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Im interested in what started you all into the world of motorcycles. What sparked that flame that makes your heart jump everytime you see or hear a sportbike. Heres how it happened for me. It all started in 1995.....

I was in the Air Force and had been in Japan for a few months already, i was only 17, and was having a blast. One day my friends wanted me to come with them to a bike shop. I came along, not expecting much, but i was bored so i came along anyway. As we stepped through the door, i was immediately pulled towards this HUGE bike on a pedestal. I was totally awestruck and felt quite small next to it ( it was a CBR900RR). I forget the details for the rest of that day. But that first image of the beautiful CBR stuck in the back of my consciousness, but i didnt realize anything yet from it.

Let me give you my outlook on motorcycling during this period. I viewed motorcycles with interest, but my mind had been trained by my parents/friends/stories that motorcycles were death machines, basically too dangerous. So i never considered buying a bike, i just put it in the back of my head and forgot about it.

A few weeks or months after, i cant recall, i was at work and a co-worker shows up with this awesome bike. It was painted in Suzuki racing colors (the GP Lucky Strike colors). My interest was piqued to say the least. The bike was a RGV 250 (2 stroke). Everday my friend showed up with this bike , i came out to gaze at it. After a few weeks i decided i wanted my own bike. To make a long story short, my first bike was a RGV 250 (go here to take a look http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/00807/)
and hallelujah that it was, because during my first rides in the mountains i dont know how many times i was trail braking into corners trying not to hit the mountain sides. The bike is REALLY light and the power doesnt come on strong unless you rev the HECK off it, so that really saved my life.

There, thats my brief insight into how i got started with sportbikes and which bike was my first.

Lets hear from everyone else!!
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Same back ground. Parents had friends who died and were hurt, it's unsafe etc. But when I was in the military, a buddy that I met (Is this forming a theme?, the military MUST be bad for you!). So, he says that he loves motorcycles, and it is better than sex. Of course my interest was peaked cause I wasn't getting any sex at the time!
So anyways he teaches me how to ride on his race bike after I got the basics down on a GS500E. That is where my feeling for the GS stem from. And I will be damned but it is just about better than sex if you ride properly. And its fun when by yourself but even better when you are with someone else!
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I grew up on bikes, so it was natural progression to buy one of my own. It had to be a sportbike.

I hate cruisers.

Anyway, I bugged my wife about it for a couple years, but since I was at sea all the time (Fast Attack Tough!), I never had the time to ride anyway. Finally, she got pregnant and in her weakened state, I convinced her to let me get a bike. Usually people sell their bikes when they have a kid. I think I got the Gixxer just 'cause my brother in law wanted one, but knew he would never get one. I had to rub it in.

It doesn't have to be fun to be "fun".
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Parents both had bikes and I would ride in front of my Dad till I got older than behind like a normal passenger.
I can't say this is the reason because they later sold their bikes before I really knew what was going on.
When I was a teenager, I realized I liked speed (not the drug kind) and making a late 70's early 80's car fast is expensive or impossible. A good friend had a bike and was telling me how fast it was - that planted a seed. Later this same friend came over with an 83' Nighthawk which he just bought used. He took me for a ride and that was it, I knew I had to have one. Ended up buying that same 83' Nighthawk from my friend about 2 years later as my 1st bike.
Life has never been the same. It's like when you first discovered sex except safer
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Thumbs up

I guess I kind of got hooked on speed after I started modifying my stang, and what young guy doesn't ooh and ahh over a good looking sportbike. So, I had been saying forever that I was going to get a bike but never did. Then one of my buddies bought a 250 Ninja and took me for a ride. I was hooked and bought my bike the next spring.
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Well....I always wanted a bike...couldnt exactly remember when....I just always wanted one. Joined the Marines in 99, and tried to put bikes out of my mind since I was constantly training and then would be deployed. Then I got hurt, while in MRP 2 of the Cpl's had bikes and sparked my desire to have a bike again. I then said to myself...."When they discharge your ass and your back is healed your getting a bike." And that is what I did!
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My mothers father always had bikes going back into the 20's. He even had an Ariel square 4. At any rate he got my father started riding about the time I was born. My first memories are riding on the tank of a Honda Street 90. I rode everywhere with my dad until I was a teenager.

My first street bike was my dad's 71 CB450 Honda in 79. I rode that bike through college. My first purchase after I got a job in 84 was a new 81 GS650EX Suzuki. I can't ever imagine being with out a bike. My need for speed is a constant adiction. Generally I need to ride twisties, straight line speed does little for me.

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Well, I wish I could remember a specific moment, but I can't unfortunately. I was always interested, since very young, but like everyone else, motorcycles were taboo. Then in high school I'd see more and more bikes, and I knew that someday I wanted to get into it. I started watching racing, when I could find it on. There was no TV Guide searches on the 'net and such, no Speedvision, so I had to scan ESPN listings for that 3-4 in the morning race, or something else obscure. Then I go to University of Texas Austin in '96 and I start getting really interested. I search all over the 'net, go to dealerships. The bike I fell in love with was a 1997 Honda CBR600 F3, in late '96, before it was even out. The Purple/Yellow scheme had to be mine, someday. So in May of 98 I head into the Air Force, planning on getting a bike once I am done with my 9 month training. I get to the Pentagon, and quickly meet a friend who has since become my best friend. He thought me to be just another dork who claims he wants a bike (doesn't everyone? how many actually do it though). He finds out I am serious after giving me a hard time for a while. A month or two later, and lots of searching, in the spring of 98 I find a 97 purple/yellow F3. This was my first bike ever, I had never been on a bike moving ever, and I own an F3! My friend teaches me how to ride, and steps me through it all. That's about it. Totalled that bike after a year and a half. Just got a 97 GSX-R 750 in January of this year now.
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I guess I was kind of a late bloomer. I had friends growing up who rode. One was nice(foolish) enough to let me try his FRZ. It was exciting up until I dropped his bike . The seed had been planted. 10 years later I add water. I'm not sure exactly what made me decide to do it, I think maybe I needed some adventure. I took the MSF course even though I didn't have a bike or the money to buy one. I finally got the cash together to get a used '95 Magna. It wasn't in the best shape but I didn't care, it ran and all I wanted to do was ride. I was hooked bad. Later, to fuel my growing addiction, I got a VFR and have not stopped smiling since.
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Oops. That's FZR. Kinda looked like a FRZ after I was done with it though.
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