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Well good news and not so good news...

I guess the good news is over memorial weekend I did a whole lotta riding, just a hair under 2k, which was sweet, altho parts of my body didnt really enjoy it quite as much as I did :P

So for reference sake, my mom moved us to this podunk town called Sauk City years ago when she married my completely useless stepdad, (at least that's over with for her and for me, although I managed to bail out before she did hehe, never seen a divorce take 3 years before, it was a nasty one) and this little podunk town has one of the biggest H/D stores in the state. They have this Freedom ride every memorial weekend where every tubbo in the state with his hd or hd clone shows up. I was bored last year so I putted around with them for awhile, but yeah....... I wasnt really all that welcome oh well, god knows I was heart broken that I couldnt follow a bunch of fat guys around while their bikes farted all over town.

So this year I decided to roll around town but not exactly to ride "with" said hd boys. To put it bluntly, I wanted a little revenge for the night I pushed my bike 6 miles while harley brats laughed, reference "headlights at nite are fun" if you have no clue what I'm talking about. This whole weekend was a blast, honestly can't say what I enjoyed most, but this part has to be a high point for sure. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not anti american or anything of that nature, its just that this presented a unique opportunity that I had to take. I saw one of the turd burglers that rolled by me laughing that nite riding around his sportster with a US flag sticking out of a tube on his tail. I know it was him because of the smell...... no honestly though he had this lamerz skull on the tank that I had seen that night and several times before, so I had this guy pegged. Oh god just thinking about this again is making me laugh hysterically.

So everyones just farting around town, sitting at lights not even moving unless they feel like it, generally fawking up the whole towns traffic situation, when I pull into this parking lot with this tool and his toolbox or "crew", I prefer toolbox

I made mention of the night when I was broke down and said meatwad starts laughing, and comments like "real bikes" aka harleys, dont break like jap trash does..... or " speed isnt the measuring stick of a bike or riders quality level" ( which I do agree with, but he coulda used more speed that day )

After a few of these, I kinda just said whatever and flipped my visor down, which I think he took to mean I was leaving, so he started talking to his boytoys again, sucking down a beer ON HIS FREAKING RIDE in the parking lot. Reaaaaal classy. I did the movie double take, where you look at two things back and forth while naughty ideas form, namely looking at his flag, and at the nice spaces between my plastics and my engine, where a flag pole might possibly be stuck were it to be grabbed from someone's flag holder :P

Right so you get the point, I snatched that shyat, slammed it in a convenient spot behind my leg, and flew off. Stayed just a little bit ahead of him and two of his buds that rolled out of the parking lot with him till we got out of town, then I explained to him, by way of real world example, how erroneous his belief that "speed" really isnt a useful stat on a bike, by getting out of town and leaving the fart throwers aka hd's about a mile behind every few seconds. My only regret is I never got better mirrors so I could watch them behind me hopelessly following while I tore off with his flag.

I know thats gonna piss someone off, so to maybe ameliorate that problem, let me just say that I didnt chuck the flag or anything, in FACT, thats proudly displayed on the front door of my apartment now, both because I AM an american, just poor so I dont go buy extraneous crap like flags, and because thats my little trophy from getting some back. Woot for me, whatever anyone thinks.

Also, another high point of the weekend, and also unfortunately the not so good news. Got a call from a couple friends I have recently acquired, good riding buddies I have found, who scraped up some people to go riding with, kind of a counterpoint to the hd ride, So I rode back to madison and linked up with a big ole group, big for me at least since 8 was the most people I've been in to that point, and this was like 40 peeps, and at the second stop, lo and behold, I FOUND THE CHICK MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA HAAHAHAHAHAH.

(reference owned by a girl if you have no clue what I'm talking about)

So we rolled around for awhile, made some loops around southern wisc, even hit my town back up and waved at the farties for a bit, till people started dropping out and going home, judging from the state of my rear end, probably from fatigue and pain the likes of which the sodomites never even knew. So on the way back to town I asked her if she was busy or wanted to grab something on the way back, and she said sure. Yeah........ I'm thinking, this is gonna be a sweet day, and it was, right up to the point in the conversation where I was informed about her ummmmm i believe the term used was boyfriend. ( oh and also I was premature to call her r6 a 2006. its an '01 like me, so I guess she wasnt all that pimpin more than me, whew :P)

I dunno, anyway followed her home, since it turns out i semi know her boytoy, said hi to the dude, she's pretty cool, so I think I will probably spend more time riding with her, and her guy, and some friends we both apparently know, but no play for me, at least right now oh and I got a couple pics but this computer is being stupid about letting me post them here, but I'm sure I will figure it out.

So yeah, mission accomplished but to no avail.... oh well, I honestly didnt think I was going to be able to track her down anyway, so at least the hard part is done. Maybe I can sic my little sister on him, har har har, then I can clean up in the tragic aftermath of his infidelity mwahahahahahaha.

I'll figure out a way to post the pics, but no, before anyone gets excited, the only pic I have of the flag snatch is afterward at my house. It s still pretty sweet. Besides that the weekend contained a lot of twisties and a 600 mile ride to see my big brother down in indiana, who is turning into a boring 36 year old, trying to tell me 28 is a good time to "sell the bike and mature a bit" boooooooooooooooo to that.
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Sounds like you had a good weekend to me. Did much more riding than I was able to do. Plus you got to write an end to two of your "adventures". My only concerne is how pissed were the Harley dudes? If they see the flag in your window it could cause more troble than you want, but I would probably do the same.
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Naw for one thing its just a standard american flag, so no way for them to identify it, the other thing is I live in madison, not that podunk town any more, its at my house, which is 30 miles away from where I snatched it. So you can see there's not too much to be concerned with. I will definitely think twice before leaving my bike anywhere in town unattended for awhile though, thats for sure, but most of the time im back in my home town when I'm not riding its safely locked in my garage, so thats pretty much taken care of.
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They looked pretty pissed tho, lol. Tough titties for them, I was pretty pissed too pushing my bike up a hill while people I would have stopped to help rolled by me and laughed. They burned up their karma with me, as far as I'm concerned.
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Good on ya. Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Post up the pix!
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While I'm not one to take the revenge route, it did sound like a sweet one. To bad about the girl, but you should have known that a girl that perfect must have a flaw... namely the boyfriend You got alot of riding in over the weekend, alot more than I did. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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I guess being the bigger man wasn't going to satisfy you
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Hey I take the high road most of the time, but there were plenty of factors.

1: I pushed that bike an extra 5 miles because they are too "cool" for me.

2: It wasn't some horrible nasty revenge, just a little prank.

3: This is my hometown they completely overrun every year, so I'm a little bit sick of it.

So yeah I snatched a piece of fabric on a little plastic pole and took off laughing, and I loved every second of it. I felt 10 years younger actually lol.

On a side note, if your going to display an american flag and be mad when someone takes it, shouldnt you maybe stand up for what it means.... and I'm pretty sure thats not flipping off other americans, not only americans but fellow riders, and drinking your ass off and then riding around some town you don'tss even live in.

I've said it before, heres my take on the flag, the way some people use it piss me off.

The flag projects ideals you are supposed to live up to if you believe in it, not you project ideals onto the flag that you want to believe in.

Beeyatches like that turn the flag into standing for crap like the right to get drunk, ride with no helmet, flip people off, and piss anywhere. Yeah thats what the founding fathers had in mind buddy, good call.

I can't get my FZR 600 sold, he's lucky I didn't ductape the throttle open, hop off, and kick it into gear right in front of all their parked bikes instead. In fact, now that I think about it, that woulda been a good idea, then I could get the insurance pay out on that bike.

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Dude... I love the way you tell the story. So lively and interesting.

Right on with the flag-snatching revenge. They let you know what they think that first time, and you simply returned the gesture.

As far as the gir's boytoy, don't worry about that. Boytoys come and go. Hang around her for a while, and before you know it, you'll be her next boytoy, ripping up the twisties in love and harmony .

When I read the "not so good news" part in the thread title, I thought you (or a buddy) crashed or something. So it sounds like you had a better weekend than your title let on.

Keep it up, man. I love reading your posts.
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Flagged down

HA HA! Loved the flag-snatching story! Awesome.
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