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All Service men Questions

Hey guys I need some advice. I'm currently in a dead end job with no chance of advancement and can't afford college. I've had some minor vocational school but not much, Just wanted to ask you guys what the best service is. Seems the training the military offers is pretty stinkin good, but i really have no idea what I'm good at or what to expect. I've heard the air force is the best, but hard to get into, and that the army isn't that good, but once again I have no idea.

Any info is greatly Appreciated, and just wanted to thank you guys for serving the country, Peace
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Well... honestly, it all depends on YOU. Your level of motivation, what you want to get out of it and what you put into it. All those factors and some dumb luck, will determine your military career and whether or not its enjoyable. Before you can really decide what branch you want, you have to decide what you want out of it. What type of job training, what type of environment. things like that. I've been in the Army for 6 years. its... well... its the army. Guess you'd have to be here to understand. I love the army. I love whats its done for me and the things I've learned and places I've been. But with every job, theres the stupid petty bullshit that gets to you and gets on your nerves too. But you'll have that with any branch. I can't really say much for the other branches cause I've never served in them. But as far as the army goes. Its not too bad. Barracks are nicer now than they've ever been. Advancement is the fastest of any branch (more rank means more money) If you're married its one of the best places to be. the benefits are insanely good. Basically take a look at yourself, figure out what you want from the military, get into shape, and go from there. Just remember that you ARE going to get deployed. it happens. hell thats what you join the military for. don't be one of these winey fucks that bitches to high heaven when they get deployed. Its your job. its what you're supposed to do. You don't join the army to NOT fight...

If I can be of any more help, let me know.
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Thanks Roadstain R6, My biggest problem is not the fear of deployment, but as you said it's what to expect out of it. I bought a couple of books to try and help me out, and they did alittle, but it's still just a matter of what I'm good at y'know, I guess I'm just afraid that they may tell me I'm not qualified for anything, but like I said, my current road looks pretty bleak and I need direction, also just a question for you, what job do you do? Do you like it, I've had training in auto mech, but not sure if they could use that kind of skill being that everthing is freakin high tech!! One last thing, do you know what the cutoff age is for enlistment? I'm 24. But I'm starting to ramble on and bitch, I thank you for the reply and advice

May god bless you and all the other members of the service,
Your job is greatly appreciated!!

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You are plenty young enough don't let that bother you. First thing you need to do is go to a recruiter and test the ASVAB. This will tell you what you qualify for and you can decide what you want to be as well.

As for the services,,,,, man that is tough...

Air Force has by far the best quality of life but depending on your MOS (Specialty) your advancement could be gridlocked for awhile. Also heard they are letting out a lot of people so that could change things. Talk to a recruiter.

Marines- Not as bad as you might think. They have an air wing that doesn't do the grunt thing and you get to carry a BFG at times. The most disciplined out of all the services but then again, ya gotta be.

Army- they have an airwing as well and the coolest of all the helicopters. Odds are if you aren't a medic or an OB (OFFICE BITCH) you are going to the front line.

Navy-near and dear to my heart. They have it all, surface, air, subsurface, SPECOPS. Pick your poison. Deployments go by fast and you will see some awesome things.

All services have enlisted aircrew as well. Highly reccomend you attempt to get something in the aviation ratings and fly. Much more fun than just sitting on the deck somewhere waiting for the plane to come back. Extra work but often times worth it.

Here is a link to the Navy Times...

Didn't look through it so can't tell ya what to expect inside. Ya can do the same for the other services.

Don't forget about our Knee High Navy, the coasties. Awesom Org. as well.

Either way you go, you get out of it what you put into it.

Good luck.
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Been in the Army for 11 years and love it. First of all the benefits are unbeatable and they will be for all the services (medical, dental, life insurance, and many more). 24 years old is not even close enough to being to old. First thing is to decide what you want. In my opinion you don't want to be a mechanic. Work is dirty, as I am sure you know, and advancement does not come real quick...especially after E-6/ SSG. Get in the books and study for the ASFAB the best you can. The scores you get on that test will determine your job choices. Don't let the recruiters feed you a line either. Once you start talking to them ask many questions and then do the research to back the answers up. I am an Air Defender and have been for the entire 11 years. It is very rewarding and the technology that I deal with gives me many oppurtunities after the 20 yrs are done. I have a great time the last 11 years and have seen many things. Some I wish I could see over and over, and some that I wish I had never seen. The Army has ups and downs as with any job...but if you ask me the ups by far outway the downs. Just remember that an open mind will allow you to deal with anything the Armed Forces can throw your way. Good Luck and we all look forward to you serving with us.

Oh yeah...if you decide on the Army...tell the recruiter that SFC Benjamin Hartwig sent you
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Thanks for all the replies and help guys! It seems like it is a good place to be. I just have a couple of more questions for ya. First off, when you chose your career field, did you get into that? I have heard from people(depending on the branch) that you can receive training and do nothing of the sort that you trained for! And how is it with sportbiking in the military? Do you guys have time at all for riding, or is it all work no play? Just an update, I went on the Navy and Army websites and requested a call from a recruiter, so we shall see what heppens!!
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Join the Air National Guard.

they only go places once every two years.. And only for like 45 days

other then that. U get college paid for and only one weekend a month two weeks a year.

And any other deployment is for a few weeks if that.
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You will have plenty of off time while serving - except when you are deployed. But when you get home from that, you get a month off right away to relax. Some jobs(when not deployed) or career fields are hard and you work a full day, some like at my last base you might work 3 days a week. You want to find the career field that will also work on the outside, as well, that way you get the best training available and it does not go to waste when you decide to get out. The Reserves and National Guard are another choice for you. They also can help you get a descent job on the outside.
Personally, I think active duty is the way to go and try to see as much of the world as you can at the governments expense. Get stationed in Europe and take your sport bike with you. You'll love it!!! There are so many jobs to choose from, depending on your ASVAB results. Just pick what interests you the most and make the best of your tour. I did 24 yrs and i would do it all over again, if I could
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Glad to hear your doing yor best to get all the informatin instead of just making a rash decision. too many guys don't explore the options and join on a whim and end up hating it. I've been in the army for about 6 years now. Originally enlisted in the national guard (needed help paying for college and always wanted to be a soldier) well.. college got interupted pretty promptly by a deployment overseas for a year and a half. I came home and held a few dead end jobs and stayed in the guard waiting to start school again. Then realized I had kinda lost the desire and ended up going active duty. I'm an 11b (infantry). Its an awesome MOS but not for everyone. I'm an e-5 (sergeant) Currently deployed overseas... again. I'll be back in 08. But hey, thats the job. I did the national guard side of things and the active duty. and my personal suggestion is to go active duty. Don't half ass it. If you're gonna do it, do it. Don't only go halfway. Not bashing any guard members, but compared to active duty, the level of physical stamina, knowledge of your MOS, and level of discipline are night and day differences. If you're lookin for somethin to put you in the right direction and jump start your life and maybe make a career. go active. Just be prepared for the deployments. Especially if you end up in the 101st. best of luck to you and make sure you get what YOU want. the army is the only branch that can guarantee you a job. You get it in writing. granted you may be a tank mechanic and end up guarding a gate. But thats life. roll with the punches. Make sure you get what you want in writing. Don't let them hassle you. Get everything you want and don't sign shit until you have it in writing. don't fall for that "you can volunteer for it once you get to your unit" bullshit. yea, you can volunteer... but more than likely you won't get it. Be sure to post up if you have any more questions. I'll do my best to help you out.

SGT Hawk
Easy 2/506 INFANTRY
101st Airborne
Al Dora Iraq
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Thanks Guys

I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice and input, it is greatly appreciated! I've narrowed it down to the air force or the navy(no dissrespect to the army or marines!) but it seems like I could get training in a technical feild that I could use in the civilian world, plus the added benifit of the navy is you go alot of diffrent places! I just wayed the pros and cons of them and it seems like those are the two, unless I can't qualify for any stupid reason, then I'll try something else. But I had one more question that the recruiter didn't really stress on, I read on all the websites that you can take college class while serving? Is that through the net or just a bunch of B.S. to get you to enlist? Any who I guess with anything there are sacrifices to make, I'm just glad there are guys like you that are willing to make them and if all go's well me too ! The pits is I tell my friends my ideas and they are totally against it!? Granted they have phat paying jobs and rich ass parents to cover their butts when the shit hits the fan, but talking to you guys helped me alot. All that's left is to decide on a service and pass that damn ASVAB! Oh and do you guys have any suggestions regardeing the MEPS? Heard they can be rough!

Thanks again guys for all your help! Stay safe and God bless!
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