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Central Coast Tour #2 (LONG POst so Beware)

Just got back from Tour #2 with my Busa. Took off last Thursday and came back Saturday night. Rode from Orange County, CA to the Monterey Peninsula(home of Laguna Seca Raceway), then back down to O.C. Oh Lord. What a blast! Went with two friends, one on a CBR1100XX and another with R1. We tried to emulate those guys from the Mach 2 Video(they also had Busa, XX, & R1 as they toured the South of France) but we found out we weren't that good!

Here's a few recollections during the trip:

Left Orange County Thursday at 5:30 AM. It was still dark. Found out that the 405 Freeway near LAX is 3 times as treacherous in the dark, with morning fog, and morning commuters. Some of the spacing between the slabs were big enough to swallow a front tire. Yikes! Never again will we leave that early. Morning L.A. commuters suck big time. Ruthless mo'fukers.

Arrived at Highway 33, in Ventura County by 8AM. What a relief to get out of that shit from L.A. The 33 is awesome. 40 miles of mountain road twisties with a few tunnels to keep things exciting. Lots of squirrels crossing the road everywhere.

The town of Nipomo along the 101 has a real nice Chevron gas station/McDonalds combo.

San Luis Obispo is a cool college town. Lots of hot babes!

San Simeon should be called the 2nd British capital of the world. There were tons of British tourists. Busloads! They were of course very polite and easygoing. Not at all like the "stiff Brits" everyone says. They do take their drinking seriously.

Riding along Pacific Coast Highway between San Simeon and Monterey is a must do for every motorcyclist. It's so freakin' beautiful. Especially when the morning fog is absent, and the skies are blue. The Pacific Ocean there was so incredibly clear and blue we started wondering if that was "normal". We met a Czeck/German group of tourists who asked us where we were from. Duh. One of my friends said he's German descent. The other was of Dutch ancestry. Me? The tourist guessed that I'm of Italian descent. Hah-Hah!! Try Spain/Filipino dude! I told him I was Irish and we all busted out laughing. The Czeck dude didn't get it.

Riding in Monterey sucks. Everyone drives like an old geezer. If the speed limit says 35, everyone does 35. Aaaargh! The drivers don't like motorcyclists either. A few times we had cars try to block us from splitting lanes. Downtown Monterey, along Cannery row was a tourist trap. It's better to walk than ride through there. Lots of interesting restaurants though. Lots of people from all over the world too. Oh and more Brits.

Carmel Valley Road, aka G16 was sweet 2nd time around. After we dispatched the fools in the minivans, worktrucks, and school buses, it was just pure enjoyment for 45 miles. Almost ran into a deer though. Stupid SOB watched me come to almost a complete stop. Then, as I gassed it, figuring it wasn't gonna come across, it jumped across the road. Dumber than dirt I swear. We also saw a big black Tarantula cruising across the road!

Santa Rosa Creek Road in Cambria was even more interesting and beautiful. This road was tucked in between mountains and hills as it followed the Santa Rosa Creek. Much of the road went through shady Oak trees. We couldn't believe we were in California. So empty and quiet. Not a single yuppie in a minivan. No gawking SUV driver. Just the road, the trees, the flowing water, and the mountains. No wonder thos hacks at Sportbike & Motorcyclist magazine love going through here.

On our final day, we past by Santa Maria. Lots of babes here too. I don't think they're used to seeing sportbikers 'cause lots of them were screamin' and hollerin' at us. One tried to grab my butt as I passed by. Crazy!

San Antonio, CA is a small freakin' town. Two cafes. One town Grocery store. One old Gas station. That's it. We blew by there at 80 mph.

Santa Barbara is a very nice yuppie/University town. It had the most hot babes we ever saw. Beautiful downtown too. Lots of shops, restaurants, outdoor cafes, and traffic. Better to walk than ride sportbikes. Shoreline drive was beautiful. Blue skies, white sands, green grass, lots of Palm Trees, Cool breezes, just georgeous. We almost stayed the night there.

The ride back to Orange County through L.A. was horrible. It was freakin' hot. Like riding through an oven. Bumper to bumper traffic at the 101 to the 405 all the way past LAX. And this was Saturday afternoon at 5PM!! Drivers were mostly nasty-rude. A few cars deliberately blocked me from splitting lanes. Throughout the 1,000 miles of riding I took, the ride through L.A. was the only place I thought I would crash. It was the worst place to ride through and unfortunately, a necessary place to ride through to get in and out of Orange County. I apologize to people from L. A. but that place sucked big time.

L.A. riding aside, me and my friends had the best time. They say three's a charm so we're already planning our 3rd trip!!
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