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Wheelie rant!

I wanna rant for a bit.

I've got a 2001 YZF600R, -1 in the front.

I know I haven't been riding nearly long enough to practice wheelies, and I should probably concentrate more on just learning my basics, after only ~4k miles I'm still a big noob.

But damnit, over the last three weeks or so, I've been trying to clutch it up in first. Last week, I finally progressed to the point that the front wheel came up a good ways. Sometimes, I even rode it out for a few (read: 10-15) feet. I felt like I was getting somewhere just practicing the few backroads around my house as I was going to work.

This week, not a fucking chance. I don't know what's happened, but now I can't even get the front wheel off the ground more than a few inches. I'm absolutely disgusted and I don't understand what's happened. Rant rant rant. It really pisses me off that some people seem to be able to just hop on a bike and be riding wheelies after a couple of weeks. I'm not even a good !
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Hey Sindic

Dont get discouraged, thats normal while learning. I was the same way, one day id get them up, the next i couldnt get the wheel of the ground. Its just a matter of practice, the big thing with wheeling is technique, a very minor body input(leaning forward subconciously) when doing a wheelie has significant effect on the bikes response. You will have to consentrait to purposely not do this, as it is instict to put weight forward without even realizing it at first when you start bringing them up. As long as youve done some research and have a good idea of what you should be doing, cover brake, CLUTCH, and focus on rolling back WITH the bike and not fighting it, all thats left is to get out there and practice, it will come. Just understand that its not the bike, its youre technique, focus on that and you have no option but to progress, be safe and good luck.
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Some times you will have it and some times you won't. When I am having an off day I try not to stunt.
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The amount of gas in your tank can also make a suprising amount of difference, though in first gear it should really pop up with no problem. Just practice your technique and it will come.
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Practice, Pracice, Practice.....

Learn your bike. That is the key.
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At first it's intimidating because you are apprehensive to bring em up too high because you don't want to rash the bike. Once you know the bike better you will be able to listen to the engine and know where the sweet spot will be where the front will rise up nice and smooth or quick and fast (which ever you prefer)
However if you are having an off day DON'T PUSH IT. Just like on a dirt bike, if it doesn't feel right that day GO HOME cause nothing good will come about it.
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I know the feeling of frustration when it comes to wheelies. I would love to ride a wheelie. My room-mates can do high chairs down I-45 for miles and I can ride a regular sit-in-the-seat wheelie for a split second. One thing I notice about any of my riding budies is the fact that they have liter bikes (1000 cc) and just clutch the bike in 3rd gear. Front comes up, and they make it look so easy. But, it scares the crap out of me, when I try it on my R1. I was actually better at wheelieing my R6 at lower speeds when my R6 was running. I have been riding bikes for 15 years and I am still afraid of wheelies. One thing to be aware of, no matter how long you stunt, chances are you are to loop the bike. I'd invest in a stunt bike if you want to learn. Well, enough with the mumbo jumbo, just be careful.

"The good, & the evil; there never really is one without the other...!?"
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Originally posted by Angrypenguin
The amount of gas in your tank can also make a suprising amount of difference, though in first gear it should really pop up with no problem. Just practice your technique and it will come.
I never understood this type of thinking. You can bring the front wheel up and it weighs how much? Why would an extra 7 or 8 lbs in fuel matter? it doesn't. its all technique. the fuel thing is all in your head. Sindic, the bike you're trying to wheelie isn't good for wheelies. they're possible, but hard. Kind of like trying to stunt a katana. lots of weight up front. more or a touring style riding position. think of it this way, once you can wheelie well on that thing, you'll be a machine on anything else. a lot of it is just having the balls to crack the throttle and do it. Technique is important too, but balls definately come first. be safe, keep practicing, don't push your luck and it will come. it takes time, and even when you do get it there will be days when nothing seems to click. on those days your better of going home and having a beer and watching a stunt video insteas. If you think its bad now, wait till you get to where I'm at. Circle wheelies are a bitch! I swear they're impossible!
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Thanks for all the support and advice guys.

I'm out of riding for a little bit while I do this moving thing, it's a real pain. I was just pissed that night and ranting, I figure if I practice enough, I'll have to learn how to do it!
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I agree with everyone else that technique is the key to getting the front tire of your bike in the air. I have a technique that works for me with bikes that seem to be hard to get up. With the bike you are riding and being new to wheelies I don't think you will be able to get the thing up with the "on-off-on" trick. From a stop with a clear road in front of you. Get your butt back on the seat, and cover the rear brake pedal. As you pull out slip the clutch and let it build some rpms 7K-8K. If you are doing it aggressively enough you will feel the point where the front end feels a little lighter. After you have played with it a few times when it hits that point where the front feels light a quick feather of the clutch should be enough to get the front end up. I have wheelied YZF600's with stock gearing using this method. This is just a suggestion to try. It works for me doing wheelies on 600cc bikes like yours. This method also worked well when I started trying to wheelie my ZX-7. Anyone that owns a ZX-7 knows that the front wheel must weigh like 80#.
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