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As the topic, to what gear does your ZX-6R wheelie? and to what gear does your ZX-6R wheelie off the throttle? And what's your power output on the bike?

A survey that will lead to me either buy a ZX-6R or not. I really wanna buy one because I've heard they rock. I like doing power wheelies off the throttle after coming out of corners and so forth. Just love it.
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i've seen them done in 3rd using the throttle on 6r's as old as 99'...but this bike was jetted stage 2 i think and minus a tooth on front sproket. I really don't think this is what you should base your decision about a new bike on. Cus all new sportbikes will gladly pull up the front end. for example: my 94' 600 will pull a wheel up in 3rd no prob...either clutch induced or just throttle + suspension rebound (stage1 jet w/slip on and -1 tooth on front sprocket).
6r's and R6's should do the job FACTORY!!! Good luck with whatever new bike you get!
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That's awesome! Yeah, it's a little stupid basing it on how easy it is to pull the fronth wheel in the air. But I just enjoy making lots of noise and having the front wheel in the air while accelerating.. (through town). Just love the attention. And I know you will counter up that with, "make sure the attention won't go over your head". I know, I know. I'm also careful..

I'll be buying the ZX-6R because it has lots of power and still comfy. I like that mix.

It will most likely be a '99 or newer.. cuz I want the new look of the ZX-6R. The older ones.. before '99 looks wrong in my eyes. Just my 0.2

You said, your's a '94 600.. is that a 6R bike?

I'm searcing for ZX-6R bike videos. anyone know where I can find some?

Btw, it's warming up here in Sweden, it's few degrees above freezing point.. We count with Celcius over here... I've already done over 200 km on the bike.. this past winter/early spring on my Kawa ZXR 400.
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One more thing.. You said the bike that could wheelie on 3rd gear was jetted stage 2. And you said stage 1 is with another exchaust. What's stage 2 then?

Sorry for being an amatuer.. but I'm swedish and all the terms in English confuses me a bit..
So does "-1 tooth on front sprocket".

Bare with me.
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The stock zx-6r should do a wheelie in 3rd easily but the one i've actually witnessed had a stage 2 jet kit (larger carburator jets) and dropped a tooth on front sprocket....(sprocket toward the front of the bike that drives the chain....dropping a tooth makes for faster acceleration but drops top speed).

-I have a 94' yamaha fzr600r that is also jetted stage 1 with yoshimura rs-3 exhaust and also has gone from a 15 tooth front sprocket to a 14 tooth (more acceleration but less top speed.....but who needs to do 160mph anyway)

I know of a video that compares the 1999 zx-6r, R6, ducati 748, cbr 600 f4, gsxr600......i really don't remember what its called but i'll ask my friend that has it and i'll get back to you on that one.

Hope this has helped clear things up for ya a little .
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Oh yea, in the video they do dyno runs, wheelies, track comparison, road comparison, drag racing starting from standstill, and drag racing starting at 50mph. I remember that the 6r had around 95-100 rwhp and could do the longest wheelie of the 600's. Workin on getting the name of the video for ya!
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At 7000 RPM in first gear, my 1995 ZX6R will pull the front wheel up as fast as you want. In second, it doesn't seem to want to wheelie period unless you go over a bump or use both suspension and throttle real hard at about 11000 RPM.
Do you think your bike has any speedo error.

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first of all your bike is alot heavier than new bikes plus the powerband is much different. You should be able to easily pull up the front by either

a)2nd gear.....5,000rpm quickly accelerate to 8-8,500 rpm.....quickly cut the gas.....when you feel the suspension dive then begin to rebound grab a handfull of throttle and be ready to touch the sky....that simple

if it won't do this for some odd reason.....

b) 2nd gear...5,000rpm QUICKLY pull clutch in and throttle up to around7.000rpm and dump it.....i would first try 6,000 or so just to get the feel of how high to rev.........BE CAREFUL!!! with this method you will get different results such as jumping up quicker than normal....your bike will pull up the front end this way but if i were you i'd make a couple performance and acceleration mods and use the first method

Good luck and be careful!

btw: my speedometer or his? I was using 160mph figuratively....the fastest i've been on mine is 140mph in fourth gear. Almost messed my pants.

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Awesome bigChieFTP. Thanks for being so helping. I've just cancelled an unnecassary trip to LA (from Sweden) so that I can afford buy the ZX-6R now. I didn't need to go to LA so don't worry ;-)

Yes Please! find that video and if you got it on on your computer in MPEG format .. I'll share my computer so you can upload it. I got cable (10mbit) at home.
I just love bike videos.. I think I got somewhere around 200-300 videos.. and 2-3 gigs of them. Just love them! ;-)

Yeah, I tried reving and pulling with my ZXR 400.. not even possible to bring it up to the point where you can keep it up.. But I bet the ZX-6R will be better..

I read on NBCi or some page that the page starts lifting the front at 4500 rpm. That's great.. then I don't have to worry about finding the powerband have a dangereous wheelie. Hate that.

So please.. find that video. Thanks!
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The name of the video is "Super Sport Shootout" and all the bikes are 1999 factory models. Also i sent you a message. BE CAREFUL! That bike is gonna feel like its jet powered compared to what you already its very light....start out easy then work your way up on the wheelies.....have fun and make them turn their heads!!!
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