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Question Still cant clutch it

Background. 03 z1000 +muzzy 4-1, k&n, pc3, +2 rear, -1 front. In other words the bike should have no problem wheelying from here till next week.

I can bring it up by snapping the throttle in first, but by the time it lift, I am at around 8-10krpm and controlling it is difficult. The bike also lifts the front in 1st-3rd under WOT. not much in 3rd, but in first i comes up about a foot coming out of corners at 80% WOT.

However I cant seem to get far by trying it with the clutch. best results I have so far are when rolling at around 2mph, pull the clutch all the way give it 2-3 revs and then dump as the rpms are coming down of the last rev. When I try at abit higher speed (25-35) by pulling the clutch halfway and reving up, I cant seem to get more then an inch, and thats only if i'm lucky.
1. whats the best rpm to bring it to? the engine puts pretty serious power at 7krpm, so do i need to be in the 6k region or go all the way up to 10k? (redline is 12.5k)
2. Do I dump the clutch, or feather it in quickly? by dumping i mean let go of the lever, which will leave me without the safety of pulling it back in. (of course there is still the back brake)
3. Do I have to pull the clutch in only halfway, or can I go ahead and bring it in all the way? (My left hand is starting to get pretty damn sore from practicing)
4.What has the most control over the initial lift speed? Rev's, Throttle, or clutch speed?

Any other tips would be great.

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Why do you want to clutch it up? In stock form you should be able to bring it up on power alone. Have you tried to bounce it up in2nd? That works best for me on my 98 900rr.
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it comes up fine in first, but Its so fast I cant control it.

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practice... I would stick to just the throttle.. Lots easier on the bike..
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Originally posted by Vash
it comes up fine in first, but Its so fast I cant control it.
Hey Vash donít hurt yourself.

You maybe should consider a stunt school if you really want to learn.

But the way I used to do it on my ZX-7RR. (Yeah the ZX-7RR does wheelies so you should have no problems with yours.) My gears are 16/42 = 80mph in first. Do to racing carbs I could not give it more then ľ throttle under 7,000 so above that I was doing like 40 mph. Most likely your bike will need to be at the same RPM range. So I would pull in the clutch and then blipped the throttle for a sec then slip the clutch push back the throttle so you not giving any gas. Then I pull in the clutch again then give it gas from about 7,500 to 9,500 (Not full throttle only about ľ again just so you get the feel on your bike it may be more or less gas and RPM) and after that just pop the clutch. Bam she comes up with a perfection so you can just keep practice the motion its like double clutching with giving gas at the same time. All of this takes about 1-2 second itís very fast and easy to repeat. The first clutch action gives you the bounce motion everyone is talking about the second clutch action will bring up the front. As long as you donít give it too much gas you be OK. But donít forget you are riding at high speed so cover the back brake. Also try it in second if first don't work or is way out of contrlo.
You should just practice in a safe place and always wear your gear ( Oh yeah and don't blame me

Good luck and ride safe.
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Drei: I would love to go to stunt school but its not something I am ready to throw money at yet.

Cant you go over the procedure again, I am having a hard time understanding it.

I am sure the bike doesnt need any help, I know it will wheellie fine the way it is. My off and back on the throttle technique, requires considerable input at first, but after a 2 feet the engine is singing its 8-9krpm tune and the front goes flying faster then i know what to do with it. to make matters worse sometime the acceleration kicks me back and i find my arm stretched all the way so i have a hard time controlling the throttle. ( me please).
so far there was only one time that the bike came up under clutch. i had the clutch pulled in and gave it a few quick revs, then as the engine was coming back down to idle i let the clutch in, and the front end came up to a 10 o'clock in a very civilized and effortless way. all that at less then 2mph. I would like to recreate that somehow.

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Well here I go it's so much harder to explain in writing then to actually show someone

Well to start just forget about 2mp wheelies thatís probably the hardest thing you can do for a beginner. It takes many years of experience and practice to control the bike at very slow speeds at 10 o'clock in the air.

You have to be moving at let say 30 mph on your bike. Now pull in the clutch for a sec then rev the bike up with a quick twist from lets say 7,000 to 7,500 then let out the clutch and let off the gas slowly. Now within a second you did this pull in the clutch again rev it up to 9,500 with a quick ľ twist throttle then pop the clutch and keep the on the gas. Now you have to do this within 1-2 seconds so practically the bike weight shifts forward after you let go the gas the first time when you pull in the clutch for the second time. So when you pop the clutch and give it gas itís like bouncing on the pegs to do a standup wheelie.

The reason why its easy to do this when your moving because the speed will carry you forward and you can just balance much easier. Just watch your landing and throttle control. To land smooth donít just shut off the throttle. Most likely it will come up fast but just get used to it little by little thatís why itís good start with less throttle and work your way up to find the balance point and the perfect RPM to pop the clutch.

Good luck.
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