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questions for 05 GSXR1K Owners

Hey all,
'Contemplating a literbike, not for track, but street only. A couple of questions about the GSXR. Low end fueling, cited in SportRider as a bit fluffy - has that been your experience? If so, does a PC3 help much? Also, the pegs are a bit high - are there any preferred rearsets or peg sets that give about another inch or so of legroom? (33" inseam).
Considering the literbike came after 40 miles on mostly tight twisties on the '04 CBR. 'Loved the torque - instant from idle. Handling was sweet, but reach to the bars had my head angled back radically. I know I couldn't live w/ the neck aches. The 954 was comfy by comparison. 'Just considering if the GSXR could be the next one for me.
Thanks for your thoughts!
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The neck angle problem will be apparent after 30 min on any sport bike other than a limited few. Bikes like the CBR F4i and the SV 1000 S provide comfort while still being "sport bikes".

I had the oportunity to ride the 2004 GSX-R 1000 for about an hour. I have logged quite a few hours on sportbikes and I have to ask...Why do you want a liter bike for the street only???

That low end torque you were talking about was a joke compared to the top end horsepower thoes bikes produce. You sound like a V-Twin would suit you better.

1000cc's with an inline 4 tuned for the track is not a 1000 cc V-Twin pulling around 800 lbs. like thoes Harleys.

You sound like you never got into the powerband (above 9k). You rarely (leagaly) have the oportunity to get a 1000cc sportbike into the meat of the powerband on the street.

I am sure that the twisties were fun and the torque felt good, but a 2005 GSX-R 1000 is a bike that cannot be truly utalized on the street.

After reading what I just wrote, it sounds a little harsh. I do not mean to sound like that. If you want to buy a 2005 GSX-R 1000 and shift at 6k rpms and hit some turns thats cool. I would love to buy it from you 4 years from now! But what I am trying to say is: That great instant torque you were talking about is the weakest that bike feels. The awesome handling you noticed is a sportbike compared to a cruiser. Any 600 cc sportbike would feel amazing in the twisties compared to the cruiser that you ride currently.

And as for the low end fueling being a "bit fluffy"...I hope you are joking. That comment was made because these guys are forced to knitpick in order to compare race bike to race bike. That is not a problem you will even notice.

Let me know what you are thinking!
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Sport vs replica

Hendog. Thank You. Your comments/questions are well taken. Some familiar, some I'm still running down.
Why the literbike for the street? Torque w/ great handling. You rightly see the rest of the power as overkill. I do too, but after riding the F4i, I can't make peace w/ wringing the bike's neck to get any power. I got the CBR1K up to 8,700rpm briefly. Again, you rightly suggest twins - which I'm wrestling with now. The preference is the RC. That its not the latest bad boy doesn't matter at all to me - the ergos are decent & have the Vtwin grunt w/ the sharp handling. The SV also is a seriously strong contender if the handling is REALLY there (haven't gotten to ride yet). Others also suggest the FZ1, saying it handles. The lax rake/trail suggest otherwise.
The overkill of the the literbike is to get two things only: torque and handling. The Suz is just the last one to avoid undertail exhaust, and the reach to the bar is quite short, avoiding the craned neck. For info's sake, my avg day ride is 330 miles, with 1 or 2 trips of 1,000+. My companions, including one 57yr old do all the long distance on literbikes.
I have a thread in daily rant, asking what non-replica handles best - exactly along the lines you suggest. Yes, ANYTHING will handle better than the road sofas, but why commit all the money and learn you could have done so much better. I don't want to regret not getting replica level handling. If something else were 95% of replica handling - that would be close enough.
Alot of these questions would be moot if one could test each bike they were interested in - like a car.
There are still no replies to the question of non-replica handling, which seem to be a big factor in each of these questions.

Again, Hendog, I appreciate your sincere thoughts - very much.
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Thank you for not taking me as rude. I feel that too often on forums, direct people sound mean. If you heard me say this stuff in real life, you would know that I am just trying to help.

OK, Here we go...

I am having a tough time understanding what you want. On one hand you sound like you want a corner carver, on the other, you sound like you need a touring bike.

The RC is awesome, but I do not see you putting 1k miles on the thing in a day or two. As for a GSX-R 1000, good God! You put 300 miles on that thing in a day and you are laying on the couch afterwards for a day and a half.

As for the "liter bike for handling" thing, some say that a 600 cc sportbike handles better. I believe the tossablitly of a 600 makes the bike a little easier and more fun. And as for "wringing the bike's neck", that is the way the bike is designed. It wants to rev to 12 grand. These bikes dont even smooth out untill you get them above 5k.

How about this...

V-Twin torque, sportbike handling, touring bike comfort, and CHEAP!!!

The best of all worlds!

What do think!
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That would be cool if you could "test drive" bikes.
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Hi Dan, and thanks again!

I can see how the priorities are confusing. Essentially, yes, its a sport touring role I want, but the offerings in the sport-touring bikes are lackluster in the handling department. The ST3/4 & possibly the Futura are closest. Seeing my friends enjoy the sportbike on the day rides, and have no trouble doing back to back 400 mile days for 4+ days makes me think the replica is doable & gives the best handling. If the SV really handles that well, I agree - its the hands-down choice. The riding position is wonderful, acceptable for the occaisional trip w/ the wife, and, the aftermarket bags for it are better than the OEM stuff for the Triumph. All that is only a factor if the handling is there. Its powerful enough, torquey enough. If the handling was only slightly less than the replica (RC or other), it wins convincingly. if its a moderate step down, I think I'd rather accept the accommodations of riding the sportbike.
'Hope I'm not making the waters more muddy. The handling priority has been consistent (cars, bikes, other sports).
One reply on the question on the 'Daily Rider' forum also says after riding the FZ1 & SV, he thinks the SV is more fun in the canyons. (I live in a canyon & usually have to drive through two to go anywhere)
Again, Hendog, I appreciate your generous help. There's been nothing unkind. I think direct speech without hostility is a lost art. You might have a future in art. I appreciate it!
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Who is Dan?

Anyway, enjoy your SV 1000 S and remember that a true sport bike like a GSX-R 1000 will become very uncomfortable after about 2 hours. It happens to me and I am only 25!

Good Luck!
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Hendog, I wanted to get back to you, with gratitude, on my handling connundrum for what is primarily a day rider & twice a year sport tourer. I haven't been able to find a lot of input on the handling prowess of the SV1000s. DataDan was the only input (Thank You Dan!!). I'd gotten LOTs of input on on how the SV650s was the defacto entry level track bike but no one knew about the 1000. Sure it would be slightly less nimble (about 30lbs heavier), but the same configuration. I'm not sure about the frame, but I know they do share numerous components (tank, subframe, etc I don't know if its the same frame). Gpsuspension (who was at the track Sunday) has standard kits for the 650. Surely they could do something similar for the 1000. It would seem that would address any deficiencies of the factory suspenders. It didn't dawn on me until this afternoon, the similarities & likely similar enhancements and comparable results could be achieved w/ the 1000. It does make the choice clear. There are WAY too many Pluses w/ the SV to pay the extra money, extra insurance, forego hardbags, never having the wife ride w/ me, etc. The torque & the handling and at least $2k cheaper after mods.
Thank You very much for your kind (and patient) help. I very much appreciate it.

DataDan gave input on the question about the best handling non-replica in the daily ride section. Smitty talked about ergo adapting a literbike - which was my intent, and one suggested the Buell. I'll check out the Buell again, but I think the Suz is the stronger choice. Thx., Hendog!
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Re: questions for 05 GSXR1K Owners

[QUOTE]Originally posted by pushrod
[B]Hey all,
'Contemplating a literbike, not for track, but street only. A couple of questions about the GSXR. Low end fueling, cited in SportRider as a bit fluffy - has that been your experience? If so, does a PC3 help much? Also, the pegs are a bit high - are there any preferred rearsets or peg sets that give about another inch or so of legroom? (33" inseam).[QUOTE]

I've had a 06 Gixxer 1000 for about 7 days. I believe the low end fueling issue has been resolved and I have not notice it at all, in any way.

Yeah, the pegs are high but, again, I believe they were lowered somewhat for 06. They are higher than my Ducati Monster. Most aftermarket rearsets I've seen are to make the pegs even higher!

Lack of Comfort? Neck pain? Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Gixxer 1000! I just got back from a 230 mile RT and I felt like I'd just been in a fight (and lost!). But it passes. Besides, I had such a great time, who cares? BTW, I'm 57 years old... but in good shape. I do exercises for flexibility and to strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles... also, set-ups help you develop strength so you can support your body better without letting so much of your body weight rest solely on your wrists. But I know several 25 year olds who get mighty sore on longer rides on motorcycles like the Gixxer 1000. And if the 06 Gixxer 1000 is more comfortable than earlier models, then I can only offer my symapthies to those folks!

Hope this helps...

Doug Brown.
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Originally posted by HOSEA-4-v6
I found it easier and more comfy doing 400 miles in a day "same trip different day" on the Gixxer over the Busa.
Interesting.... I was reading a review recently of the Busa and they listed it as uncomfortable, about the only negative they mentioned.

If you have the time or inclination, could you compare the two motorcycles a little since you've had experience on both?

I've always found the Busa very attractive and it was hard to make a decision on which one to get. I finally decided on the Gixxer 1000 because it weighs quite a bit less and I'm not as strong as I used to be! Easier for me for handle in general.
I think the Busa looks better... but, then, I never choose the Gixxer 1000 based on its looks! (I wish they imported the all black version into the U.S.)

Thanks, Doug Brown.
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