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Legends first crash .....

Well, there you go then ya caaants. Who had money down that it would happen before the season started ? ....

What a top weekend ... as always ... it is amazing ... your life can be full of far far FAR too much of the typical shit that the wankers of the world shove up your arse and down your throat ... but start up the R, exit pit lane ..... and by the time your going into the second turn it is all forgotten .... what drugs would you need to take to get that sort of freedom and escapisim.

But .... to the crash watson. Basically I was having one of the slowest days ... the session was a right custard tart(see my bitch at the end of thread) .. and then there I was, barrelling down into turn 12 .. speed unknown but just clicked up into 4th .. and there's an RC51 down past the crest off line, and not turned in .... and in the famous statements of all people that crash ... all looked good .... I stayed on line, went for the apex ... and so did the 'onda .. oww FARK .... too late to brake .. too late to pray .. to late for a last wank ... so tried to tighten it up more .. and more .. and more ... but that 'onda was still coming across ....

For a fraction of a second it looked like god was present, watching and looking out for us, cause I get to the apex ... and 'onda is close ... FARKIN close .. but he's back ovber my right shoulder and no longer in view ... and just as my brain goes .... FARK .. that was close ... 'onda smacks into the exhaust .....

I would love to tell you all what happend next ... there was a decent smack as the bikes came together ... mine lifted a bit .. and then ... it got dark .....

The next clear memory was I was sliding ... then quickly barrel rolling .. and I thought, well my arms are by my chest, so best keep then there ... and my eyes were closed ... so I thought it best just to leave it like that too ...and then just relaxed until I stopped ... which seemed to take a while .. and a while .. and a while.

Post race summary was ... I was ok. Scratch on the elbow, some lovely bruised on leg and arm. The R got of incredibly easily with a broken gear lever, scratcher engine cover ... and that really is a about it.

The 'onda was still ridable and the pilot got off light as well ... so considering it was t12 ... all things considering ... I would say luck was present and at attention.
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Trackdays and conduct ...

Firstly .... I'll go away and have a quiet word with myself .... the above is called a 'racing incident'. Which means .... all participants go out on the track ... and accept the risks this involves.... and should incidents occur ... blame is left in the pits.

Trackday or not, moments will occur when riders get out of there comfort zones ... and things happen.... and that is why we all do it as this is how we learn to ride better. Usually ... it's just a great story ... but every now and then .. it's a gravel visit, crash ... or the worst .. someone gets hurt.

It might be farken ironic to be involved in a crash and then go and give some lip .... but what the fark ... when have I ever been PC and quiet of mouth.

Over the Sat and Sun just been, my observation would be there are a much higher number of guys out there now that are considerably faster than the previous years I've been wobbling around. There are also just the same number of guys that are not .... but unlike the past where they are either lone rangers, or locomation trains in line ...which are all easy to avoid ... what I saw this weekend really stood out, and frankly was cause for concern.

So, to any of the caants that were there that are reading this, and that this applies to .... pay attention.

When you practice martial arts, you enter the practice hall, not to do battle with those there, but with yourself. They are not the enemy, nor are they passive. They are actively involved, giving themselves so that you can practice your skill and better yourself, and as such deserve great respect .. hence all the bowing you see before entering a dojo, before and after a fight.

I would say, given the risks involved.... we need to start fostering the same appreciation and respect for every single person that goes out of pit lane. This applies not just to the fast and experienced guys, but to the slow guys just as much. You are entering a world you do not know, it is your duty to find out before you either get hurt, or you hurt someone ... I don't know half of what I should but I'm trying to learn it ... but in the meantime ... I use some FARKIN COMMON SENSE !!

Some things may not be obvious stupid, like stopping at the side of the track for your mates to catch up ... but others like:

1. Doing 100kph down the back straight with your mate on the otherside of the track, making signals to each other ...
2. As above, but straight out of turn two ...
3. Coming out of the pits, not looking as you enter the track .. and pulling out over the racing line ....

... they are just plain stupid, and show a complete disregard for the safety of others ... and therefore a complete lack of respect. No quarter should be given, and fark em, no quarter will be from me anymore.

So, hence forward, I'll have a quiet word with our mates up north that do a top job of putting on these events, and we will do our bit to try to sort some of this shit out .... and ... I'm going to form the Pit Bull Farkers ... who's members will be big ugly bastids (like BP), and who's job will be to find people as above, and given the risk they pose in terms of dollars damage not to mention risk of life .. they will be severly beaten for said behaviour at future events.

But ... should you see someone doing something stupid, YOU owe it to him, and all the other riders other there, to point out to him just how stupid it was and the consequences.
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leggy pic 1
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leggy pic 2
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leggy pic 3
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leggy pic 4
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leggy pic 5 .. check the eyes of Bouncy Bouncy ...
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I saw the aftermath of the Honda...nothing much.... Just scratches mainly and a clutch lever that is broken into a third...

The mate you had a collision with is a chap staying in my block...just bumped into him downstairs and asked him how the track day was and he said that he bumped an SBR lad called Dave on an R1.

His first crash and yours....

Sorry to her about the spill.

Nice pics anyways...

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Well seeing as how i'm involved already

Thanks Legend.

You should know better !!! After all this time you should know better than to try riding "on the pace" with new guys on the track! bearing in mind
A/ You were once in their shoes and didn;t have a clue.
B/ You've seen what can happen before.

Having said that ..stopping on a track is the most stupid thing and should be banned unless
A/ you break down
B/ you crash
C/ Nil's Mrs is lying spread eagled naked at turn 4

You've been here long enough to know the Sing mentality that " i've paid my money so can do what i like lah"
I don,t think talking to them and pointing out their short falls ( especially in front of their mates) will do anything but get you abuse and or a fight.
As you guys are regular users of the Sepang facilities and support the MSS you should approach the organisers and complain. I'm sure if done right and the safety aspect is nailed they'll listen.

Try and see it from the Sing newbie perspective and mentality. They've spent loadsa wonga on bike and gear and have been winding up their mates/ girls about how good they are. They've got nerves and adrenelin oozing out of every hole.

The organisers will have to instigate an orientation course.
As i mentioned in the Nik of Time post about Zolder in Belgium.
First time there on an open track day you had to take a 30 min orientation course whether you had a full licence or not. This unfortunately means that the track session is 30 mins shorter for everybody, but safety increases no end! It's a choice!!!!!
Spliiting the track doesn;t work either as only old duffers like me are happy to just enjoy the track at any pace. The Sing guys will see it as their pride getting kicked and won;t come which in turn means you'll just get the same few riders and not enough revenue for the circuit ( how PG is still open at 25 sing an hour is beyond me)

Don;t get me wrong Ledge, your get off sucks and i'm well chuffed you will read this from the comfort of a chair rather than a hospital bed but the whole thing bares remarkable resemblance to a lot of SBR stuff. Apart from MSS spearheaded by BC's efforts, we all know the best way forward and the do's and don'ts but nobody ever does fark all about it! SO get off yer arse and start a petition or some form of letter to Sepang Jeff. You have my support and undoubtidly the support of all there on SAT/SUN

Failing that count me in on the formation of the Legend revenge death squad
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ANd on a lighter note

Can you teach me to go that slow and look that good even though i'm ugly ( didn't go unoticed)
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