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First bike..749 or MonsterS4R???

I always loved the monsters, i was going to get a 620, but after riding a friends GSXR and TL1000 i want a bike with a little more power than the 620, plus i am 6'3 250 pounds, i need all the power i can get i never considered the superbikes from Ducati because of the price, but i went to a dealership this week and saw a brand new 749 dark (Beauty!!) for less than the S4R.

I love the naked Monster, but that 749 is such a beauty!! I am not going to be a track racer or anything like that, i am going to be riding the bike a lot, on a wide veriety of road types from long highway runs, to city streets. Primarily i will be in the twisties of southeast Tennessee in the mountains..

From an Experienced rider, which bike would be best suited for all around use..Dont worry too much about me getting too much bike to start with, i am a quick learner and i will be able to controll myself while i am getting more and more familiar with the bike.

Any thoughts appreciated, i WILL be getting a Ducati.
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Re: First bike..749 or MonsterS4R???

Originally posted by Lothar
I am not going to be a track racer or anything like that, i am going to be riding the bike a lot, on a wide veriety of road types from long highway runs, to city streets..
Have you ever even sat on a Ducati? If so you`d be aware they`re not really meant for anything but serious backroads/tracks, ie: they`re probly the least comfertable bike there is. As for your height/weight being the reason for the decision, it has nothing to do with it. I know a kid who was around 300lbs and he used to ride my little Honda 50. All that said, Ducatis are very high maintanence, and exspensive to maintain, not to mention replacing the plastic when you drop it (it WILL happen).

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Dont worry too much about me getting too much bike to start with, i am a quick learner
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Between those 2 I'd say the S4 all the way for overall usability. The 749 would be a jewel in tenn twisties but you'll hate life on any highway rides that you take as it's WAY too track focused for regular riding.

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Not to hijack the thread, but I haven't found the more "track oriented" bikes to be all that uncomfortable from a tall person's perspective. Just the opposite in fact. With longer arms, the lower bars help to stretch you out a bit making the bike more comfortable, not less IMO.

Maybe I'm just bass ackwards from everybody but in many cases it seems that I find the exact opposite to be true on many things people state as "fact." One example is what I mentioned above, where the more aggressive seating position felt like more of a benefit than a hinderance.

Another would be on what bikes fit taller riders better. I always avoided Yamaha's because people told me they were very small. I'd say of all the bikes out there the R6 and R1 fit me almost perfectly. Ducati's are the same way. The few I've been on fit me like a glove, even though I am 6'2" with long legs. I looked into Kawasaki's (pre ZX-10) because everyone said they were huge and great for tall riders. After sitting on a 6, 7, and 9 I concluded that they were probably the worst fitting bikes I'd ever been on.

I guess the bottom line is don't listen to anyone other than yourself when it comes to fit. Everyone is built different and everyone's preferences are different. Sit on (and ride if possible) as many as you can to see what fits you best.


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you will never ride a better bike than a DUCATI from a riders point of view. That is why you should not buy a DUCATI at all as a first bike. They are something to aspire to! You should first earn your stripes on the lesser marques from Japan. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, damn fine handling & damn fast machines, but to truley appreciate the soul that goes into a DUCATI you must do time on on another first. If you start at the top where can you go from there?

Emotions aside & if you must have a DUCATI do not go for one with a fairing as it is the nature of learning to ride that you will fall over, maybe fast & maybe slow, but yo uwill fall over & when you are talking about plastics, fibreglass, carbon fibre etc it is bloody expensive. spend 12 months caning about on a Kwaka 9 or something like that which does not handle & stop as well as the best new bikes. Your mates might give you a bit of hassle about it but it is a great learning ground that will be of benefit in the long run. Height & weight are not a real problem as long as you have sat on the bike & are comfortable the most important thing is that you are riding
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I just love how whenever someone wants to buy a Ducati all the people with jap bikes that wish they had a duc come up with every reason under the sun for that person not to buy one. It's too expensive and what the hell do you mean it is something to aspire to. If it handels so well why would you want to learn on anything else. Thats like saying I can afford a corvette but I want to learn on a yogo.
I say if you can afford it go for it I did and i absolutely love it. That being said I'd go with the Monster if you plan on long rides. If you don't care about comfort go with the 749.

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Squid 90 has proved my point. As he has never owned anything other than a Ducati (even if it is a baby one) you clearly do not have an appreciation of what you have because you have nothing to compare it to.

As someone with 17years of riding under my belt on Japanese, German & of course Italian bikes I feel that I have an understanding of what it means to appreciate a DUCATI inways that you can't understand because you haven't experienced them. That iswhy I know that a bike on its side stand will sink into hot ashphalt whether it is a DUCATI or not.

The initial question related to larger & more powerful bikes than yours & the difference in rideability for a novice is a considerable safety factor. You made the right decision in choosing the 620 as your starting point. I am sure that in the next few years you will be looking at the bigger DUCATIs when you have outgrown your current ride.

It would be a shame to see a novice damage himself on a bike that is too powerful for teir level of experience, it would be even more of a shame to see them damage a new DUCATI
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You know, there were a few pretty high and mighty statements made supporting Ducati's. Because the opinions were so matter of factly presented, I feel compelled to voice my opinion.

I happen to dislike them (or any big twin) for street riding and found them to be OK for the track. The smaller twins aren't bad but in the 750 to 1K range, the torque on the street is just brutal and not fun. It's also the reason the clutch is as heavy as a truck. Wound up, the torque as a factor disappears but then, the absence of the big power of a four appears. For me, I don't get the point and don't find any benefit to it. I track rode a 996 that handled quite nicely in fact, but then again, it was also a reworked suspension. Nice but not exceptional and less overall performance than you can get out of a Japanese bike at a fraction of the cost and way less maintenance. If you're into different for different's sake, then the desmomoronic valve train might be just the ticket. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is getting along just fine with springs and rev limiters, making more power, too. If the style or cool factor is important to you, then this could easily be the bike to purchase. Just be prepared for the high cost and frequency of the maintenance. Also, expect weird problems to arise from the vibration. Machinery doesn't respond well to violent shaking. It's plagued Harley for years and the Ducati is not immune. If you really plan on riding it a lot, buy two. One to ride, one to have in the shop waiting for maintenance.

Myself? I buy the bike to ride, choose the one (or two, or three)that best fits my kind of riding, and maintain it and ride it until it's done or a fabulous deal comes along. As one of four riding brothers (and sister), and after thirty-five years of riding a staggering mix of brands and styles of bike that have been owned by one of us, including, BMWs, AJS, Harleys, Gold Wings, Triumph, Suzuki, many Hondas, Ducati, Moto Guzzis, Kawasakis, Yamahas, etc, I feel the best sport bikes are made by the Japanese, and the best bang for the buck is a used Japanese bike, probably a Honda but only marginally and depending on the model.

As far as starting out? Stay at the smaller end of whatever you choose. If you're really into V-twins, consider the SV-650. A nice bike and with a few hundred in suspension work, a VERY capable track tool. Obviously, JMO.

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Dad - I'm not here to start a battle, but I wanted to let you know that not all Ducati's are expensive or problematic. The 2 valve - air cooled Desmo's are easy to work on and haven't really changed in decades (with the exception of the recent dual spark). Also, Ducati's are 90 degree twins. As such, the movement of the pistons cancel vibration out therefore do not vibrate like the Harley 45 degree personal earthquake. They are not like every other bike, but that for me is the attraction. Bikes are an individual statement.
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