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My MSF instructor saved my butt....

I don't know if anyone from the midwest took their msf in madison, but if you did you probably had Norm, he gave me both my msf courses and I occasionally ride with him as well, hes an ex racer and all around top notch rider.

Anyway I just avoided a nasty accident by so little that I just turned around and came back home afterwards, I think I may go out again later seeing as how this is the first day in 3 days it hasnt been raining, but I gotta relax after this one.

I woke up this sunday morning and saw no rain, and went for my gear ASAP. Spent about a half hour before I saw anyone, I was tooling around on US 12, a nice 4 lane divided without being bothered by pretty much anyone else on the road, its out in the boonies so sundays are usually great.

Everyone rolls about 70 on this road, but I havent seen one cop yet and so I'm just coming off a nice right hander onto a straight and I see these two cages doing one of my pet peeves, where one is going like 65 in the right lane and the next guy decides to pass him because he wants to go 65.45 mph, so he s in the left blocking out everyone. Keep in mind these are the only two retard cagers on the road even grrr, so I start to slow down and im sitting in the right waiting for "speedy" to pass up so I can get going again.

A whole bunch of things ran through my mind right before this happened or I would have eaten it for sure. There was a third left lane opening up for a cross street and some farmers driveways for about a 1/4 mile, and it had crossed my mind to let the squid out and pass there, so I knew that was there, and I was paying close attention so I knew where the passing car was cuz I was going left as soon as he got out of the way.

Anyway right about when I was thinking about this a deer, lets call him "Chuck" (as in road chuck) was chilling in some bushes, thinking about his two sons, who had been shot last week. In too much anguish to live, Chuck hurtled himself in front of the car in the right lane, who spazzed out and went left and banged the left dude.

So these two idiots are instantly jammed up and stopping right in front of both lanes, and I SWEAR, I SWEAR, I heard my instructor Norm saying "there will be a lot of times where braking is not going to get you out of the situation where a hard swerve will"

So instead of grabbing on some brake and maybe slowing down before I plowed them, I went hard over to the left and used the turn lane, and I mean I musta missed that car by inches, I thought his left rear bumper was gonna smash my leg for sure, got it straightened out and got ahead, braked and watched the deer and the retards slide to a stop.

Holy F*CK I love Norm, thats all I can say about that. I musta smoked like 9 cigs waiting for the police, just sitting there staring at the noob cager that swerved right into the other dude. The funny thing was it was like a middle aged lady who swerved, and the old man stereo type was the guy passing just minding his own biz for once.

Anyway yeah that was pretty close, just thought I would relate.
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Glad to hear you cleared them just fine. This must be the weekend of accidents lol. I wrecked on thursday, Jbaz on friday and saturday, and Threemo on Friday. Glad to hear you didn't become number 5 for the wrecks this week. Don't you love being manuverable? Relax, get back out there, and have fun!

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Yeah being manueverable is pretty sweet. Oh I'll be going back out for sure, if for no other reason than I have to get to my mom's for Mother's Day or I'll WISH I hadnt missed those cars lol.

But ya as to manueverable, when I got home I looked at the ole FZR, I dunno if I could have made that move on it, so I was lucky there too, since I felt bad when this morning for not warming her up, maybe I'll give her some love and take her out to mom's.
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Don't forget to check your tires on your R6, you never know if you hit some glass or some shrapnell from those cars hitting.

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Already on it hehe, I checked every inch for any possible scratch I could blame on them.

Oh well.
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Hi kypdurron62-

Wow, what a story. I like how you injected humor into what could have really been a nightmare story. Thankfully you came away without a scratch on your body and no damage to the motorcycle.

I'm off to my parents' place for Mother's Day now. Everyone have a good day and be sure to thank your moms for everything they've done!

~ Blue Jays ~
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yeah nice job, i think it would always be a tough call as to whether to swerve or brake. sometimes i'll think of scenarios in my head just to see what would work best, a swerve or a brake.
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Hey kypdurron62 how fast were you going when you made the move, how much of a lean did you have on it? I ask because I always wonder how much I could push my R6 in an emergency move like you had to.
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Hey Kypd, glad you were able to elude situation without getting hurt have to admit the 9 cigarettes is funny as shit.
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how fast and lean? Exact numbers no clue, it happened real fast, but I was prolly about 60. The swerve I have no idea, I just did it, it was one of those things that I was done with before I really even thought about it. I just know the bike was leaned wayyyyy over for a sec before I straightened it up.

So yeah I wasnt flying, but I couldnt really cuz they had both lanes blocked. Now that I think about it, if I would have listened to the squiddie in me and passed in the turn lane, I think I would have been about a 1/4 mile past them when they had their deer incident.

I guess I dont really have an answer for you man, as far as what your R6 can do in an emergency situation. All I know is mine hasnt let me down yet, and thats not the first time I've had to get out of the way of car/deer/people in a hurry.

In case you were wondering im rolling on pilot powers. Have faith in your girl if it comes to the same situation, if I had seen a video in the MSF with a guy with that choice, I probably would have said no way could you get out of that one, I probably wouldnt make it out of that 7 times out of 10, I got pretty lucky that I made the right choice, and like I said, I think I only did it cuz I had that 3rd lane on my mind anyway.

And it was like 9 cigs in about 15 mins I swear lol. The nicotine was the only thing keeping me from throttling that cager. Neither one of them said one word to me either. Until I spoke up when the woman started lying. She straight out told the cop that the deer hit her car and that made her turn left into the other person, when the cop asked me what I saw right in front of them I told him flat out " that crazy b*tch swerved right into the other guy before she even touched that deer." I got advised to watch my language lol, and got a massive dirty look from the woman. Yeah like she s gonna get any sympathy from me after almost piling us all up on the freeway.

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