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Pardon me for being out of my own make element

As far as posting the dealers name: If you are going to pursue any legal options(court, lawyers, etc...) I would not post the name of the dealer. If you're not then go for it. I'm sure we'd all like to know to stay clear of this dealership.

As far as taking it to this dealership. Who cares if they're the best...take it to the place that will do the work.

For my .02, I wouldn't have bought a bike from that dealer if I knew they were going to jerk me around; regardless of whether they are the best or not. I'll go to another state if I have to to get the type of service that I'd like (fortunately I am beyond any dealer help now, so I go to other places).

Just my opinion


Will Darton
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HAVE COMPLAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number#1 I can't see out my mirrors when I am
riding down the road because the the vibrations from the
motor shake them so much!! WTF is this all about?? Futher
more when I get on the throttle(talking FULL throttle) it
pukes blue smoke out of the Tail Pipe. Further more when I
am cruising at city
speeds between 20-30 MPH the whole bike will lerch like
it's having a small a spasmism. I was told by my "dealer's
head mech." that is because of the new value Honda added
to the exhaust system. It is kicking in and out. At this


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OH and the Bike has 3000 Miles so it "should be broke in".. I am clueless and I KNOW if I call my " so called dealer" they will just
@#%@ me around like they always do.. And say "oh well it's supposed to run like that" You think when you drop $10500 Dollars in cash they could help yah out..And yes I did pay cash..I don't mess around with Payments..
Sorry I am raging so much..But damn you don't mess around with a guys Rocket!!!

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Thumbs down

so are you telling us you have NOT had it in the shop ? and if not, why not ? get it in at once ! there is something seriously wrong with it ! you do have a 1 year warranty with it. if they give you crap, take it to a different dealer.
By the way if you KNOW they will jerk you around, WHY IN THE HELL did you buy that bike from them ????
don't get me wrong, i am NOT trying to piss you off, i just don't want some lame ass dealer getting sales if they really treat there customers like you make it sound like they do.
a friend of mine has a 929, and i have been on it, and the thing runs pefect !
Now go get the thing fixed, RIGHT !
good luck.

texas tornado #2

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Hey TT The reason I bough from them is because believe it or not..This is the best dealer around..They are all $##$ around me
I guess it's just Iowa or something..I called them today about the RECALL and they said "oh we were going to call you about the recall but you name is on the bottom of the list" (AND the list is like a whole FOUR people... only Myself and another GUY are in IOWA AREA)WTF ever!! As for taking it in..How can I take it in when they tell me nothing is wrong with it?? and like you said I have a 1 Year Warranty..So f--- them.. But the "head mech" told me that I shouldn't ride it anymore..
And they well "call me" when they get the recall part in..

ANOTHER PROBLEM I have with the CBR 929..
With the Transmission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it pops out of gear around neutral..O.k someone might be thinking that I am bumping the shift from 1st gear to Neutral..WRONG
I was in 2nd Gear, had my foot under the shifter and I hammered on the throttle and it popped into neutral..Further more when I am just cruising along in 5th gear and go to shift up to 6th gear it's like I shifted into neutral WITH ONE HUGE DIFFERENCES it makes a ungodly horrid Noise..I was told by my "quote deal" that is becuase I am not properly shift
up all the way.. Again WTF ever.. it happens more then not..

Any thoughts?? Besides I am the only one on this Forum with Problems..

P.S OH YAH the Head "mech" told me that ah with all the development of more power and less weight.. You will get more Vibrations in your motor.. Don't you just LOVE these Guys??

P.S.S Hmm anyone think maybe I should talk to
the OWNER of this "Quote Dealer" and ask him why his employes didn't call me about a recall on my BIKE..Plus,they said they have known about the RECALL since SEPT.1!!! WTF?? it's Sept.30!!! (The Recall is on the fuel Line if people reading don't know) That is not an important enough recall to call me about?? WHAT IF that line started a leak?? And lets say we get alittle spark from, say, ANY electical wire on the bike..Hmmm I could be burnt?? Even Killed?? And they didn't call me WHY?? Does anyone want this deals Name??
or can I post it on this Forum legally??


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[This message has been edited by Darkstar (edited September 30, 2000).]
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Darkstar and I go to school together. He didn't even know about the smoke until he covered my Ninja in it. As far as the dealer goes...yeah...they suck. Unfortunetly, the closest one is about an hour away. I tell you though, the girl that runs it is worth the 55 minutes on the bike. Yeah. My bad, the thread I started said your bike was a 99...WTF was I thinking?

Dan...Comfortable enough with his manhood to ride a 600.
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The term best was the wrong term to use...
ALL I ment was that ALL the other dealers around me are worses then the one I am at..I had to put money down on this bike 6 Months in advance..So I couldn't go anywhere else..

P.S Hmm think I would have lawyers and such after me if I listed the dealer's name?
It's not hard to figure out, it's the ONLY one in Waterloo, IA only Honda Deal ship HINT HINT.


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Call Honda.

"Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."
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And when you describe the tranny prob to the dealer or Honda don't use the phrase "i hammered the throttle". They might not like that. Try " I accelerated at a moderate pace".

If if if....
If a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass every time he jumps!
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