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Wrecked last night

Well I had my first crash last night, only had a few weeks and 600 miles on the bike two. I was coming home late last night, about 2:30 am with my friend, we had been up riding around the different cities in our area just cruising. In the city we'd ride without helmets and anything were we'd pick up some speed or between cities we had our helmets on, thank god for that. But on our way home we were on this state road going around 55-60 and my friend is in the front left side of the staggered position and I'm behind him on the right. Well all of a sudden I see his brake lights come on so instinctively I slam on mine just in case, well a split second later a raccoon comes out in front of his tire, he missed it by like an inch and comes in front of me, and I do the basic human instinct and slam on the brakes harder and try to swerve, bad idea...bike slid out from underneath me, took out the racoon, (at least I killed it) and I just rolled a couple of times and skidded across the pavement. Luckily I was wearing a helmet because I hit the ground face and shoulder first. Well unlucky for me is that I was riding without my jacket and gloves, so I got some pretty heavy ride rash on my left side, and a little on my right. Really sore right now, but other than that, nothing was broken and my head was alright. The bike isn't as bad as I thought it looked last night. Today in the daylight I took a look at it and its mainly only paint damage, the plastic didn't break at all, and the bike didn't roll. My gasket broke however and all the oil leaked out. Im going to have my nextdoor neighbor take a look at it sometime today because he's a bike mechanic and see if theres any other motor damage. I'm hoping the damage won't run me too high cuz I only have liability on the bike. But oh well, material item, at least I'm alright, that' what my friend keep saying to me last night be. I'll get the bike fixed, get back on there and never ride at night again, lol...and especially without full gear.

....just checked it out again, the plastic is actually cracked in a couple places, but nothing significant, clutch is trashed too.....

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Glad that your alive. Animals are insane this time of year. Last year, I hit a deer on my f2 after only riding for a month too. I didn't have enough time to react and hit it straight on. Didn't fall or crash, but hit the bloody deer. Just give you future notice, when you see an object that you going to hit thats small like an animal, best to hit it straight on and reduce your speed, but don't break traction. Speed adds some stability.

So far I've killed about 5 animals in a year worth of riding.
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yea, and i knew that too cuz ive hit roadkill before that came out from under a car, but i hit it straight on....but at the time it was just split second time to react and i didn't react correctly
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I've never hit a major animal on my bike, but I did find out that helmet visors are rated for bird strike at about 60mph. I had one take off from a tree and peg me dead on in the visor. The bird died, but all my visor got was a small little scratch from the beak. I beleive it was a blue jay that peged me. Glad to hear your alright though, make sure you wear full gear, this should be a good experience to show you that you never know when shit's gunna happen. Also, a big +2 for Jbaz's advice. If your gunna hit something, hit it straight on and don't brake during the impact. Just slor down as much as you can before hand, pull the clutch and just try to ride it out. You would be surprised what you can go over on two wheels without problems.

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Let the others view what to do when you see a small animal or such.

Still your were darn lucky that you were wearing a full face helmet, for look at you no jacket or gloves bit & think of what your face woud be like without the helmet.

Pretty hard to come down on a sportbike & not do more damage to the ABS plastics & other parts of the bike. All end up being more costly then first assumed.

Just lucky it was not broken bones, toren tendions or ligaments. Also remember in riding at night you have a lot of night critters that like to wonder due to evening, less traffic & such not to mention drunk cage drivers.
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I'm trying to be compassionate, but I just can't.

I mean, honestly mate, what the f*ck were you thinking? While I'm glad you haven't sustained any life-threatening injuries, I hope you see this as your f*cking wake-up call.

Wear your gear, ALL THE TIME!!!

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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i have to agree with cookeetree wake up.

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atleast ride with a jacket, gloves, helmet and long pants (like jeans). Btw, if you crash and have jeans on, ripped jeans add more value to it and you could prolly sell it on ebay to some european for 100 bucks.
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lol thats unny cuz my jeans did get ripped up and my friend was like, well ur jeans are worth more now
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Originally posted by sscottab
i have to agree with cookeetree wake up.
Me too, gear always and forget the damn raccoon. Just run him over like a speed bump. Hit a rabbit like that once. Just went right over the top of him. Better them than you.
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