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My bike got stolen...AGAIN!!!

So you might remember my story about the recovery of my friends and my stolen bikes only a little more than ago. Well i thought i was done with all of that until today...

I've had my new '06 gsx-r600 chained up for the last 10 months now to a light post in my parking lot. It's one of the braided steel cables with the rubber outside that according to my local bike shop, "can't be cut through with bolt cutters." Well i left around 1 this afternoon and when i returned home at 3 my bike was gone. The strange part is i really didn't even get that upset. It was like damnit, now i have to go through this again...(it helped that a had another bike in my friends garage). Luckily though when i bought this bike, i told them i would not touch it until i had lojack installed on it. So it was time to put it to the test and see if it really does work... 2 officers showed up within 5 minutes of my call and were as helpful as i could ask for. They activated the lojack signal and also dusted my chain for prints and bagged it for further examination. I told them my whole story about my other stolen bike, and commented that i really thought it might be the same group of guys trying to get bike at me.

So then about an hour after all of this, i had just gotten in my car and was heading off to the address of the dbag who i had caught on my first bike(just to see if he had any trucks/bikes in front of his place) when i got a call back from the florida highway patrol that they had found my back!!! The story i got on the phone was that they found it abandoned about 20 minutes north of me. Turns out what really happened is that they followed the lojack signal to a house in a pretty ghetto area(according to the tow-driver), and my bike was in the back on their house. Ofcourse though their story was a friend came by and asked to leave it their and nothing no arrests were made.

Even though they reported no damage on the phone, i knew there would have to be some. When the bike showed up on the back of the tow truck it took me a second to realize that my gixxer no longer had any decals on it. So i jumped on the truck to insert my key but turns out they took a dremel tool to it and drilled it out. One thing i've learned over the past few years is that the majority of tow truck drivers/repo men/locksmiths have had somewhat of a shady backround. While the towdriver was a nice guy, he was no different haha. He immediately pointed out to me what they had done, how, and why. They first tried to drill out the ignition to start with a screw driver but that had failed. Next step was to take the scew driver on the metal ignition box and hit it with a hammer to break it. From their all that had to be done was turn the inner components with the same screw driver and then start the bike as normal. This is what we did to start my bike bike up.

The shitty part is i jumped on my bike to pull it under my staircase until i was ready to ride it to where my f4i is so it could be garaged...i steered left around the towtruck and then started to go right in a wide circle, i new something felt a little off when i gradually turned right but kept going and as i approached the sidewalk i leaned the bike a little to turn in but to my surprise the steering column wouldn't turn!! In order to avoid hitting a car i had to lay it down(maybe only going 7 or 8). I jumped off the right front and rolled on the ground, the only real damage to the bike was the rear break and the left mirror(still haven't figured this out??). Turns out the piece of the ignition box the broke off and where you could start the bike had dropped between the left fork and something else and locked the bars. The sliders kept all the plastics in good shape. And i once i figured out what the problem was it was easily fixed with some zip ties. I have to take it into the shop tomorrow to get the ignition fixed and also have to figure out a better way to chain up/keep my bike safe... Suggestions would be great!!

Here are some pictures from when my baby came back to me!

Insert screw driver and turn...

Here's a shot of my buddies garage: My gixxer, my f4i, and his '04 R6 LE

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You've got some bad bike luck there, but you're still one of the luckiest in terms of recovery! Hope you are able to keep using that garage, otherwise, build a retractable ramp that goes to the roof of the parking stalls.

There's not much you can do living in an apartment, except wait to get at the front of the list for enclosed parking, and get a loud alarm that will sense motion or touch.
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Haha ya...atleast my bad luck is set off by my extremely good luck! I can use the garage as long as i want, it just sucks not being able to keep my bike at my own place.

I'm seriously about to start leaving my bike out in the open for fun and waiting for some fucker to pull up so i can unload a clip into to him...i can't stand all the fucking thieves in my area!!
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2 for 2. What you really need is to invest a gun rack for your bikes and slap confed stickers all over it... Maybe then, people will stop messing with your bikes... If I had a lojack system, I'd tried to get my hands on a recovery system and take dem sons of bitches down myself with the help of my posse of ill witted hooligans...

Wait.. what am I talking about? I'm asian, I'll just sick some henchmen from the local triad gang... Throw some fuckin ninja stars at some motherfuckers... That would probably gain some news coverage

"A gang war erupted earlier this afternoon between an unknown group and a motorcycle thieves guild. Two lay dead with four other injured to what is believed to be makeshift scrap metal what appears to be in the shape of stars. No arrests have been made, but police speculate a local triad syndicate to be responsible. The letters 'J' 'B' 'a' 'z' have been reported at the thieves' base of operations."

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Yes I remember the other matters regarding your stolen bikes. Luck certainly is not with you.

How far away is your friend's garage & if he will allow you to keep your bike there & you can pedal a bicycle there THEN there might be your answer? Remember a bicycle can be easily kept in your apartment. Or if luck you might find somone else that has a empty garage not to far away.

Having the bike outside of the apartment may be great, but in going through all these problems------it would have me looking for an inclosed garage that I could use. It no luck then I would give up riding, & stick to your car TILL you can have a place with your own garage be it rental or that you own.
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rent a small storage unit like many of us do around here..
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Amazing how crappy that is. Couldn't get the police to tell you where they found it? I believe that's public information and if you press it you can get the report which should include that information.

On the saving it, time and again people have indicated that's not really do-able. Cover it and make it unworthy of their time to determine if they really want it. Have you considered that someone else in the complex is providing location information? Just a thought.

If I were you I would seriously consider doing the stakeout thing.

You could invest in a pitbull (dog) and just not feed him. Attach to bike and nobody (including you) will get close to it.

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Dude... what part of Florida are you from? That's just crazy insane I would bust a cap big time if anyone came near by bike and if I found out where the thief lives I would light his house on fire. I wouldn't even have a bike if I couldn't keep it in a garage.
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Time to leave

Dude, time to relocate.

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Thats the exact reason I left that freaking place I knew I would end up shooting some piece of shit person soon.
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