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Wheelie using '02 SV650

I read online that by rolling the throttle on and off and on, 1st gear wheelie can be done on a SV, going 10-20 mph and lets say bringing it up around 5k. I don't doubt that theory, since there's so much torque in 1st gear, any time you roll off and then roll on less than sec, the bike feels like it will throw the rider off. So I was trying it today, couldn't bring it up, and became very nervous in the end. It's very jerky and erratic during the second roll, the hops forward. I had my lower body sit as far as possible. I really want to do this as safely as possible, hence the low speed and proper gear, plus I need to this in order to better understand throttle control, since recently I was in a highside. Any tips? Thanks.
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I'f your interested in doing wheelies you got the right bike for it. You should really try to clutch it up as it is safer than power ups. Using the clutch you can control the power a lot better. I'm not so sure what you need to do different if your set on not using the clutch because I've never driven a twin but keep that back brake covered.
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I recomend clutching it.
But if you insist on doing throttle, its a matter of timing. You dont want to roll off the throttle and get back on it right away, you need a wee bit of time in there. Enough for your forks to compress due to engine braking, and then start to extend. You want to hit the throttle right as they extend.

Try going down a road and opening and closing the throttle at different frequencies... you'll hit that certain timing when the bike wants to jump up.
Also, make sure that its not only your lower body thats as far back as possible, sit up too.

Rear brake, rear brake, rear brake.

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I don't have any preference, as long as I'm successful in the least time and most margin of safety. I'm not looking to ride them out either. At what rpm should I be releasing the clutch? Keep in mind that SV powerband starts earlier than I4 and redlines at 10.5K.

It's a smooth easing out the clutch right, can't dump it? But it also has to be very quick, is there a better way to describe what I should be doing or feeling? Thanks.

I know I could try this on the F4, but that's my main steed, also I like to keep the fairings.
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Dont know about rev's. I'm not even sure what rev's I do mine at. Just as many rev as half a second of open throttle will let the engine climb to when the clutch is pulled in. When you are starting you will need more rev's than later on..
Its a controlled quick release. About the same speed as a dump, but you dont want to let go alltogether. The trickier part is adding gas as you are releasing the clutch

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it's more of a slip and a whack than a pull crack and dump. If that made any sense to you whatsoever, you'll be able to do clutch ups

Basically, you're not completely disengaging the clutch then dropping it back out at a couple rpms higher. This is where the people get the whole hatred for the clutch ups. They're actually smoother when done right. You slip the clutch a bit and crack on the throttle. Don't think in numbers. If you watch the tack while trying to wheelie you'll be on your ass faster than a fat bitch on roller skates. Slip it, crack out a few more rpms, then let it back out. this way there is not lurching effect, less busted clutch plates and a nice smooth wheelie. Watch some stunt video's... good ones. Not you're typical squidly shit you see on random video sites. Go to a stunt team's site. Listen to them do thier wheelies. It helps a ton. Just by listening you can get the basic idea. The go try it.

Start slow, just a little throttle at first. Add more as needed until she comes up. Better to lurch foreward the first two or three times then go big the first and watch the bike do a cheerleading routine down the road while you practice your ragdoll technique behind it. Remember that rear brake, it's there to save you. Gear up and have fun. Get a friend to video tape you... helps you see how high you are and makes for good laughs after you get good and watch old video's.
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Watch the google video on using your clutch. I never understood the clutch thing either as no one had explained it very well previously. It isn't at all a "pull and dump" type action, but more a feathering and giving a little throttle at the same time.
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Well, i have a 2006 Buell Firebolt, and like the SV650, it has tons of torque, but i prefer powering it up in 1st, im not to comfortable with the higher speed clutching, but like someone said earlier, its all about timing, just get into it, and it wont do to much, but when it comes back down, get right back in it, and it will come up, then go from there, i usually only ride it for about 20-30 ft then set it down, not tryin to wreck it!
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