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2002 kawasaki zx-6r

Has anyone rode this bike? Seen one? The kawi website shows the three colors, green, red and yellow, but the yellow is without the black graphics that the others have. Is this true or a bad website.

Next, how are these bikes? Still the most comfortable? let me know.

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Just bought a yellow one and it looks like the web picture (no graphics except on the bottom) but the wheel rims on mine are black instead of yellow. I understand the '02 is mechanically the same as the '01.
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Closest I have come is sitting on the bike on the showroom floor. Its pretty comfy there You really can't beat the prices that dealers are offering. I am planning on looking at one in the spring. I had wanted a R6 but the Kawi's price is so good and I don't think that I ride well enough to tell the difference. Let me know how you like it if you get one. The salesman said that there was no changes from last year so if you want to hear someone sing the praises of this bike ask basicblur
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I sing 'em too but it's the first bike I've had in 25 years so there is no real context for my opinions... example: To me, this is the best bike I have ever owned or ridden; it is a fantastic piece of work resulting in a near "religious experience" (but compared to a '67 Triumph Tiger and a '70 Honda 450 )
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The 2000 through 2002 are basically the same bike (i've got the '00). obviously there are the cosmetic differences, but I think beyond that there are no other differences.

As far as comfort, I've ridden of a few of the other 600 class bikes, and I still think by far, the Kawi's are the most comfortable. I can easily put 350-400 miles on mine, and no pain what so ever....I couldn't say the same for an F4i with its cardboard seat....

As far as performance in the class, they are all basically within the same area. The kawi has been scoring last in the mags for the last couple of years, but that's only because they haven't made any significant mechanical changes, whereas you have the F4i, the new GXR-600 (FI now I think)....but frankly my opinion is the mags can go screw themselves...they're all corporate bought opinions anyway....you ride what you wanna ride, and what fits you (style, looks, price, comfort, etc...)

Just my .02

If you've got specific questions about the bike, I'd be happy to answer em...I've got about 9500 miles on mine since March 01, and have done all the wrenching myself, with the help of a few friends.

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Adding a tiny bit to what Will said, my impression is that even the performance differences (power, handling) that exist are so tiny (hundreths of seconds), or so sublime (ultimate flickability), that only a very, very good rider could observe them. Even so, it would probably be impossible without a test track and good timing equipment to measure them.

For most of us in the 600's class, the main difference is comfort, then comes brand loyalty (if any), then color, appearance.
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after reading reviews from different sources, some will always be biased, sitting on the different 600's, and pricing, i decided to buy the zx-6r. i thought it was the best priced, it was comfortable to sit on (some claim it has the least extreme ergos, but to tell much of a difference, were talking in millimeters), they all have pretty similar power, and i liked the color - yellow w/ black rims.
Seriouly, anyone would probalby be happy with any of the big 4 600's, the kawi is no exception.
In comparing HP, i actually read in a dyno test done on the CA model equiped 600's, the Kawi actually put out the most, and the R6 was the most affected, putting out way less then the claimed amount HP (all of them for that matter). Has anyone else witnessed this?
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Originally posted by jjcm
...if you want to hear someone sing the praises of this bike ask basicblur
Nah...it's just that I'm a cheap bastard! Makes it a lot easier to afford 2 bikes iff'n ya allow a bit of pragmatism to creep into yur life!
I actually considered the R6 since I already have a sport-tourer, but there was a lot to like about the 6R, and the price was icing on the cake, so here I be! Besides, the snot-nosed little teenager salesman (nuttin' personal to any snot-nosed teenagers out there ) wouldn't budge off the price of an R6 a bit, all the while trying to convince me what a POS the 6R was. I often wondered if he even had a motorcycle license?
Bought my Concours new in '87 for $4700, and got the salesman to throw in two matching gray leather jackets (MSRP was $5500). Way back then, nobody knew what the hell a sport-tourer was, now they're coming out of the woodwork! Got the 6R new for $7100, so total invested in both is $11,800.
Say it with me boyz n' girlz..."basicblur, you are one cheap bastard!"
This is a good thing...
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Re: 2002 kawasaki zx-6r

Originally posted by Speedy K
Next, how are these bikes? Still the most comfortable? let me know.
Yup. As far as comfort, I'd rate 'em:
1. Kawasaki
2. Honda (tho I hate the shape of their gas tank)
3. Yamaha
4. Fuhgettaboutit (the name of the other brand escapes me)

I don't consider myself an iron butt type (though my boss at work does accuse me of being a hardass ), but 'bout every time I fire up the 6R I head for the mountains. A normal ride for me is usually 4 to 500 miles, and a normal 3-day weekend ride is around 1100 to 1500 miles (it's 480 miles just to get to Deals Gap iff'n I take the scenic/twisty route)! Darn if I don't find the 6R 'bout as comfortable as my Concours!

With the apparent sudden interest in the 6R, I'm assuming the new Kawasaki 6R print ads (King of the World & Are you worthy?) are getting around?
Nuttin' wrong with that!
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Forgot to mention a few vitals 'bout the 6R...
Iff'n you find yourself doing a bit of sport-touring on it (while yur trendy buddies whine about their neck/wrists/backs/legs etc) you might find it handy to know that under the passenger seat of the 6R you can fit:
1. A couple of maps
2. Vehicle document case (WalMart)
3. $5 WalMart travel case (available in the toiletry section, and good for 'bout a 3-day tour)
4. Sony DSC-P5 camera in semi-hard case, with extra memory card & battery)
5. Decent sized bag of corn! (Sometimes ya gotta stop and feed the animals, but Joss my find it handy for marking his lines at the track!)
This is in addition to the standard tool pouch, and there's a bit of room left for more!
I also have an Eclipse standard tank bag that will work nicely on Kawasaki's wide tank, but I just hate to throw luggage on it!
What would I change on the 6R?
1. Tossed a slip-on on it, but don't get one so loud it covers up that nice intake howl! I opted for the V&H S4 Titanium.
2. ZeroGravity Double Bubble on order (smoke-NOT dark smoke) since I'm a wide-body (not really necessary).
3. Would really be nice to have a hugger to keep stuff off the rear shock, but I'm having trouble finding one that floats my boat.

One of these days I'm gonna get around to adding a hugger and undertail unit to really clean up the back end, and make it easier to maintain/clean the bike!
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