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When to stunt?

Common theme. Ask for advice on a stunt and get a million responces saying that you need how to ride first. Most of the time I agree.
So here it is, i've been riding for about 2 years, a sport bike for the last year. The whole time I didnt own a car, so i rode throu rain, snow, and anything else nature felt like throwing my way.
now with summer creeping up I am starting to get the itch to polish my wheelie skills, and if that goes well maybe work on getting some stoppies going (dont ask me why, but stoppies actually scare me less).
So what do you think, am I ready, or am I ready to get my self killed?

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Wanna know the answer? Go to an empty industrial park and practice! I'm not kidding: you will know if you are ready or not.

Yeah, it's going to scare the shit out of you at first, but try and get used to it. I would try stoppies first because of the laws of physics. You're trying to go slower when doing a stoppie. Imagine being in the middle of a wheelie and freaking out: your focus is on the throttle.....bad news.

Another little know secret is to find a new development that is being built. Go there once the workers have left. It's best when they have just put up the lot markings and haven't started construction. New subdivision in early phase = freshly paved roads and no traffic = awesome stunt practice.
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Originally posted by wheelie123
Wanna know the answer? Go to an empty industrial park and practice! I'm not kidding: you will know if you are ready or not.

What he said. Asking that is like asking wether or not you`re ready for a bigger bike, no one knows but you. Do you feel comfertable on the bike 110% of the time? Do you know how it responds to EVERY little thing? Are you fine with the fact that you can, and probly will wreck eventually? If you answered yes, then find a nice empty, straight road, and practice, if not, wait. If you`re gonna practice stoppies, make sure the road has NO dirt, dust, gravel, whatever on it. Oh yeah, and just remember, stunting IS illegal, like it or not, and even if you`re in a big empty parking lot, you can still get in trouble.

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Thanx for the input guys. I live in a small texas towns so we are kind of short on big parking lots, or other sport bikes, but we do have plenty of long streight back roads. they arent as good, as there are often spots with gravel (especially that really light kind that you cannot see).

As for being comfortable on the bike, welp i am most of the time. There are still corners that scare me, especially ones that are wet or have some gravel on them, or ones with elevation changes when i havent been on them before. I am sure you guys know what i am talking about, get in a corner, good lean angle, nice balance, then it tightens up on you abit, and you get scared and back of the throttle, throw the balance all to hell, and think to yourself, i could have just leaned farther...
I started working on power wheelies, as i am told they are abit easier on my bike. I can get the front to come up every 3rd try or so, but it ussually scares me when it comes up, so i drop it back down instead of shifting. All that in first, I cant get it to do anything in second, even thou i would feel much better about it then.
Not having much luck with stoppies, i've been taking it to about 40-50 preload the front brake untill i feel the weight transfer then gradually press harder and harder. sometimes i can feel the back getting really light, like its lifting off but just barely, but ussually the fron tire just locks up and i am forced to ease off the brake or surf some asphalt. The thing that scares me with stoppies is that there is no rear brake to save my ass.
None of this is made easier by having a somewhat longer wheelbase bike (03' kaw z1000), While i know its capable of doing most of the common tricks, I am told it doesnt ballance as well as say a gixxer, and takes abit more to bring it up. But I know that others have done it and so can I.
Speaking of bike, what sort of protection do i need to get for it? I just got it the way i like it (read: lots of carbon) and would like to minimize the damage for when i mess up. I hope that shoei, teknic and joe rocket have got what it takes to keep me together, but the bike doesnt even have sliders on it right now. I would really like to get a crash cage for it, but cant find one to fit it. Frame sliders just dont seem like they would do enough, i mean they might save the engine part, but will do nothing for the front cowl or the tail.
Any advice?

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That's a heavy bike to be doing stoppies with.

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Damn, that is a heavy bike to be doing stoppies on. Oh well. Balls to the wall. Good luck, and let us know what happens. Power wheelies are a good way to get started, you are on the right track. You'll know when you are comfortable enough to start pulling stuff off. Just trust yourself, and don't let yourself fall prey to peer pressure!
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I wish I had more peer pressure. Its to easy to say "oh well it didnt work, maybe next time" when you are by yourself. If someone is watching me, i would feel obligated to at least try harder.
As for the bike being heavy, well you guys are right. When I bought it I had no intention of doing anything other then maybe a wheelie. But since then I got alott more comfortable, and i think stunts are alott safer, then riding racing style in the streets. Seems cool if you never done it, but once I did, it made me realize just how stupid that was.

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my advice, go watch as many crash vids as you can (you'll see what NOT TO DO)

there's well over 100 vids of guys dumping bikes doin stoppies and wheelies

after i watched enough of those, i had no motivation to even try to do that stuff...

of course, if you have a bike that you love to drop and have money sittin in your bank account that you want to use on repairs AND you aren't worried about road rash or havin the bike land on you, more power to you

i think being able to do them is a good SKILL to have, but to do that shit to be kewl is pretty immature IMO
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so i spent most of last night looking a gruesome vids of people wrecking their toys. ouch. make it a double ouch.
here are my thoughts. yes stunting is dangerous, also i still dont believe its as dangerous as sharing the road with some cell phone yapping grannies. there is a certain lever of risk i am willing to accept, otherwise i would not be on a bike in the first place.
but the point of caution is a good one. the guys who stunt their bikes in shorts and a t-shirt are either stupid, or very very good.
(personally i think the ones that are very good, are also abit stupid). So safety gear is a must. As i dont have mad cash sitting in the bank, same goes for frame sliders, and a crashcage if i can find one.
As for my reasons for doing it, i dont think its the coolness factor. I love the idea of being able to do anything i felt like with my bike without having to think about how i do it. Kind of like when you first start getting serious leans, at the begining you have to think about what every part of your body is doing, wether you should pull on one bar, or push on the other, how much pressure you should put on the peg, making sure your knee is applying pressure to the tank, and so on and so forth. but after some practice you just see a turn, smile, and turn. Thats the way i want to feel about everything that can be done on a bike. I understand that not only does that take time, but i will probly never achieve that state.
oh, i am not trying to tell you that i am not going to try and impress cuties, i'm just saying that my reasoning for wanting to learn is different.
enough of all the blah, i need to figure out how i can get out of work for a few hours and go practice

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Sounds like your on your way and have a good mindset. I might mention that if you do find any new pavement watch yourself because it is slick, I personally would not recomend trying stoppies on new pavement as your tire will have a good chance of locking up, especially with a heavier bike. Even clutching wheelies on new pavement can cause some slippage wich can be scary at first. Deffinately get some sliders as you will use them and they work pretty good for low speed set downs wich are a deffinate once you start progressing a little on stoppies and one you didnt mention which are burnouts, tires are expensive but man they are fun. If your front tire is locking up then you may be grabbing the brake to quick, or agressively. Just apply a little pressure to compress forks and then continue to smoooooothly apply pressure, to quick=lockup//to slow=no stoppie.. Practice and you'll find the medium. I would also recomend a steering stabilizer as they are supposed to make a huge difference when setting down wheelies, I personally dont have one yet and have survived but I plan on getting on as soon as I get an engine put in my bike. Like everyone else will tell you Practice is the answer to all of your questions, everything else is just a sugestion, keep it safe and happy stunting!!!!!!!
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