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I did it!

Well...All of this clutch wheelie talk made me curious.

I went out for my 2 hour Sunday ride and while I was out, I decided to give one a try.

To give a little backround, I have been doing those pathetic little close/compress/open and pull first gear wheelies for about a year now. I never get them to the balance point and I just "chase" them untill I run out of gear or get scared and drop them.

So I am out on a back road that is straight and flat. No cars in sight, full gear, and a cell phone. (Alone, but I dont really have anyone to ride with) I get into second gear at about 4k rpm and I crack it. I mean I crack it like I would in sixth gear trying to pass some fool going too slow on a 2-laner. Just when the tach really starts to climb I feather the clutch with all four fingers (minutes later I used just two fingers and that worked out much better) and quickly let it back out and BANG!!! She comes up like she never has come up before. But nice and smooth. I had no idea the control that could be achieved by clutching it. No weight shift, no pulling on the bars, no sitting back on the seat, just a pop of the clutch and you are there.

So now I am up. In second gear. At a much more comfortable speed. You know how at about 40 mph your bike runs along very nicely, where as at 25 at the top of first gear it is kind of jumpy and flimsy. I dont really know what I mean, it just felt better. And I could control it! Of course I droped it before I got real high, because I did not know what to expect. In second gear you are not 1/20th of a throtle turn from slamming the front end down like you are in first.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for helping to convince me that clutching it is the way to go...You were right!
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See what everyone means about better control. When clutching there is no sudden shift of your weight and the bike will come up slowly and smoothly. Congrats on your promotion to using the clutch.
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YYYYEEEESSSSSSS! I'VE DONE IT! WOOOHOOO! Finally the light has been seen. I don't preach it for nothin. Glad you got it man. Keep at it. Watch for bp. You'll know when you hit it. COver your brake and enjoy better wheelies! Congratulations

Clutch it up!
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Thanks guys. This forum convinced me that it must be the way to go. Then, I gave it a try and WAM!, it was perfect.
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I still don't get it; you get to 40 mph, let off the gas, pull in clutch, punch the gas to 4000 rpm, and at a steady 4000 pop the clutch out and the bike will wheelie up slow and smooth? I plan to try it.

"The good, & the evil; there never really is one without the other...!?"
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You dont "let off the gas" or "punch the gas to 4000 rpm". Maybe you should re-read my description of what to do???

You put the bike in second, go to about 4 or 5k rpm and open her up. I mean stab it! Then, as it is rising passed 6 or 7k rpm, "slip" the throtle slightly. The rpms will race to 10 or something (I dont know exactly because I dont look, I listen) then quickly let it back out. All of this happens in a split second. With the throttle pinned, when you feather the clutch the tach will climb like crazy.

Your bike may lurch forward if you dont do it hard enough. You must have the throtle pinned in order for this to work. Be careful. If you are going to try this on your '03 R1, I might recommend trying this in 3rd before you try it in 2nd.

Dont get discouraged...you'll get it!
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I don't recommend trying to stage the wheelie before hand. By that I mean that you shouldn't try to count rpm's and watch your speed and notice how much you pulled the clutch in. It is all done by feel. Listen to how your bike sounds. Start off with small wheelies and listen to the sound of your bike when clutching. After some practice you will be able to do it without thinking or watching your tach. If I was going to describe how to do it I would say to ride the bike in second gear up until about 7K RPM'S, Then give it some throttle and use one finger to quickly bring the clutch in and out just so it slips enough to bring up the front end. If you don't get the front end off of the ground, or not high enough try to give it some more throttle or let the clutch slip more. Like I said, it is all done by feel. This is the way I was taught and it worked for me. Eventually with enough practice you will be able to ride slower and clutch it up right to balancing point with ease. You will know when you hit the balancing point. The first time I hit BP I almost s*&$ myself, I was only fifteen years old trying to wheeelie my cousins R6. Istill have a lot of practice to do with the slower stuff. Remember to cover your rear brake. I am still trying to learn how to use the rear brake as a tool instead of an emergency device, but the rear brake works great when your in an emergency. I would much rather slam down the front of my bike then loop it. I am no expert but this is my
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I'm gonna see if I can't get a "how to wheelie" write up made and get one of the mods to sticky it on here. Seems like just about every post on here has to do with it. And it would be good info for people who are curious. Maybe one for stoppies too.
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I have to say that its not necessary to "pin the throttle" to cllutch up a wheelie, you only need to blip it slightly, if youre pinning the throttle when clutching up then im betting youre chopping the throttle as soon as you slip the clutch to compensate for giving it to much throttle in the first place. Not to dogg youre thread but i think recomeding pinning the throttle and slipping the clutch in second gear on a modern sportbike to people who cant yet wheelie is dangerous. What you should focus on is technique( not chopping throttle as bike lifts, not leaning forward instinclively and fighting the wheelie), and things like this, if youre technique is correct you dont have to give it hardly any throttle at all. the problem with beginers is there form changes from wheelie to wheelie so throttle input can have two completely different responses depending on how the person reacts on any given wheelie. Best advice i can give is take the advice from people you trust, (the good thing about boards like this is there is enough skill available to weed out MOST false suggestions) and take it for what it is (advice, not a solution) and then go practice, practice, practice. Just my 2 If you go to to some of the more specific stunt sights, they will already have very detailed step by step how twos on anything you want to learn.
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