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Smoking Tailpipe....


I gots a yesterday, My Girl and I were riding around all day without any problems. She's rides a 2007 SUZUKI GSX R600 w/about 20k miles. Last evening we were riding through a parking lot a little faster than walking speed(1st-2nd gear). Anyways, I was following her and all of a sudden her tailpipe starts smoking. It wasn't blowing smoke like a locomotive or at a excessive amount but it was clearly blowing out smoke.

When we had stopped I told her to CUT THE ENGINE which she did. I had her stand the bike straight up to check her glass on her oil reservoir and I SWEAR to GOD....there was NO liquid level indicating there was any oil. So I had her park her bike, I gave her a ride home and went to fetch(motorcycle oil 10-40)at a local bike parts store. I picked up 3 quarts and a funnel, went back to her bike and dumped just one quart of oil in and rechecked. THEN it indicated that it had been topped off...and I was like WTF?!

I'm VERY SURE when I checked her glass the first time there was NO INDICATION of ANY oil in there what so ever. Afterwards, I started her bike and it was fine...NO SMOKING! She told me since she's had the bike(for only a few months)that his was he very first time it's ever done this and was purchased from a reputable used bike dealership.

So my question is...your telling me that all it took was 1 quart to top it off? When it was smoking and IF she did run it empty...would that have caused it to smoke? Was it the fact that she was out of oil or do you think it might have been something else? I've never ran ANY vehicles out of oil so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Did the oil light ever go on while it was running ?
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I'm not sure actually....I forgot to even check her instrument display...all I know is that I checked her eye glass display with the bike standing up and there was NO indication of any oil whatsoever.

I got the impression she's one of these people that just 'puts gas in it' and drives and rides. At one point, I asked her about her air pressure and she said she hasn't checked it yet. Her excuse...

"Well, I don't have a tire pressure gauge and its hard for
me to check it."

or something like that.

Now check this out. I went and bought her a oil filter AND oil for her 2007 Kia Sorento(w/153,xxx miles)with MY MONEY to change her oil & filter. I drove her SUV up on to my plastic car ramps(which are only like 1' to maybe 1.5' feet high to change her oil & filter and when I was done, her SUV wouldn't go into gear(reverse). I tried putting it into drive it wouldn't even attempt to go forward. I shut the vehicle off, waited and then started it back up and attempted to put it in reverse again. Her vehicle still wouldn't move. I was like WTF?! Did her tranny go out? Then I proceeded to check her transmission fluid and I swear on my Daughter's life...the AT Dipstick was BONE DRY! So then I placed wheel chocks about 3-4 feet behind and inline with her rear tires. I put it in neutral and rolled it back, it easily rolled back off the ramps, rolled over the chocks to slow the vehicle and preventing it from slamming into the row of garages behind her SUV and then I jumped in and proceeded to hit the brake and put it in park. Moved the ramps aside, put it in 1st gear and it slowly reparked her SUV in the parking space. I then checked the AT dipstick AGAIN and it was STILL BONE DRY. So then I jumped on my bike, went to the part store, picked up some automatic transmission fluid(again with MY MONEY), rode back to my apartment(IN THE RAIN) and dumped 2 quarts in. Eventually the tranny was fine and went into gear and eventually drove it back to her house.

Now I'm gonna tell you right now that in NO WAY am I claiming to be any kind of certified ASE automotive mechanic....but even I KNOW, you don't just drive a vehicle up onto some car ramps and then all of a sudden you just suddenly 'lose ALL your tranny fluid'. So anyways, NOW she's complaining that her SUV is shifting funny and I called around to some reputable garages around town and they ALL AGREED...she probably damaged her tranny running it that low on fluid. And as MOST of us know...there's absoutely NO EXCUSE for anyone's transmission to be that low unless...

1. They haven't checked the fluid level since sometime before North America's Civil War


2. There's a leak.

Anyways now she's mad at me and blames me for he problem. I texted her and told her straight out...IF YOU HAD CHECKED YOUR FLUIDS ON A REGULAR BASIS, THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED(ya' MORON)!

So let's recap...she ran her bike outta oil, she doesn't have a tire pressure gauge for her bike(because it's too hard for her to check), she ran her SUV outta transmission fluid and she DOESN'T have a rear bike stand so I'm willing to bet $1,000,000 that she HASN'T even touched her bike chain either since she took delivery of it this past June or July....but now it's MY FAULT her 153,xxx mile Sorento isn't shifting right cause she hadn't been checking her tranny fluid...ROFLMFAO!

Yeah, that will be interesting when she's riding around on her bike and her tires become SO LOW of air that the bead finally breaks at 75+mph!

All I'm saying is, if she's NOT checking to maintain anything else on her vehicle(s), it's probably a good bet that she ran her bike out of oil...but at least now I know.


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