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What is art?

Warning this is a rant.

Well I'm out riding now on my permit. I don't know about other states but up here in maine it's considered rude to not wave
to another bike rider when you see them, regardless of the bike they ride (unless your using the clutch). What makes me want
to vent a bit is how some cruiser riders, mostly harleys, won't return a wave to sport riders. It is also irritating that it
seams that all the sportbike riders can talk about when they see a harley is how superior their bike is.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what makes people like the bikes that they do, and what makes them dislike
other people because of the bikes that they enjoy (sport vs cruiser).

What is art?

Most educated people will tell you that art is expression, or mastery of a skill. I disagree. To me art is a moment.
It is the feeling that a thought process brings. The mona lisa is probably the most famous piece of art in the world, I use it
as an example because it would be hard to argue that it isn't art (thats what I'm trying to do). To me the mona lisa, altho an
exceptional example of both expression and mastery is not art. It is very good at at creating a moment, a particular set of
emotions that I feel are involving enough to consider art.

Why I ride a bike.

I ride a motorcycle because of the feeling of being part of a moment involving enough to consider art, That can mean pushing
myself and my machine to our limits, feeling the front tire lift from the pavement at the top of first gear hoping that I don't hit
the rev limiter leaning fully forward struggling to be as fast as I can be exiting a sweeping curve only to slow halfway through
what short strait I have before the next curve. using every last inch of road to slow and feeling the front shocks depress and the
front tire buckle into a millisecond long skid as I start to lay the bike down threw the turn, or it can mean going five under the
speed limit coasting down a huge hill into a quite county town, visor up, with the sun warming my air cooled leather coat NOT
thinking about the long day of work I have just managed to finish with all of the crap cages that shouldn't be aloud on roads,
and the owners who are angry at a large bill even though we never made a cent fixing their cage to pass inspection, or the rent
I haven't paid.

My point is that it seams no matter the bike I ride I enjoy it for the art of a moment. All that matters is that moment, not the bike
that brings it to you. It's never the bike, or the painting that matters, it is only how you enjoy it. I wish that more people saw
things the way I do. Just try to understand this way of thinking the next time you hear your buddies talking about how their 10k sport
is so much better than their neighbors 36K cruiser.

What are squids?

Squids exist on both sportbikes and cruisers, and in equal numbers. The factor that ties them together is "Image". Squids want
to look cool on their bike. Squids want to be bad ass and will try to obtain it with either chrome or specs. I can't tell you how many
times I have stood around in a parking lot filled with bikes listening to people talk about who's bike is faster, at least the harley
crowd lets their pipes do the talking and not the magazines, sure they seam to forget every now and then that loud doesn't mean fast
but I have to give them something.

So basically what I am saying is leave the ego at home, get out the parking lot and ride.

I just really want a bike with a turbo, because their are those times when you pull up too a stop light next to a cop, and I think a really loud PPTTTSHIIISHHHHHHHH would make his day. =P
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just to let you know, daily rants like this is more acceptable to place it in the "other" section of the forum.
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sorry, I didn't quite know where to put it, but it has to do with everyday riding more than anything so i put it here. If a mod would move it thats fine.

I just really want a bike with a turbo, because their are those times when you pull up too a stop light next to a cop, and I think a really loud PPTTTSHIIISHHHHHHHH would make his day. =P
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Best would have not been to put it any place. I have NEVER waved in my riding life & that is 61 yrs of riding. You see most of my friends & peers were British chaps that had move over to Cdn right after WWII. They did not wave & felt it was like someone trying to get their attention such as "Look at me I am riding a m/c" or "look at my bike for it is more powerful or cleaner or more chrome or such then yours". Waving is a bit on the childish side when you get to thinking about it for why should a rider break his concentration, on the road & the traction, just to wave as some newbie that has his first bike?

Even to people I recognize, it might be a head nod, & remember there are a crowd of them now riding that will last 1 or 3 yrs then give up the sport. You do not believe me & will be riding for-ever? Then check on when you gave up riding a m/c & I doubt if it will be after 61 yrs or riding!!!!

Now that you have wet your pants again best to have a bath or shower & get into some decent clean clothing plus forgetting about fellow riders that will NOT wave like mad to you .

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My point wasn't about people not waving, I don't expect other places to be like maine, and I understand your point on how waving could be seam like trying to get someones attention, my point was the reasons people here don't wave. It was only an example of an immature attitude that seams to plague motorcycling.

I just really want a bike with a turbo, because their are those times when you pull up too a stop light next to a cop, and I think a really loud PPTTTSHIIISHHHHHHHH would make his day. =P
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i dont think it is viewed as a childish gesture anymore smitty. i see riders waving to eachother all the time, i think it is just a little way of saying "hi, i enjoy being in our little 2-wheel club" while at the same time making the cagers jelous that they arent in it...haha!
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I think you're a bit misinformed about Squids. In my book a squid is someone who rides fast for the fun of it, with little interest in personal responsibility and has disdain for any public decency (think stunting on the public streets).

A poser, on the other hand, is one who has a bike to look cool. They never wear gear.

Often the two characteristics mix but not always. And I've never known a cruiser squid simply because its not really possible given the vehicles' technological level.

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Wherever you are I think waving shows comradery. The simple thing is that we're on two wheels having the best time of our life and many of the naturalists wouldn't care what type of bike someone rides. I think people who don't wave are too judgmental and self-absorbed, unless they're new/shifting/busy of course.
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Thumbs up

well put. i used to ride my cb550 as a daily rider and harley guys didnt wave then, except some guys. but not even many sportbike riders waved, now since ive owned my gsxr, i get waves, 2 fingers salutes ect ect... and even get the occasional tag along rider.
and yea theres squids and posers and dood with mid life crisis's and they can be on domestics and imports. If anybody else lived down here in ft lauderdale and has ever been downtown chillen at a bar at night, and has seen the plethora of bikes down there, everyone thinks it must be a show, lemme look as cool as i can, ride downtown, drink, mac on the honeys, drink somemore, rev my bike, stand next to it cool, drink some more, then make my exit as noticable as possible with all my other biker boi hommies..

now lets ride our bikes to the bar and get waisted!!

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With interest, though I ride a sportbike & in protective gear, I do notice a HD rider or two or more will lift a few fingers of their left hand--------that most of you probably do not notice so in return he gets the nod of my head------that is all we will use yet as of the past few years I have been noting people on Cruisers or HD bikes ALSO do a neat little nod of the head. Interesting is it not?

Still will agree that I get continual waves from some others & these are riders I have seen for the past year or so, as we go in the opposit way like him to work & me to my changes in road & into the twisties.

Like each to their own & when someone moans & groans because others do not wave-------well I have to wonder for this comes up two or three times a year & not on THIS board but other m/c boards as well THOUGH I have noted those complaining about few not waving back are NEW to the world of m/cing. Ask yourself some 12 to 15 yrs down the road, & IF you are still riding, if you feel waving is a MUST in life because to me it is a ruddy pain in the arse.
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