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Originally posted by oldgixer
Double Ditto!

The wheels will happen once the exhaust, suspension, race plastics, battery replacement, yadda yadda yadda, etc gets completed. I'm gonna go for the biggest "bang-for-the-buck" modifications first.
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Alright, CF or Mags. True mag wheels are going to be about the same weight as alum. maybe a little lighter. CF is going to be lighter, a good bit. Mags are going to be stronger than your alum and much stronger than CF. Thats the impressive thing about Magnesium, its as light as alum but almost as strong as steel.

Tough call, This is completely according to where your riding. Mostly street, go for the Mags, they will last for ever, unless you catch them on fire, if that happens I want picks. If your on the track go for the CF's.
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wheel thing

Both materials have durability concerns that are tolerated in race life, but, become a bit of a question for street life (especially if the street is in New York City), have you checked with Performance Machine, for the Titanium wheels? Nothing is more indestruct city than Titanium.
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I would shy away from CF on the street, especially in the NE with big and frequent potholes. Problem in my opinion is that when CF fails it FAILS BIG and you could have an instantaneous and complete flat or worse. CF is strong as hell but not able to bend so if a sufficient force is applied it could crack big. If it cracks big at speed the centripital (sp) force can pull it completely apart.

There was a death at the IoM TT a couple years back (on the Britten I think) when a CF wheel just disintegrated from failure at high speed. (this was also early in the development of CF wheels so ?????)

And if you crack it at slow speed without failure but then later run up to high speed it could fail then when there had been little or no visual evidence of the previous damage.

On the other hand if Magnesium takes a hit it will bend and at least you'll know it was damaged. That would be my biggest problem with CF, it could crack but have no outward signs of damage???

I say Magnesium for the street.

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you can base your decision on this also though.
if your wheels were to catch fire you would be able to put out the CF rims but not the Mag rims.....due to that Magnesium burns so hot that it would split the water molocules into Hydrogen and Oxygen causing the water to act light a catalyst to the fire.
this would be an extremely unprobable scenario but i wanted to let you know it could happen
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"unless you catch them on fire, if that happens I want picks"

whenever i hear about Mag wheels i think of that...although i remember when it seemed even if the wheels were aluminum you still called em mag's

i would highly doubt motor cycle mags would catch on fire though because the brake is not as encased as in a car and would allow for alot better heat theory anyway

or am i a complete imbicile
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i completely agree with you.....the air cools the rotors off enough so your bike doesnt flame more than richard simmons

yeah in chemistry class we set Mg on fire it was pretty awesone....its amazing how it can still burn in a Pure CO2 enviorment......also i would like to point out the Oxygen isnt flammable it only supports combustion......i say this because in the movie final destination 2 or 3 or whatever they try to make as if O2 explodes?????? that is f-ing impossible for O2 to why they hell would you have anything flamable floating aroung in triage???
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I'm looking to buy some magnesium wheels for my 05 RR anyone know of any good prices?

[email protected]
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Magnesium will not catch on fire unless it is small chips or a dust (being in a form that allows the most amount of oxygen to enter into the atomic structure) and then high heat applied. I don't think this is a problem for you.

Magnesium is the lightest engineering metal (excluding exotic metals like beryllium and lithium). As a pure metal it is very weak, so all engineered magnesium products are alloys with about 10% aluminum and 1% zinc.

For hitting potholes; the modulus of elasticity (stiffness) of magnesium alloys is 6.5 million PSI, carbon-fibers can exceed 100 million PSI ( but it won't indicate any bending of flexing if this is exceeded, it will shatter), aluminum is 10 million PSI, but's it's heavier than both mag and CF.

***Audiosolstice- please correct me, but I thought that one of the first manned missions to space, NASA used pure oxygen for the astronauts to breathe, which later combusted and blew the thing out of the sky

good luck

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Hi All-

Carbon Fiber is too brittle for street use and carries the risk of catastrophic failure that you wouldn't experience with a metal rim. If it ain't for track-use-only I would say stick with Magnesium or the stockers.

~ Blue Jays ~
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