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cant get it up!

my 95 gpz1100 will not wheelie. everytime I'll roll it up to about 7,000rpm and snap the throttle and not even a nudge. It just jolts me back. why wont that front wheel kiss the sky?
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I'm no expert since today was the first time I got my front end up, but what I do to get it up is roll on the throttle until I just start hitting the powerband (around 6-7k on my bike) then I quickly close the throttle, pull in the clutch with one finger then whack the throttle open to around 10k while popping the clutch. I still can't get it up every single time I try, but that's just because I'm not completely over the fear of hitting the throttle as hard as I need to.
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May I suggest a semester or two at "SQUID UNIVERSITY".
Just kiddin' man! I never really got the hang of poppin' wheelies, other than hole shots carrying the front wheel a foot off the ground for the first 75 feet or so. I had a friend who could carry it through all the gears. He would feather the clutch in second gear and up she would come ????? He was also on a GPz 1000. So it can be done.! I think BALLS and PRACTICE are the keys. Good Luck. -Tom

I have already forgotten......

more than..........????........

Damn, I forgot !!!!
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Talking wheelie

try this,,,, run the throttle up to about 6500 rpms.
quickly shut the throttle down to notta, then quickly snap it
back open again. MAKE SURE u cover the rear brake with your
foot. just in case......
yeeeeee haaaaaaa
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post #5 of 14 (permalink) Old 05-02-2005, 11:55 AM
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MUAHAHAHA Time for your resident super squid to add his input on his favorite subject! Here is your step by step (the short version)

1. Lower the tire pressure in your rear wheel by about 5-10 psi. (somewhere around 18-21 psi) This gives you a larger surface area and helps prevent wheelie wobble, and tire slip.

2. GEAR UP! Don't be cocky while learning. The more gear the better. If you have full leathers, put them on. Not as cool, maybe, but better than trying to whipe your ass when it's covered in road rash! (I'm a culprit of breaking rule #2 frequently )

3. Warm up your tires... riding to your practice spot or just a nice cruise around town. (may feel a bit awkward with the reduced tire pressure... no worries)

4. Head to a large, open, parking lot... not being used! This is the best place to work on your squid skills. Get a friend with a video camera to accompany you. For two reasons. 1, you can tell how high you are getting and critique yourself afterwards. and 2, if you eat it... you can post it on here. And we can all have a laugh at your expense. Just playing... but it's always more fun when you can see your wrecks from a different view

5. This is where you will get varying replies. I personally prefer 1st gear for learning. Some will say second because it's less twitchy. Personally I would rather go down at 25 than 65. The things I suggest will work for both gears though. You'll just have to give it more gas if you do it in second.

6. Here's where it gets fun. 1st gear... start rollin out till you feel yourself just under the power band. then while still on the gas, SLIP the clutch with one or two fingers. No longer than the time it would take you to change gears. Don't pull it in all the way and dump it. Just slip it. In and out real quick. The front end should come up.

7. If the front doesn't lift... slip it for longer.. and add more throttle. It takes some getting used to. COVER the rear brake. If you give it too much gas you'll come flying up and over... and thats no fun! If you feel you're too high, just mash on the brake and it'll come right back down.

8. Keep repeating this process until you are comfortable with the front comming up. Stay on the gas, and ride them out. Eventually you'll find balance point... and be able to ride them out forever. These are all done sit-down. Stand ups are another demon. Just grip the tank, lock your arms... and cover the brake. and you'll be fine.

Do not... I say again.. DO NOT power them up. None of that "get goin, then let off, then mash the gas" stuff. It's way to unpredictable. You're begging to loop. It IS how most people learn. But clutching it up is far better. Plus, with practice, you'll be able to pick the front wheel up from a stand still. And thats just pimp.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions. BE SAFE...

Your friendly SBW
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I pulled it up today by clutching it and I kept on dropping it back down within a second. I figured out I wasn't staying on the throttle. I tryed staying on the throttle and pulled a quarter mile wheelie about 5 inches off the ground. should I try in second to get higher?
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NO, don't do it in second. !st is fine. If it's only a couple inches off the ground, just clutch it harder. Stay on the throttle, or give it more to raise it. once you're riding them to the rev limiter you've obviously got the hang of staying on the gas, then you just have to work on clutching it up to BP. 2nd gear won't make you go higher... just faster. 1st gear has more torque, and will make bringing the wheel higher with the throttle easier. Keep it in first, clutch it harder and stay on it. You'll get it. Good luck and be safe. a 1000+cc bike... I promise you'll be able to wheelie it well

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ignore the guys for a min. try going up to 9k rpms and then clutching it. different bikes have different power bands. and 2nd really is better

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I messed up my bike today and it wasn't even stunting. I was riding through town in stop and go traffic when some asshole slammed on his brakes. I had to slam on my brakes just not to hit him and my lowsided under the car in front of me. I didnt toch the car so the car just drove off didnt even realize what happened. i was left laying in the street in traffic and couldnt pick my bike back up cuz its 500+ pounds. broke turnsignals all plastic it ripped off cans beet to hell. at least when im stuntin it up I dont got a worry about body work any more. sucked
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hey man sorry to hear it. No worries with the bike just watch your ass
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