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Arrow OEM Bodywork

The bodywork is molded plastic in in black, then painted. If you go through insurance to get them fixed, there are a few things you can do: 1) have them arrange to replace exactly what was messed up 2) have them cut you a check in the amount of the exact replacement and then find a better deal on OEM stuff. 3) have them cut you a check in the amount of an exact replacement and then use the $$$ to buy different stuff. I'm not sure, but some aftermarket stuff may be cheaper than OEM.

Personally, I wouldn't have it repainted. It's a pain in the ass, expensive, and then you've got chipping and scratching to deal with, like the front of a car. Also, you'd probably want to have everything repainted, not just the one side, b/c exact matching is so difficult. I wouldn't repaint unless I were going for a custom paint job.


(honda nut, you're right. I was wrong about what color the plastics are. I've edited in the correct info. Thanks)

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