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Question Funday : Sunday

Slasher called me today from the UK to say that he had his personal home satellite dialled in to this region to check on the weekend's activities.

And with a delegation sent to Sepang and a seperate posse dispatched to Pasir Gudang we should expect to see the forum ablaze with post event commentary.

I hear that Emilio was running 1.39's on Joe's Black Beauty at Pasir Gudang with a number of others looking pretty strong too ; Boycie was reported to be in amongst the favourites putting low 1.40's on the doors.

Legend apparently has a story to share with us about him, turn 14, and a sphincter winking moment with the Mudda ship which nearly missed the runway coming in to land....

Chumley would have seen it but for the fact that his helmet's fiitted with blinkers coz its for car racers !!!

So come on you lot... those of us armchair spectating this weekend are itching for a tall story.

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Weekend fun

What can I say?

I was fekkin marvellous!

At least I didn't get pulled over at Tuas.....

However, I did manage to lose a pair of gloves, my spare visor, all my rain gear, two T shirts oh, and my tooth brush, all over the highway at about 200km/h when my rucksack spontaneously opened...

That aside, another top weekend, other than the fact that two people went off in front of me... (not from SBR, I hasten to add) Must have heard the mighty Duke coming and shat themselves. That or the fact that they were crap and riding 125's

Top weekend all in all, well done to Nils for managing to leave his shoes in singapore. Good work fella!
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PG Fun

First and formost I have to state its extremely questionable whether I hit 'low 1:40's'. No idea where you got that gem from Mr Catt but keep them coming! I did but I think its more realistic to say 1:46's and perhaps 1:45. As far as I know no one was clocking me and this was a pure assessment from Joe.

Went up on Saturday with Simon but unfortunately that wobbley end can of mine finally gave way and detached itself after one lap. Luckily it remained pushed onto the pipe so I could limp back home.

Turns out the steel bracket holding it onto the can had simply cracked and then tore all the way around. The brazing on the pipe was fine and the rivets holding it onto the can were ok. I think it was just a crap piece of metal and hopefully not a general design or materials fault. Joe's taking it back to Mr Yamaha to see what they can do. In the meantime watch out all those with stock R1-02 cans!!!

Managed to scrounge a crashed can from Joe's museum of bent bikes and went back on Sunday. Fantastic wheather and yes 'Carlos Fandango' did a 1:39.01, amazing Emilio!
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"Legend at Nine"

Arrrrufff ….. top weekend again. Cheers lads.

I joined the group that went to Sepang. Fark me if it didn’t look like ‘Dad’s Army’ on bikes.

We had the Chumstar turn up in his two piece, and his Duke (which was lookin quite spanky in it’s new ‘race’ fairing’). Not wanting to be rude or anything ….. but I thought it was yer bird that was pregnant ?? .. ya fat cant. YP and his bird …. Riding pillion cause he’s gone and fitted a pack-rack (doopy caant, WHO would do such a thing to an R1) and me.

We should have had more, but for the comedy of errors ……

Still, Mudda turned up while we were on the road … and roared passed …. Shortly to be followed by ‘I don’t know my name’ Silver Come Stain and Worsel who still made it even though we completely confused the poor caant.

All the plans of hitting the Pan Pack went skyward and we all drunk far too much beer watching the 2000 Isle of Man TT.

Suitable motivated the next morning, and after a hearty KLCC breakfast, we arrived at the track, and fark me if I didn’t feel some nostalgic twinges …. And it’s only been 6 months since I got into all this …. Having now done more RACE days than TRACK days, it was quite cool to do one again.

Arriving in the cool of the morning. Track completely empty, no one in the stands, a huge mixture of bikes and people, using the pits instead of tents and no Nissan Sentra’s to be found. Also …. spending 15 minutes riding, then 45 minutes telling each other about it ….. then another 15 minutes , then another 45 … etc etc …. arf arf .. farkin lovely.

I had a quick chat with Johnny No Luck and his side kick, and it looks like they have a few more members to there band, namely Steve (ex RS250 – Biaggi look alike) now riding a CBR600 and going mighty fine I might add. We were also graced with the first 998R (when is the first 999 going to turn up?) I have seen out on a track, and a great mix of old GSXR750’s and Blades, as well as the nippers on there 125’s and mopeds.

I am wrapped to announce that I was able to overtake most of the muppet mopeds, and I gave those 125’s a good run for there money arf arf. Actually, it’s all quite funny… you get into all this, and still think you a beginner caant cause everyone you know gets better and quicker, but then you realise that there are now people who are more of a beginner than you ….. and it makes you realise you actually have started learning something ……

I realised this when some newbie came over and asked me how my lap timer worked …. Caant …. I had no farkin idea so I had to lie a little (a lot).

Also, while out tearing around, I came up upon so many people and I can remember thinking things like … owww jeez bro … best you be hanging yer arse off that there seat before yer head hits the track.

Moments Blue Cat …: I had three ….

1. First came the Mudda ship. I think we were still on our first lap (or second) and coming through the last turn onto the front straight, I was following. In typical Muddaship stylee, Brad had his arse, hips, thighs, calves and the kitchen sink hangin off the behemoth, and in a truly stylee moment spins the rear end out close to a half a ferkin metre. I was already of a mind that this guy was a nutta … based on his drinking antics the night before, his slide on turn 6 (yes the fast right hander), the speed he punts that baby round the track and his overtaking moves on the way up …. But this was something else. Anyway, he didn’t seem to back off and continued round for another lap, only to pull in at the end and faint, pee himself, need a big resuscitation for Nils and start calling for his mum .. (just kidding with the last bit).

2. Following Chumstar on cold under inflated tires into turn one, and looking through the corner at him, only to register the bike felt all funny …. At which point I realised either the front was sliding or the tyre was wobbling all through it’s carcass and conspiring to chuck me off ….

3. Newbie alert !! ………. Coming down the back straight, tucked in, changing though the gears, my heat dulled brain registers a bike ahead, which is getting bigger quickly. I have time to register that a. he is going slow and b. in the middle of the track so c. he must be a newbie. I move over to the right ….. just as he does … so I move to the left …. Just as he does ….. so I farkin shit myself and pop up grabbing handfuls of brake …. And still fly past with visions of my first crash being in the middle of a straight with another bike ….. ooowww … nasty …

The ride back was eventful, getting to within several k’s of S’pore, only to be pulled over by a cop …. I loved his style .. middle of the road, red flag in his hand, walking casually into the outside lane, and waving. Stupid farker …. He clearly does not realise how hard it is to brake from 180 k’s …

In typical Legend style … this pissed me off … so after coming to a halt 200m up the road I walked back to argue my case … “Officer, I was NOT speeding !!! “

Anyway, after asking for some sort of evidence that I was speeding, and politely suggesting that it would not be appropriate for me to pay him as he had no proof and asking therefore why he pulled me over, he also politely explained that I was in “His Country” and he could pull me over for what ever reason he wanted. A compromise was a hand …. In the form of far too many cars for him too deal with a twat like me, so off I went … at least, I THINK I was allowed to go …..

Last edited by Legend; 01-05-2003 at 04:55 PM.
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Now there's a tall storey as tall as the Petronas towers stacked one on top of the other - Legend overtaking the boys on the mopeds. Give them all credit will you, Legend? Who's going to believe that one??!!

Well, even I overtook them and a couple of lads on GSXrs and a bloke on an R1. From that I can conclude that I am getting better or they were realy shite / actually walking next to their bikes after an 'off' / not trying at all* (*delete as applicable).

Managed to lock my back wheel brakeing from 240 Ks into turn one (a veritable: "ooooOOO" & 'twitch'" moment). All over the fookin place - that's linked brakes for you.

Got wet twice coming back to Singapore and was perplexed when I passed a cop lying on his back in the fast lane with tyre marks up his chest. But now I understand...

Finally got Nil's text message about the time change at eleven pm on the Saturday. Thanks Singtel!
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Good day sunshine

Knowing (and remembering) the Beatles song in the subject heading perhaps reveals my age. Nevertheless, it is a good description of yesterday, we had sunshine most of the day, even most of the time riding back to Singapore. It was very nice to do a track day at Sepang and using the full circuit. I think i'm getting to grips with the R1 a bit more now, it is not as frightening as it was in the beginning, but still, my laps times were shite.

I had a moment when braking for the first corner, the front tire actually locked up and slid, I have never had this happen before so needless to say this scared the shit out of me. I could probably have managed to turn in but instead I decided to go straight into the gravel and managed this without drama (remembering not to break once I left the track). I stopped very quickly once I hit the gravel, managed to stay upright without problems and getting back on the track was fairly easy. Another "good" experience I thought to myself as I carried on.

The ride back was pretty uneventful and I was not stopped at Tuas or anywhere else for that matter.

So a very good day was had by everyone, shame it will be such a long time to the next Sepang outing.

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