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Angry My bike decided on a paint job...

So I went for a quick ride today and went into a corner a little to hot, about 50-60mph. About half way though I relized I wasn't going to make it and straightened up... to late. I went off into the sand on the side of the road at about 20 or 30 I don't know for sure, wasn't thinking about that at the time. I managed to completly destroy my left fairing, it's going to take alot of work for me to fix that one again. I landed on my shoulder hard... My dad thinks I broke my collar bone, but I won't know until I get back to my house tomarrow. I don't have medical insurance up here so I can't go to a doctor unless I want to pay out the ass for it. I get to make a nice 3 hour drive back tomarrow by myself lol. Lucky I have an SUV to take back. Any one have any suggestions on what I should do for my shoulder aside from a doctor? So I think my bike hates the purple/pink color... It's gunna get truckbed liner next

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that totally sucks. Look on the bright side, you get to respray the bike again and learn how to paint once more. hehe.
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Sorry to hear that man. You should at least pay for a check up so you know what's up with your shoulder.

Just wondering, do you really think you couldn't have made the corner, or did you target fixate on the outside? What happened there?
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I doubt I could have, its a 15mph curve that I went into at close to 60. I've taken the inside corner of it at 60, but strayed across the center line, but I hadn't done the outside corner at that speed, I don't think I will be again either. It was a stupid mistake on my part. I got halfway back home riding with one hand and the fairing gave way and got dragged a bit by the turn signal mounts. *sigh* It'll be awhile before I get to ride again. I'm not to worried about getting it checked up, I've got enough pain killers in me right now that as soon as they kick in I should be good. My dad has broken his collar bone atleast 5 times, and he said it looks and feels about like his did, but it still could just be a dislocated shoulder or a fracture. It's completly numb at the shoulder though witch it really weird. It only hurts above and below, but a google search indicates that thats a good sign of a fracture, dislocation, or break. O well. I have a softball size shoulder now... I just pissed. I just got back on my bike a week ago today, and now its out for awhile longer. LOL, it also fell on the side that didn't have a frame slider... Ahh just my luck.
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Hi SepiasSoul-

All traumatic injuries should follow the R.I.C.E. principle of treatment until you can get to the doctor. This is something learned from CPR and First Aid training:

R est
I ce
C ompression
E levation

Good luck for a speedy recovery and try to take it easy for a few weeks! As an aside, sacrifice anything in order to secure basic health insurance...even if it means living on beans & rice for a few years. All it takes is for one serious illness or injury to create debt a mile's not worth the risk.

~ Blue Jays ~

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I've got it wrapped up and it should be alright. I've cracked my head open 2 times, dislocated my shoulder 6 times, my knee atleast 15 times. I'm not to worried. Just a new experience with a bone I'll keep everyone updated when I find out more.

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Its actually R.I.C.E.R. I'm not making this shit up.

RICER Rest Ice Compress Elevate Reassure (mnemonic for treatment of strain or sprain)
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Rice sounded better lol. I dont want to be a damn ricer! even if I only have one good arm at the moment.

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Wow, sorry to hear. Sounds like what I did, just with more damage. I guess I really did get off super easy. Can you move your shoulder around (as in shrug and stuff) even if you have to use your other arm for the muscle (ie, hold the arm of the pained shoulder and lift it upwards)? If pain stops you, then yea, you probably did break or dislocate it. How's the rest of the bike? plastic is plastic, but did you break or damage any of the mechanical components? Can the bike still run? How's the gear? Do you feel it did its job and saved your ass?

Good luck with everything, and be sure to post pics so we can all stare in awe of a fellow rider and his messed up bike like the cars on the freeway do when they slow down at a crash site
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The gear did its job. My helmet took a little hit, though my shoulder took most all of it. I'm going to get the helmet looked at to see if its still good or not. I just got it 3 months ago and really like it. I didn't have my jacket on, I was only gone for like 5 minutes, I wanted to make sure the frame slider I just put in wasn't wobbly. But I got lucky and landed in the dirt, so I didn't get any rash. I'm pretty sure I would have been better off with the jacket though lol. I won't be riding without it again... thats for sure. My boots did their job though, even though they are cheap. I lowsided, and the bike slide right down my left leg and along the boot. My ankles dont hurt a bit. My gloves did fine as well, even though they are cheap and have no pads, just some leather, I didn't get any cuts from the brush. It does sound alot like your Laceott, and yea after this experience I would say you got off luck lol. The bike runs just fine. It took me a bit to get it back to nuetral since I went down in 4th, and it only likes to shift in certain places if its not moving. I rode it all the way back to my dads house, about two miles, and it seemed straight and fine. The only nonplastic damage I can find are the fairing mounts, which have been bent since day one and I'm always F*&*in with them to keep them fitting right. Well this is just one more example of why I should not do cosmetic work on my vehicles. My car got rear ended 2 days after I washed and waxed it... for the first time in about 8 months... I just finished washing my bike for the first time when I wrecked it back right after I got it, and now I just finished painting it a week ago and totaled the fairing. LOL, Something just doesn't want me to have clean stuff...

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