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If you had it, how would you spend your money ...

Ok, here's the scenario for you bunch a carnts .....

You've got a 2 month old R1, and it should be all you ever need ... but of course, it never is ... so you dream of MV's or 996 SPS's, but in the cold light of day, realise such a change will cost you at least 12 to 19 grand .. and this is just too much for what you get ....

You realise that rather than spending 12 grand, you could spend half of that on your own machine, and just might end up with the best compromise ......(daft twat that you are, you nearly think this will make you happy, but I digress).

So then. You've got 5 grand. How do you spend it ....

What you want is a compromise. You want a bike that will allow you to go a little quicker on the track and you want a bike with a bit of character cause you ride it daily.

1. $800.00. A new helmet ..... why not, it's adds a lot to the whole experience.
2. $300.00 Braided lines and pads for the front.
3. $1500.00 Ohlins shock.

So thats 2,700. You've added a little peace of mind by making the brakes a little better and traction a little better (maybe) and it should be more fun to ride with a fresh helmet. You've still got 2,300 and done nothing to add character.

Which way to you now go.

1. Engine cases $400, Race Fairings and custom paint job (streetable) $1300 and streetable end can $700

2. Engine cases $400, Race Fairings and paint $1300 and floating discs $700

3. Revalve and respring your front fork $700, Full Race Exhaust and Power Commander $1600 (but your screwed if you get stopped on the road).

4. Some gorgious and light Marchisine race spec wheels $ ???

......... alright lads, out with your calculators, off with the pocket protectors ..... one of your club members is in need, and he has no one else to turn to but you lot .... so how would YOU spend 5K if you were face with the above ??
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Tyres & Beer
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Fat arse

Go for liposuction on that big ass belly of yours or get a sex change to a man ya poof!!
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Put the 5 grand down as a deposit on the new (unregistered) 996 SPS they have at Minerva. You only live once Ledge...
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Take the money and the R1. Tomorrow morning bright and early set off to your friendly MV dealer.Chop your present heap in on the bike you know you want(don't forget to also give them your hard earned 5k). While you are at it get the Senna. You know you want to . You can thank me later.
Or you can mod your R1 and have an old modded R1 by the end of the year.
You know what you have to do.

Oh yea.. please do not call me names...that's my wife's job.
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Come on carnts .... can we have a few serious thoughts ....

If not I'll have to go ask my REAL friends at the R1 forum .. they will be real helpful.
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Suffering from P.C.D.S

Dont worry Legend your not alone, I was counceling another member at the weekend who is suffering from the same symptoms. Post Christmas Depression Syndrome is a common ailment and can be agravated by an impending marrage or other similar traumatic events. The most important thing is not to give in to the urges to spunk huge ammounts of cash on pointless purchases. All that will do is prolong the depression and increase the feelings of guilt.
No two cases are the same, yours sounds like the clasic "Im crap and slow and after eating too much over Christmas Ill be even slower" syndrome. The patient usually spends tonnes of cash on go faster goodies only to realise that he is still crap and slow but now skint also so he gets even more depressed. The best way to get over this is to pass your money to me for safe keeping so that I can spend it on go faster goodies fer my bike
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Bunch of amatuer cooks them R1 forumers..

Originally posted by Legend
Come on carnts .... can we have a few serious thoughts ....

If not I'll have to go ask my REAL friends at the R1 forum .. they will be real helpful.
I thought those guys were a bunch of ferkin' cooks,.telling everyone how they like their meat, and what dressing to put on,.and what kind of olive oil and spicesthey use for they cookin' to facilitate bowel purification.

If you ask them,..they probably tell you to go cook something with spice and spunk.

From Tug's post recently...http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showt...threadid=22290

You're still a CANT!!....you cant!.
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If not PCDS then perhaps....

Good chance your R1 buddies with be way too busy chatting about the latest gourmet dish one of them has read about lately - pooftas the lot of em without a doubt.

So my clear and concise advise follows:

Helmet - A 5 dollar head needs a 5 dollar helmet, sounds like the one you have already is perfect mate.

Braided lines and pads - Way too much actual return for your poser dollar here, stick with your oldies till they start bulging like your belly after a night out at the local 'all you can eat' establishment.

Ohlins shock - the gold look might help pull the birds but really, when your that slow is it gunna make a difference???

Engine Cases - Have you gone completely farking mad?? Why would you be so daft as to do this, I mean really the old one's will grind away perfectly well next time you bin the old girl thanks very much...

Race fairing/light weight wheels - who the hell do you think you are, Rossifumi....

Come on Ledge, $5g could get you all the help we've all been hopeful of, put your mind at rest, PLEASE!!

Is it weird in here, or is it just me?
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B4 you get those go-faster bits,..you need to GO-FASTER...

May I suggest that for all the money you have,..you may;

Bring in an all-expense paid Top-Class Champion from either down under,.or NZ or UK,..and invite us all for a riding clinic proudly sponsored by yer goodself.

For all that,.
1.you get better respect from all of us,......
2. ability to ride faster or appear to ride faster than your current pace
3. teach the slower guys how to ride like a TRUE legend
4. get to drink and get blasted with all of us
5. speak and write better ENGLISH instead of gibberish like now
6. ability to make sense of what we say, like what gear and speed we egress at corners, ride position and so forth
7. start to use the Keith Code book as a paper-weight
8. you probably get to make more friends from both sexes during your sponsorship of the Top Class riding clinic
9. learn to use your brains and your brakes at the right places instead of all the time
10. absolved your tittle of CANT!..
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