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What bike to get???

Ok im wanting to get a bike in the next few months. I owned a 91 CBR F2 and triend to teach my self how to ride on it but had to sell it to get a car before I got the hang of it. Now im looking at getting an R6 or a GSXR600. My friend who had an R6 says its the only way to go and im starting to believe him. His R6 was his first bike and now he is an awesome rider though he doesnt like to admit it =P Ive narrowed it down to those two bikes but dont know if im leaving out some good choices. I'm not a big fan on the ZX-6R and love the F4 but from what ive heard its under-powered. This would be a semi-first bike. Im taking riding classes before hand this time. Learned my lessons from the F2. Im mainly looking at new bikes because im gonna be finacing it and dont think I would be able to do that with anything older than a 98 unless it was at the dealers already or something. But by doing this am I limiting my self from some good bikes? Ive been trying find some other options but cant find anything that suits my tastes. I know a lot of you are going to gasp when I say this but what about early 90's(94-96) 929's or something? I know a 900cc bike is way to much to start with but I figured a 96 929 is probably about as fast as a brand new R6? But that was just a thought I had. Anyways let me know what you think about the bikes im thinking about getting or if you have any sujestions im all ears.
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I know i shouldn't be telling you this because no one can really gauge anyone's riding skills or learning abilities. However, i've read enough posts here to know and understand why the more experienced riders are usually advising newbies and semi-newbies to start off on less aggressive and powerful bikes. It's true what they say that you would never really use the full potential and capabilities of a 600 cc supersport bike for street riding. I bought a YZF 600 R 2 years ago and I still haven't really taken it to its limits. I thought by now I'd be on an R1 or a GSXR 1000, but I gotta admit I was definitely wrong. My YZF still continues to amaze me even now. You should consider other factors in choosing a bike besides top speed and power. Ergonomics, ease of use, weight, seating comfort and even aftermarket parts availability might become important to you after purchasing the bike. You really don't want any regrets, right?----anyway, no matter which bike you get, just consider some of these factors and think long term----after all, how often are you gonna find yourself going over 100 mph in the highway??----just my 2 cents, buddy---ride safe!
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I understand what you are saying and agree with you. I know I wont be able to tests my bikes limits on the streets. I would would be crazy for even trying at my skill level. I do want a bike though that has the ability, once I have the ability, to "tear it up" and earn some "respect" My friend tought him self how to ride on an R6 and he is strongly recomending the bike. I am a "newb" to the bike scene sorta, meaning I dont have much exp. in riding them. Ive done my research though and know im not getting a toy but a machine built for one purpose, speed. I am originaly a car person, and though bikes and cars arent exactly the same you still have to be exremly carefull and respectfull when dealing with machines built for speed. Now im just rambling again...man I need to stop doing that
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In my opinion buy what moves you man, you will be way happier. Scootermans advice is very good, although I feel that it is much easier to write a payment check every month for something you are really happy with. If you take it slow, you will grow into any bike you purchase just like your friend on the R6. And a good bike ridden properly will make you a better rider.

I loved my 99 ZX9R, and it really is a good bike. But my learning curve has progressed much quicker on the 954RR. It is a much better all around bike that is more user friendly. It has infinitely better handling and has more torque, which means I can work on improving my riding more while working at it less.

If you like the R6, get it or you will regret it afterwords!!!!
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I like the way you think. And you are right, if im gonna be forking over $130 a month for a bike it better be one I love I like the R6 and GSXR600 a lot, I am leaning more towards the R6 just because I have heard more about it and that its the best 600cc class bike to get But if you do have other sujestions let me know. I would love to have a 954 or 929, I love the way they look and have heard nothing but good things about them...but I think those might be a little to big to start off on...dont ya think? lol. But what do you think about the idea of a 96ish one? Still to much bike? If it came down to it right now I would get the R6 unless something or someone changes my mind...
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I would rather have a brand new R6 than an older litre class bike. The technology is much better. An older 900 will still have more punch, but won't be able to touch an 02 R6 suspension wise, and all the other modern upgrades like FI, digital display etc. Bikes change so much in a matter of a few years. The differences between my 99 ZX9R and this 02 954RR are amazing.

If I was in the market for a 600, and realy wanted a scalpel, I would think it would have to be the R6!

Good luck man, buy what moves you the most.

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Thanks for the input. Would a older 929 or 954 be to much to start with or would it be equal to the R6? The only reason why I would go with an older 900cc bike would be the price.
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You're gonna have a hell of a time finding that 94-96 929.

They didn't make one!!

But, to answer the question, it's not a great way to start off riding. Although the first 900rr's made 114hp which isn't that big a jump from the current 600's making 100 so maybe if you got a good deal and keep your head out of your ass you could make it work as a first bike.

And as far as I know all the 600's are within a few % of each other in power so saying the honda is down is simply repeating the the words of an idiot who thinks 102 vs 98 is gonna make the difference in a bike. All the 600's are great bikes and if your just starting off I'd go with the ZX6R since you can probably get a better deal on it with all the squids saying it's an anvil compared to the others. It's gonna be a long time before you will tell the performance differences in the 600's which isn't to say the zx is inferior, just that even if it was you'd never know it.

they're all good bikes, get the one that gets you going or saves you the most money.

And you could probably finance anything so ask your local bank and don't rule out a $3500 used 600 from 92 up.
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The only reason why I rule out the ZX-6R is because I dont really like the way it looks. I loved the new F4s but a friend of mine told me he rode one and wasnt too impressed. Thats why I asked on here what you guys though. I didnt know if they made a 96ish 929 or 954 just figuired there was one. Oh well, but you got what I was getting at anyways so thats all that matters. The new F4 would be the only other new bike I would probably consider getting. I know all the new bikes are basicaly even, just depends on the rider but would still like one of the better performing ones. What would be a good older 900cc bike to consider?
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Thumbs down 'Nother one 'bout to get sucked in by 'the crowd'!

I'd second the opinion that I'd rather have a new 600 than an old 900, etc. Many improvements, AND you better check your insurance before you commit. Dunno 'zactly how you'll come out, but I'd be willing to bet insurance on a new 600 is gonna be cheaper than it is on a 3-year old 900? YMMV.

Now on to your choices...
love the F4 but from what ive heard its under-powered.
F4 underpowered? Don't worry 'bout buying a 600 based on it's 'power'. You can throw a blanket over all of 'em. Talk of one being underpowered compared to another has newbiespeak written all over it.
I'm not a big fan on the ZX-6R
Why? I narrowed my choices down to the 6R and R6, but found more to like on the 6R (more comfy/more torque lower in the rev range/great intake howl/better all purpose bike). The two things I did like 'bout the R6 are 26,000 mile valve adjustment intervals and the hugger/undertail from the factory. If it was going to be my only bike, it would be 6R all the way. Since I already have a sport-tourer, thought I might go a bit more track-oriented (R6?), but I ended up liking the 6R best anyway.
Before you follow the crowd, mebbe you ought to read the open-class shootout in this month's Motorcyclist (or was that SportRider). The much vaunted R1 could not be hustled around the tight Streets of Willow as fast as the heavy, old, outdated ZX-9R (I'm still laughing at 'the crowd' 'bout that one)! Last year Motorcycle Online tested all the 600's, and I believe the ZX-6R came in last, but at least they noted that at the end of the day, it was the bike everyone wanted to ride home! They also did a comparo of the 6R vs the VFR, and it held it's own in the sport touring category. I likes flexibility in a bike!
So...mebbe you ought to dig a little deeper before just following the crowd? Iff'n bragging rights are important to ya (not that there's anything wrong with that!), when your buddies pick on ya 'bout the 6R being a dog, just point out to 'em that it:
1. Won the '01 AMA 600 SuperSport Championship
2. Won the '01 FIM World 600 SuperSport Championship
3. Was undefeated in the '01 AMA Prostars 600 Drag Bike Championship
4. Was leading the '02 AMA 750 SuperSport Championship until the GSXR 750's got to Road Atlanta (750 HP too much at RA)
5. Won the first 2 races in this year's FIM World 600 SuperSport Championship (think it's leading the series)
6. Was right there with the GSXR 600's at Road Atlanta-dunno where the R6's were
So...just how much of a dog can the 6R really be?
BTW...I was leaning towards the 6R over the R6 anyway, but as icing on the cake, you can deal on Kawasakis pretty easily (got $1000 off on mine). I couldn't get anyone to budge an inch on R6 prices!

You know what they say...R6/R1's are for experienced riders: Kawasakis are for enlightened riders!

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