F4i for my first bike... Doesnt seem too much and it is very forgiving (i know.. I have already done some stupid things).

I have a few hudred miles and so far so good... but I am also taking it real easy...
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