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Re: How far is too far to ride.....?

Originally posted by endleswavz
Hey guys and gals! We've got a local track day coming up in about a month. The location is Putnam and our local Suzuki dealer is sponsering the event. Most of my buds are riding on the track and trailering their bikes to the track. I am trying to talk some of the guys who aren't going to be able to get on the track, for various reasons, to do a group ride up to the track just as a fun thing to do. I've heard comments like "4 hours is too far to ride" and "geez that is a long way on a sportbike". My question to those of you reading this post...."How far is too far to ride your sportbike?" Given nice sunny weather and relatively warm temps.........I think it sounds like fun......what do you think?
To me, nothing's too far. I gotta allow at least 1.5-2 hrs of riding just to get to and from the spot that I consider the START of my ride. It helps to have a comfortable bike, though. I've never ridden anything like a RC51 or Ducati which would have more "prison" style riding positions. Is that 4 hours each way or round trip? You may want to plan a couple of rest stops.
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